29 June 2008


Got my car back :D

Been out almost all the day :P I've become addicted to cocktail juice (starwberry, mango, and banana milk) from "Min3ish" in Salmiya I've drank more than 10 times from that place in the past month...

I'm sick :/ it started off as a soar throat so I ignored it (cuz I hate to take pills)..it developed into a bad cold :P 7ada ewww...and now my voice is GONE and I got one of those husky voices...its horrible :/...I think its turning into a bad cough :S...

Ugly Bettey Season Two is AMAZING...I love the show sooo much..seriously those who haven't seen one episode are missing alot...I'm thinking of catching up with Desperate Housewives now...so I don't have a real life so I'm living others by watching these shows :P..


Summers getting better...even though I'm not so well

23 June 2008

Get well Tony...

Hopefully tommorrow you'll leave the 'hospital' (garage)...:P I miss you

16 June 2008

Welcome Summer..

Wondering where I have been?
I'll update you now ;)
Finished exams on th 8th June
9th June cut my hair and went to the student honor party in sherton :P
12th was my sisters wedding (malcha)...shino kan ilwa'93 moo shay :P it was HECTIC...but it turned out great :D...wanasaa kan...
Till then i've done nothing :S...I feel so EMPTY!

03 June 2008


Sunday I have my LAST exam...I'm dreading it...not looking forward to a summer without uni....:S EMPTY!