26 September 2009

Random Thoughts

I don't know why when someone says "Amerikia" or "Amereeki" I get a negative image in my mind and when I hear "American" it doesn't mean much...but when I hear "Arab" I feel so uncomfortable, while the word "3araby" seems normal..I don't know if you get what I mean..but I feel like Randoming!

22 September 2009

The Bowl Room

I recently went to the new bowling alley in 360 Mall...I didn't like the design..it seemed plain..but I had a BLAST! 6ab3an I'm super rusty :P so I had the lowest score...hehe...:D...I would suggest you try it..however I still prefer COZMO....

Here's the LINK to see pic's and more info about the place ;)

15 September 2009


I changed my Punky moooood ----->
I like forgot my password and my nickname :P hehe...yes i feel very intellectual!
It's 7:30am...pretty bored... :D

Getting ready to leave the house....wish me luck

08 September 2009

What to say...

Why has blogging become so difficult for me?
I'm just posting for the sake of posting...

I ask myself everyday..am I really ready to enter the world of adulthood..meaning join the workforce and not the "studentforce" in this soceity? I hate rutine and my fear is that I end up in a dead end job with nothing interesting and with low pay...thinking...thinking...thinking!

One of the greatest things that happened with working this summer is that I managed to save up 500 KD which is a miracle since every month I promise myself to save up some money then I end up spending it on makeup which I end up hardly using...this obsession comes and goes :P Those who know me..know I don't apply much makeup on on a daily bases..unless there is a special occasion and I have to be in a good mood too!

Anyone else has a weird obsession or fetish?

I miss watching youtube videos on how to apply certain makeup looks...

06 September 2009

New List!

Things I learned at my work:

1. Standing for hours without feeling pain
2. Folding using papers
3. Adding alarm tags to clothing
4. Using the computer system for checking and calculating numerous details
5. Greeting strangers
6. Steaming (very new to me)
7. Both checking and organizing the stock room plus front store

That's what I remember so far..I'll include more later...

I luv the musalsal "Al Hadama" but I hate BADER I wish he dies!

04 September 2009


There isn't much to say :P I'm done with work...which was a hectic experiance..I was always on my nerve but honestly it's always better than spending a whole day at home...

Now I'm free and it feels so weird...

actually starting my summer holiday now :D