28 April 2007

Should I Switch!?

I don't like the fact that my side bar is down:S and I can't seem to fix it!.. I told one of my dear friends and they advised me to switch to WordPresS . What do you guys think?!... I'm attached to blogger though :'(

26 April 2007

The WinD My EneMY

Last week I felt like being feminine so I decided to wear a skirt...I looked good:P like a girl for once that's not the point right now. Anyways, as I was saying, I was standing outside talking to a bunch of people (mostly men were around) then this strong wind came and things that aren't meant to be seen were revealed, actually...they didn't notice till my face went RED I hope nothing was seen....:S..ahhhh it was EMBARRASSING... I held my skirt..then whoosh again...:$ feeling really embarrassed I then stood inside the building so it wouldn't happen again....Teaches me...never to wear a skirt...only when u want something shown or unless your going to stay indoors..

22 April 2007

Sharing Success

Couldn't help but share my accomplishment.

Am I the only Non-Believer

I used to think that there was someone for everyone. Latley ever since i turned 20 I just seemed to think it's not true.. not even close to the truth. Is this a phase or has "reality" struck!??... There's no such thing as having a "soul mate"..well that's what I believe. I guess when your younger you are brought up with this prespective of having the "right" person for you, who will always make you happy. Who the hell is happy:P... well I am...

I'm done with two of my exams today... one more on wednesday... I need a BrEaK...Mabagi shay 3ala il summer...

This post has no meaning ..... Just felt like seeing peoples point of view out here...PLUS mako shughul ...

19 April 2007


So missed me?!...I'm so sorry...I'm so busy....yest was my first performance..it went okay but i was disappointed...Tomorrow is my 2nd performance.. wish me luck......

I'll come back don't worry :*