29 June 2007

Miss me?

:(..still no laptop!..I hope it finishes by next week...I've already started work..its tiring but GREAT! couldn't ask for any better ;););)...Miss blogging and I'm SO SORRY I'm replying late!:)

I'll update u soon though....

22 June 2007

How to go "gizzing"?

The other night I was surfing online about "how to put makeup on" and I stumbled across this fascinating web site. It was about 3am and I literally couldn't stop READING!...You can find all the solutions to many things. I've written my own articles, so not keeping you waiting any longer click below ;) and have fun reading...:)

If you want to check out my articles here they are:

18 June 2007

First meeting

Tommorrow is the first meeting for my summer job...



The meeting was GREAT! The people introduced us to the place..and how things work...we got a TOUR!..woooweeey..I'm so excited about starting this job..in which i will reveal later
:{) Looks like he has a mustache!...anyways..!!...yeah It's no big deal:P..hehe!:) yeayyyyyyy :> lets hope i dont get told off :P

* I used these colours to make it seem more formal:P...and important:P aham shay adry!:)

16 June 2007


A Available or single – TOTALLY SINGLE and Proud
B Best friend – hmmm…I don't believe in such stuff!...I have good friends though…
C Cake or pie – Neither..ana a7ib bu6aaaa6!
D Dance or exercise – dancing ALL THE WAY..WOHOO
E Essential item – My PIANO!
F Favourite color – akeed PINK.
G Gummy bears or worms – Gummy bears…they r fun to eat..and talk to:P
H Home town – I have no idea where I belong :/
I Indulgence – playing piano, composing music, singing!
J January or February – January…
K kids – They drive me CRAZY!
L Life – is like a rotten box of chocolate…:P
M Marriage – A self-chosen jail
N Number of siblings - 3
O Oranges or Apples – mangoes…
P Phobias – Cold water…
Q Favourite quote - " Dogs never bite me, Just Humans" Marlyn Monroe
R Reason to smile – For the sake of being alive and being healthy
S Season – Winter…and early summer..
T Tag 3 people – N. , Nomad, Vinnie
U Unknown fact about me – I'm too caring…
V/W Worst habit – a lil bad tempered…
X/Y Your favourite food – hmmm…PASTA PASTA PASTA!
Z Zodiac – Sagittarius..of course…

Tommorrow Is dawam day...

Goodluck people who have uni ;) enjoy the heat...heehehe ana MAKO!!!..:)..
I'm probably going to go visit my friends:)..

13 June 2007


I took my computer to get it fixed...the CD ROM hasn't worked for 11months...:P I hope it doesn't take long..I miss the internet...:( I hate borrowing other peoples computers!

12 June 2007

Ticking Torture All the Way

Today I got my first metronome..It's so cuteeeeee..I'm so going to use it to annoy my family!!..It's very NOISEY!!! My new torture MACHINE MUHAHAHAHAAA!!

11 June 2007

It's a ConSpiracy!!

I'm VERY against joining FACEBOOK...It's a "haba" in Kuwait...I was asked to join it from the first time it came out..and I didn't...My reasons were I didn't want people to track me down...Paranoia I guess..What do you guys think?..Then everyone would know me in Kuwait :P and find out that I blog..specially people I do not want :P...or that hate me...why am I so WEIRD!!...Another reason I don't like it is the fact that I feel it's for people to show off with...nothing more...I can understand keeping track of people..but in Kuwait people might mis-use it..like take your pics..Why would you want people to know who your friends are???...Someone tried to convince me to join..I wouldn't...even if I could just to join with a nick name have no pic...:P I'm sooooo different ..and hateeeee following people!! PLUS bad experiance with interenet...people can STALK YOU!..AHHH...It's a *CONSPIRACY..watch out;)
I'm thinking of making my own cult against this site and call it"NOTO FACEBOOK- We need not to know out past, present, and FUTURE!"..

*Agreement between two or more persons to commit an unlawful act or to accomplish a lawful end by unlawful means.

Completely BORED

To be honest...I haven't felt happy after the hoilday started...yes no exams...but still I feel EXTREMELY bored...HeLp :'(

:P he's SO FUNNY!! You guys have to watch this...I LOVE YOUTUBE!!:D:D:D:D

10 June 2007


...They took two tubes of blood from me...
Anemia: A pathological deficiency in the oxygen-carrying component of the blood, measured in unit volume concentrations of hemoglobin, red blood cell volume, or red blood cell number.

09 June 2007

Contraindications of Over Studying

I noticed studying had some bad effects on me.

1) I got no sleep.
2) I stopped eating properly.
3) I started talking out loud to myself in different accents *(mostly in Indian).
4) I bumped into things, which kind of hurts.
5) I stuttered a lot, the words come out totally wrong.
6) I couldn't concentrate.
7) I kept looking at the clock every 5 minutes, as if there was a bomb to go off any second :P .

Amazingly..I managed to survive...:P


* My sister asked me...who I was talking to...she was freaked out...I said "myself of course"...ib kil thiqa ba3ad :P....

I love these colours...like my "Rainbow of Thoughts"

07 June 2007

Woooo6 Wooooo6


03 June 2007

Books Can Kill

Serioulsy...studying can kill...*Tommorrow I have two exams...im studying for one of them now...and then going to finish the second one....its nearly 1am...I work better at night..nothings interesting in my life... just books...so...im going to go back to reading now...sorry for boring u!!...

* As in Tuesday...not Monday...


One exam down
.... 3 more to GO!....
The countdown has BEGUN



Tommorrows my final...its 1:51 am...I can't sleep....

02 June 2007

Go NuTs!!!

This spanish man produced a movie with using peanuts and recycled things. I saw this and thought it was REALLY CUTE!!! I wonder how many peanuts they used and if they ate them after they finished from them...:P


I just came back from Uni handed in some work :/ Tommorrows my first exam... maly khulg i revise...but i have to force myself... Got a headache...the suns super HOT!