30 November 2007

At Last...

Always coming True...

My dreams always have meaning...thats why every time I dream of something or someone I usually try to understand why it is it at that moment that I dream a certain dream...sometimes it's because you talked about a person, thought about a person or just saw them...my dreams are always strange in that everytime I dream something happening to someone and I contact that person, it turns out then that there is always some part of it being true...makes me wonder hows that even possible?
Today I dreamed of a relative who is dead (Allah yir7amhum) I told my mum about the dream...this isn't the first time that I dream of a dead relative...it is very significant...:/ I wonder what's to become of all this...

Have any of you ever had the same experiance?

They say I'm gifted...its pretty freaky :S...why me?!...Anyone else share the same gift?

23 November 2007

I'm LegaL

Today I turned 21
My net is back and has been back for a couple of days
I submitted my work (cross your fingers for me)
I'm planning to have a even busier semester next year

Time only showed us how things can turn out. Although things didn't work out, I did try my best. I didn't and will not ever forget you. Thanks for everything :)

I'm trying to think of things I wanted to do before I turned 21, but there's nothing.
Whether your wondering or not, I'm not planning to celebrate.
I'm totally in love with two songs:

When I heard this one I thought it was a cross between J-lo, Celine Dion and a bit of Kelly Clarkson
I had to keep listening to the radio to find out who sings Am I dreaming, I love MARINA FM it's amazing how they have the name of the song while it's on the radio

*Sorry I couldn't get the embedment but these songs are not to be MISSED

17 November 2007

Less than 6 days..

There's only a few days till my bday...thats the 23rd of nov...I don't have anything planned...:P I don't wanna turn 21!!! ahhhhh I feel SUPER OLD!!

10 November 2007


I know you must be wondering where I went...well Quailty Net are maybe the worst internet company EVER...we still dont have internet!...:(...

I'm working on my piano...so for those who were asking to see more of me playing I'll try post some soon...

I'm sorry for the delay...

Life without internet SUCKS!!! BIGTIME!

** I can't seem to comment back on my pervious post..so this is the msg i wanted to say:

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sorry guys!! Stupid quality net ruined out internet we still dont have any:( im working on my piano..inshallah ill get something done soon