31 December 2006

The longest post EVER!

How was 3eed with u guys?! well mine went gr8..the first day I mean! spent alot of quality with my family...:)

I have alot of things to say so I thought i'd put them in one long post (even thought i dis-like long posts:P)

1) First of all, have u noticed my new template?! isn't it gr8..well I worked hard on it about 2 days ago!...NOT!! well I kind of did... I picked the template but THANKS to SNOOKIE she fixed it compeletly for me..the way I wanted it:) I didn't forget;) see...

2) Second of all, yest was the execution of Sadam...personally all I want to say is they made a big mistake by letting him die... it's like they r putting him in peace! ahhh whats happening to the world..and on 3eed:S thats just abit harsh... okay I might sound like i'm not human.. but I guess God is the only one that should punish him..maybe we dont have the right punishment for him!...

3)Finally, today is the last day of 2006...I hope eveyone got to enjoy this year... and will have a HAPPY NEW YEAR in 2007!...so go out and enjoy ur life..!!

4)..thanx for visiting my blog..i know i bored u!

29 December 2006

3eedkum Embarek!

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Just wanted to say so that i dont forget...hope everyone has a great 3eed and enjoys their time with family!...( ADVISE stay close to ur family..get get more 3eedyat:P JUST KIDDING!!)...i keep forgetting its 3eed!..

28 December 2006

Obssession with YouTube!

Who else has an obsession with YouTube?

I can't get enough..the funny videos, cute videos, freaky videos..! Theres everything possible...i'd spend hours just watching videos here!....

Let me share some of my fave vids

The embedding thingy doesn't work! well i love this vid cuz it gives u info bout the making of the cover of the new Evanescene album!...so check it out

Remember what i taught u earlier!? laughing is the best medicine...
Loved this vid...it must be seen!

( thanx WALL for sending me the embedding now i did it! enjoy the show!)

Exam Time=Stress Time

We have a hoilday but i dont feel like we are in a hoilday... im stressing out because I have so much work and studying to do!... Watching tv and working on my research... look what I just learned:

1) Stress makes you lose 20 years off your life
2) Laughing makes u live 8 years longer..

Wooow... so I know whats going to kill me:P... There is sort of a balance.. I do laugh alot...:):> ... so maybe 12 years off my life:P...

Great weekend ...with a great start... had the meeting for our lovely club... so much fun when u spend time with a group of intellectual people... you not only learn what others feel and think about things...but also enjoy their company..:)...

THIS NEW BETA ACCOUT IS FAB!!!... i advise everyone to start using it too;)

I think i did it!

I got the beta thing.. but its still loading... i dont know why i cudnt see the button thingy yesterday!...must have been EXHUSTED ms F;)....

27 December 2006

Finally the weekend..

Oh we have reached the end of the week... ive got alot planned for this weekend and the rest of it... new years is coming up! wooow this year has passed so fast...u still and worry about the events happening in ur life...time just flies by u ! hehe:) this was a gr8 year Al7amdullah.... inshallah the new ones better...I met alot of people..some were good others were bad... some were better than others but mostly i had fun!...:) what else... i doubt much will be reading this but i wanted to drop a note:)

25 December 2006

Hey Ms F

This blog doesnt seem to be so depressing;)... this post is about u:)
i know u enjoyed my presentation today;) hhee luv ya

23 December 2006

Long Time..

As usual im exhusted... had a wonderful day today...:) tommorrow got a performance which im looking forward to... i realised this year.. its better to enjoy doing ur work rather than stressing into making it perfect.. life seems much simpler this way..:)... this years ending.. and now im wondering if theres something i wanted to do this yr which i didnt do yet...hmmm... guess that gives me something to think about!...
Merry Christmas to everyone... :) & happy hoildays..:)

07 December 2006

boring weekend...

What a boring weekend.. did nothing prodcutive:P.. i hope tommorrow is better.. well at least no studying:P