24 February 2008

20 more hours to go...

At work again..I decided I needed to take the day off yesterday!
I slept walked last night...:/ thats the third time!

23 February 2008

Being the Boss

It's difficult to make people happy and be in control at the same time... I luv u guys!

22 February 2008

what the HELL!

Don't you people have HOMES!...There are so many Kuwaities here...the place is so NOISY! ahhhh...people are shouting from the top floor to the bottom..there are numerous maids everywhere..9ij 9ij nas fathyeeeeeen!!! Just cuz it's liberation day...GOD when will this society learn?

I've been here since 1pm :/....help :P

19 February 2008


What I do at work:

1) Photocopy
2) Scan
3) Elaminate
4) Talk to real human beings
5) Eat mentos
6) Browse the net
7) Finish my work
8) Stare at people
9)Walk around
10) Complain

I just did my homeworks here...It's 9pm...I wanna go home!! We started uni already...I just wanna begin the work for that...I'm fourth year now (suppose to be a grad..but im not even close:P) I haven't even bothered to get my books...hehe

See u soooooooooooon

P.S. Anyone know any good modern novels to read?