31 October 2005

Has anyone else heard of Gtalk?

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*The new way to chat..Cud this be taking over Msn Messenger??..tell me what you think!*

Has anyone else seen this or downloaded it?...to the ones that dont know Google have made their own emails see this site: http://www.gmail.com

The catch is someone has to invite you here...(i mean someone that already has it!)...anyways i went on today to check the new features and i found this http://www.gmail.com/talk

Have u seen it? i just downloaded it quite fast...it looks cute and kinda nice ...so simple..but i bet its going to be soo different in a few months...anyways do you think this will take over the Msn chat?..do u think soon Google will takeover everything?..i wonder whats going to happen in the following years!....Enjoy

*To the ones that already have Gmail...d/l it maybe we can chat using Gtalk...*

the testing post

just checking to see what is happening!:)

30 October 2005

It's Nearly Eid...

So its nearly Eid and ramadan is ending..its kind of sad cuz its a nice month and we are blessed to have such a month...so how ws ur ramadan? mine wasnt that bad actully better than i ever expected...time flew so past i didnt feel it...maybe ever since i changed my major i feel like ive been set freeee...hehe....ilmuhim...i hope everyone got thier Eid clothes and once again ready to celebrate the wonderful joy of being a Muslim and the joy of being here on earth every day...we all have been blessed even though we dont seem to notice it...Al7amdullah we have what we need a comforting home, a wonderful family or at least a family and the life anyone else who doesnt have..is dreaming about...i know ive been blabbing but i really feel like it..hehe...
Thank God the drs at uni r being very nice and giving us some lessons off..even though i really like classes and luv learning..anyone else feel the same as me?...oh well....at least we get to chose what we study and even if we dont AT least we get to study...thats also something else we r fortunate to have..
We all have dreams and i hope you all get to fulfill them and never give up...even if u dont get what u want u might end up with something even better!...i luv ya everyone here and everyone who visits my blog ....thank you even if u dont comment i apprectate u taking ur precise time and spending it on my blog...which i think is quite dull...i wish i cud make it much better!...
Tommorrow i have class...got some hw i stil didnt finish...and im quite hungry....its 2am ..i need to sleep soon so at least i wake up on time(even though im always late and grumpy...my mood sucks in the morning!...im nice a night:)) hehe....i wish everyone a very goodnight and sweet dreams! and dont forget if u ever feel like noone cares for u i do...even though im not there to show it..or even if i dont know u...know that there is someone like me who cares about everyone:)....
Happy Eid...and have a great day....dont forget my 3eeediyaaaaaaaa...ahhhhhhh hehee just kiddin;)....luv ya all


28 October 2005

Did nothing this weekend!

This weekend sucked..did nothing:(...now theres dawam bachir!...oh well cant wait till Eid....sick of uni!

27 October 2005

Just woke up..

Yest i was working on photoshop with one of Amy Lees pictures so i didnt sleep earily...almuhim!...it turned out nice but i wanna continue on it today and then ill show u what i came up with...im teaching myself how to use it:) its FUN!...and intresting....in a few secs the muslsal called "3adeel ilrooo7" which is my fave this ramadan....(u wudnt believe how long it took me to learn the name of it ...hehe,,,all i know is the names of actors in it!)....so ill head off and be back later!

Wish i had more time to Blog....

With all this load of uni work...and all the actions going on with my life i find it hard to cope up with real bloging...:(..makes me kinda sad because ive always got things to write, say or do...but never the time....wudnt it be cool if we cud buy time:P...just kiddin...hehe then all the rich people wud truely have the time of their life and alot of it..:P...hehe..

What a day...This week was tough..im so exusted and im finding trouble sleeping..i have this feeling within me..and its making me worry...its like a sign or warning something is going to happen...i wish i cud erase it..so i logged online...to msn to find some people to chat with...chatted for awhile...then searched for pics...i was supose to do some studying today...maybe ill go do some now...woow..life is hectic!...:) trying to keep up with everything...
Advice: "Your only young for a short period of time...enjoy it" Wise way of looking at the world...

26 October 2005

Amy Lee...

I just love this girl..shes sooo cute..and her voice is undescrible!...

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True Beauty!....

A Streetcar Named Desire...

Recently in drama we have been asked to pick a extract from a play to preform it in class as the mid-term..we found this play called "a Streetcar Named Desire"...my friend did it at school so she suggested to do it..anyways ...it was written by Tennessee Williams..We have started to watch the movie which was based on the play and stars Marlon Brando...i just have a comment to make..hes... HOT...anyways i believe he has past away...(Allah yer7amo)...i havent really finished the movie but when we do...ill comment about it!...heres a pic...

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Marlon Brando...WOOW

24 October 2005

I've got an instinct...

We all fear...we all sense...does anyone ever have a sense when they meet someone for the first time? or just by seeing someone u sense thier "aora"? well with me its strange...i can tell if someone is nice or not without even speaking to them...call me weird...but i believe its true...;)....i wonder if im sane:P

22 October 2005


Hmmm what a day..i had to wake up at 9am today which sucks cuz my class isnt till 1pm...so i got up...im in the library in uni ..copied my notes..and i dont feel like studying...im gonna go ask quesitons for those math problems i ddi yesterday...hmmm no matter what i seem to get something wrong..so....im on web messenegr which is great cuz idotn know what i wud have dont without it !....i miss my bed:(

21 October 2005

So far...

I haven't done none of the upbove list..hehe all i did was sit online..chat...surf online...and watch tv!
What do u guys think of ilmusalsalat this year? i like 2 i watch but i occasionaly miss episodes...i dont know the names very well...they have awalshay the one with the wazeeer guy...and the other one about the lawyers...:) maybe u know them by now

Just woke up..

As soon as i wake up i always make a list of things in my mind that i wanna do for the rest of the day...heres what it looks like:

1)wash my car
2)watch a bit of tv and relax
3)do my hw's
4)study for each subject
i) Do a few chapters for math and answer quesitons
ii)read for literture, psycology(can never spell it right) and drama class
ii)copy up notes(math and other subjects)
5) be finished in time to be albe to go out later


This is what i do instead...
wake up...sit with my mum ...watch tv...think in my mindwhat i wanna do and dont get the chnace to dothem cuz by the time i get up to go to my room its time to eat:P...im lazy...bas mid tersm arent till about 1 month and i can only study so much each day!....

I wonder if ill be 50 tommorrw

Isn't it just amazing how the world is moving so fast....isnt it weird that yesterday you were like 14 years old and then the next day ur like 18!!...wooow time really flies by. I remember when u first attended school here in q8...then the days where i first came bk to q8....wooow...and the days i finshed high school and now im in uni!...tommorw ill be old oh noooooooooo...just kidding hehhe...with age comes maturity and wisdom cant wait till i get those:P...:)i wonder ifill be 50 tommorw

20 October 2005

me head hurts...

My head hurts thus meaning ive got a headache..:'(...today not feeling so well.....

Things been good...

So hows ramadan ???..i hope great ad very peaceful...mines been al7amdullah great and ive enjoyed my time...soweey i havent had time to post i havent really found the time and got caught up with uni and the load of work...anyways the newst news is i got my car finally al7amdullah:) fa mirta7a!:) luv ya everyone!

Been awhile....

Yo! Wazuup beoble!..i know its been a very long time since i put anything on my blog bas wallah ive been terribly busy with uni and havent really had the time to actully post...well so much has happened...first of all i dropped a subject thank God il7een 7ady mirta7a....sara7a some drs r weird:S...second got loads of work and tests r coming up....u know ramadan makes us feel so tired and different!...sorry i havent been posting anything....i missed ya guys!...mmwaaa.....catch ya later! how are ur classes???

06 October 2005

Happy ramadan everyone!

Be good..eat well...pray...forgive....just be there for people when they need help...its a holy month where you can do all the good things you always do...

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Luv ya everyone!