16 February 2009

Is this right?

Or is it culture that teaches us that this is unacceptable? I'm just thinking what a young person to carry so much weight on his shoulders....Honestly...I don't think he's really the father! He looks toooo young :/

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11 February 2009

10 February 2009

Blogging...hear me out!?

I don't understand why many bloggers are going private. Good for those who keep their blog open for the world to read! :D Back to life!

09 February 2009

Manar you are So Annoying!

I LOVE the Turkish series "Lost Dream" or translated in Arabic " Al 7ilm al '9ayi3"...
I think out of all the Turkish drama's this is my fave one, since all of you know I have this TREMENDOUS passion for the piano :D

I just wish Manar wouldn't be the way she is.. :P we all luv happy endings :D but then again if she goes back to 3mur the series would suck...

Woo6 Woo6


what do you guys think?

My new Dilemma

You know that feeling where you become scared about something that didn't happen or probably will never happen?

I can't stop thinking...hearing people's stories...seeing what's happening it's crazy...
I am pissed now...too pissed...

Not me right now..so please excuse me!


lots of action

03 February 2009


I can't believe that I'm nearly done with university...I feel like it's a dream!! :D

I love hot chocolate