17 December 2008


The blogging world is not visited as much as before...I don't know what's wrong with me..I don't seem to like coming online anymore...too much work work work...

Goodnews: :D Reveal surprise later ;)

01 December 2008

25 November 2008

Fordalicious :P

I kind of don't like it...
Is it me or it looks like a Range? or a cross-breed between Range and the Mini cooper :P

22 November 2008

19 November 2008

Long Time No See!

Oh my God It's been foreverrrrrrrrrrr...I don't want to start complaining about the work load :P I'm just so STRESSED it's unbelievable...you finish one thing then 100 more things gets added to your pile of "things to do"...

November...my month...my b-day is in like 4 days...i'm turning *GULP* 22...yes that horrible age getting closer to 30 :P...I have a midterm on the 24th :/ so I don't think I'll be celebrating it..I was going to add the list of things I want here but I feel it's too much. As long as the people I love remember to say "happy b-day" then I'm fine (6ab3an thats a lie :P keep the prezies coming!) :D

Damn Damn Damn so much to say...yet nothing much I can do about it...I hate how you know who I am...limits me to things I really want to say!

I repeat I prefer never knowing just saves me allot of pain...

30 October 2008

Happy HELLaweeen :P

I woke up from one of the worst WORST nightmares I've ever had! I couldn't stop crying as soon as I opened my eyes...I hate the feeling of missing something :/ Allah Kareem

Heard bad news...trying to figure out how to deal with it still!

Attended the *"Bait il r3b" in AUK it was SOOO MUCH fun...thanx to the group of people I went with! (although it was only less than 5 mins) Their screams made me scream :P We need more events like this in Kuwait seriously!!!

Fun packed..weekend!

Wish me luck

Catch ya l8r ;*

*it was a room :P they lied to us!!

29 October 2008

I see the light of HopE

Some people are just AMAZING!
...October is always my month...

24 October 2008

"Falling" Sick...

I fell in uni yesterday while going up the stairs..by the time I realised I fell I was already on the floor...I dropped my bottle of water...then got up as if nothing happened...looked at the people infront of me cuz I wanted to laugh with someone...but not no one laughed...I did hear people gasping :P which I found very funny..I couldn't stop telling people about it...I feel like by walking away without even caring who saw makes me a stronger person :P I even laugh about the situation...

I'm sick...stomach flu...la3id chebdyyyyyyyyy umbay I feel hot...then cold..ahhh I took 4 types of pills..I didn't do any homework :( I feel bad...Allah Kareeem...anyone else sick??

I don't know why but blogger wasn't working yesterday and I wanted to post...

21 October 2008


It still amazes me how people are prone to change...one day you are best friends..the next you become the worst enemies...the world functions in a strange way...still can't understand what makes people click...when I think about it...I've hardly kept contact with many people I loved...things always became tough and eventually everything disappears...the question is what is there to fix, when there wasn't a real problem in the beginning?

SUPeR TiReD...I can't be bothered to sleep...

19 October 2008

I LOVE!!!!!!


Weekend home home!

This weekend I babysat and I didn't leave the house and yet I didn't finish all my homeworks...I have a whole novella to finish for tomorrow...which I still didn't start...ahhhhh Some books are not meant to be published cuz they are sooo useless :P and I'm not refering to the novella...

What to do other than continue reading...shakly mara7a anam ilyoum :P

My caffeine diet has ended..I officially need to start it again since the work load is unbelievable...still proud of myself though 2 months without caffeine (except in chocolate)..my head is spinning :D...woohooo...this is better than riding a roller coaster ride :P

It's about 3:10am and I have officially finished the NOVELLA!! AHHHH what an accomplishment..this is actually nothing compared to finishing 3 whole 19th C novels bil gha9ib and other weird utopian fiction stories:D it was EASYYYYY woohoo I started at around 9:15pm but kept taking breaks every 30 mins...7ada malal...the hardest part were the last 6 pages :/...but honestly the story kind of sucked...Can't wait till I know what the "butter" of it is tomorrow!! I deserve to be given a prize:P my eyes hurt though :/

17 October 2008

"ignorance is still Bliss"!

...I wouldn't always want to open the door...In fact I prefer them closed...

15 October 2008

The msg isn't clear?

Some people just WON'T grow up...
I feel sorry for those people who enjoy bothering others :D

Pretty tired from uni...but loving it ;)

I'm making some serious decisions about changing my plans...there is still plenty of time ;)

14 October 2008


Somethings are just not meant to be figured out...damn my legafa now I'm depressed...
I wish I didn't know...the beauty of life...just shows you day by day what a wonderful unfair world it is!....

Working working working...waiting for the results!

11 October 2008

"Ignorance is Bliss"

Whats better:

1) Not knowing and being happy?
2) Knowing and being unhappy?

My Stress level is hitting the ROOF

I couldn't handle the stress of the 5th subject..I decided to drop! I'm just not good with an extra load of work..I feel really bad for doing it too :( Thanx Criticizer for your concern but I don't need the pill anymore :D (oo that rhymes :P)

10 October 2008

Stumbled upon..My (L)

Amazing voice, amazing song, amazing lyrics...just soo touching :)

09 October 2008

Back to the...


*Need to go do my reading...20 pages BismillAllah madbedayna ila ma36eena reading kubur rashum :P:P

07 October 2008

A New Beginning...

We stared uni on sunday...It's veryyyyyyy hecticccccc...I have no time to think :P...It's great I miss uni life soooooooooooooooooo muchhhh..:D 7ady 7ady mistansa...

Still no internet...dialup sucks...you have to sit in one place :/ making it very limited!

Q: Why do some people decide to let go and come back in the wrong time? People you have the chance to do things at the right time...never wait till it's too late...I just HATE it when people realise their mistakes when it's just too late...

Problem: Taking 5 subjects at the same time that are from your own major is soooooo difficult...I'm close to dropping one subject...I just don't do very well under stress...:S...This means I'll be graduating next year January :/ the thing is I love UNI! I don't want to finish....

Now going back to my homework researches ...Don't miss me :D

P.S : I NEED SLEEEEEEEEEP I haven't slept more than 5 hours since we started ....

01 October 2008

My Day

Today I decided to forgive everyone who hurt me and message them to wish them Happy Eid...I felt good...and I wasn't expecting a reply cuz only one person replyed....Al7amdullah 3ala kil 7al :D...Hope everyone had fun on 3eed...Looking forward to starting university....

30 September 2008


I hate Capricorns! Every Capricorn that I ever met sucked :P any blogger here who belongs to this horrible star signs? Why are you like this?

I think they are arrogant
I think they make irrational decisions
I think they make their own mistakes and blame it on others
I think they purely suck :P
I think they are two faced
I think they think they are perfect and insult others...

They are careless about others feelings
They jump to conclusions without thinking
They use stupid excuses to end a relation whether friendship or relation
They talk nonsense
They always suck


Oh how I luv my star sign!

Time For Celebration!

:D :D 3eeeedkum Embarek :D :D

27 September 2008

Hunting Spree!

Yesterday, as I have told you in my previous post, I went shopping in Avenues to exchange something...I passed inside Topshop to see their jeans (which aren't that great cuz killa straight cut) Anyways, there was this woman passing out these fliers saying "Treasure Hunt", so me and my friend were curious and asked her what was going on...she says you can win coupons to buy things for free from the store, the trick is that they are hidden around the shop...then I told my bestfriend we would go finish my shopping and come back to play...It's not one of those difficult games where you need clues...it's pure luck :P and using your good eye sight..as soon as we came back all I said was "I think it's on this mannequin but Im too shy to touch it" she went and grabbed the paper :P it was "10kd free of jewelry" then I looked around and found the "10kd free lingerie" which disappointed me cuz I don't want that :P we kept searching and found the "50kd buy anything from the store"...then later found a "10kd buy any top"..we were both LAUGHING soo hard cuz it was fun! The places they chose were soo ridiculous...the downside was when we came to get the stuff they only let us have 1 coupon each so we took the 50kd and 10kd for any top...we didn't even argue, although we asked about the rules and they didn't have any!!...The staff were so impressed that we found most of them :P....I told the manager we will come tomorrow and he said it was okay...I knew he didn't mean it...

The next day I took my sister with me...the manager came rushing and I asked him can we start...he's like "wheres your family member" I told him my sister is with me :P shoofoy shino he's checking ...then I went and grabbed the first coupon which was for the jewelery...I told him keep it and he snatched it from me..then we found a 2nd one and he took it from me..and kept following me telling me 5ala9 go home with this..I told him no I want to find them all :P na7asa I was having fun..then we found a 3rd one and he took it from me again!! Then my sister found the 4th one I told her to keep it with her...and we searched for a LONGGGG time...he kept saying 5ala9..I discovered and noticed he removed them all so we couldn't find them anymore.. such an &*$&*$& ilmuhim I had sooo much fun :P wedy aroo7 marathanya bs 3alashan anrfizaaa..the staff 7ifthoony and were watching me...9ij 9ij wedy akhith everyone with me 3alashan they think twice before messing with us :D

It's a shame no one else was bothering and had no idea what was going on cuz it was fun...bs roo7oy say "we were sent by the crazy gurls who found all the cards" LOOOOOOL just kidding it's over by now..

Stoneage Internet

Yo people!

It's been a really long time!! First thing I have to say I'm using the "dial up" so I wont be replying to your comments now :P it's toooo slowwwwww...I'm just going to say :P I think that these musalsalat are a waste of time and sooooo depressing :D this is a Holy month there should be more positive messages going out to our public and people....we already have enough drama in our lives...:P Second of all, I'm sorry I havent been here cuz as u have noticed our internet is down due to the crappy land lines of Salwa :D...Third thing now is that I've beeeeen sick the whole day and didn't sleep properly at all :/ damn I've been dizzy the whole day I'm thinking there is something wrong with me...

Only 7 days left till university begins..I'm soooooooooo EXCITED...

Things I've been doing the past few days I haven't been posting:
1) Shopping
2) Shopping
3)Shopping :D
4) Hunting *

I found the SEXIEST pairs of jeans everrrrrrrrrrr :D I couldn't just buy one pair..If I had the money I'd buy them all...I am luving the River Island jeans collection....

* I'll post about this later :D maybe tomorrow..seriously can't now my head is tooo mixed up :D

22 September 2008


نهايات بعض مسلسلات رمضان الخليجية

فضة قلبها أبيض
موت ( ماما أمينة ) و التي تؤدي دورها الفنانة اسمهان توفيق
طلاق مليكة من الدكتور الذي سيتزوجها في الحلقة القادمة اثر خلافات زوجية
رحيل زينات و سحر من بيت فضة .. فـ تلحق بهم فضة ليـبقى المنزل للأخوات

زواج دلال ( منى شداد ) من صالح ( جمال الردهان ) .. و انتحار أم مزوة ( سعاد علي ) بعد ان تخبرهم غالية ( حياة الفهد ) بـ مكان قبر ابنتهم موزة
يتم الكشف عن هوية المغتصب و هو ( بن هندي ) .. و يقوم عبدالعزيز بقتله أمام الناس
المشهد الاخير : دخول حياة الفهد و محمد جابر السجن
و يتم تنفيذ حكم الاعدام بكليهما

عودة خالد و محمد ..
و رحيل عبدالرحمن الى البصرة بعد تطليق حصة .. و عدم قبول محمد بالزواج من طليقة شقيقته و التي كانت خطيبته سابقاً
يعود التنديل الى مجده
و افلاس بو شهاب
و موت غازي يجعل ابوه يتوب توبة نصوحه و تطليقة وداد

عيون الحب
ستكون النهاية على النحو الأتي :
الى اللقاء مع الجزء الثاني ..

ظل الياسمين
زواج مهنا من ياسمين
و ستكون ياسمين الزوجة الثانية
اصابه طلال بالشلل بعد حادث اليم
و موت الجد جراء الحادث نفسه

هذا و الله اعلم

و اسفين اذا خربنا عليكم طيب المتابعة

21 September 2008

Mako shughil

LOOOOOOOOOL check out the author of the article!!! It's Suzanne Choney...:P

I can't sleep so I decided to log online and check out some stuff :P :D

20 September 2008

Important Email..

اعتبارا من اليوم تم تطبيق الخطة الوطنية الجديدة للترقيم في الكويت
يعني ارقام التلفونات صارت 8 ارقام

اخر يوم لاستخدام ال7 ارقام راح يكون 17-10-2008

يعني اللي رقمه:
راح يصير
طبعا راح تحتاجون تغيرون الارقام المخزنة عندكم
وتزيدون رقم 6 حق خطووط الوطنية
ورقم 9 لخطوط زين
ورقم 2 لتلفون البيت
ورقم 1 للأرقام التجارية (808080)
أما الخدمات اللي تكون من 3 ارقام (777-113-101) راح تبقى بدون تغيير

طريقة تغيير الارقام بكل سهولة
أول طريقة :

الاشتراك بخدمة WBackup
هالخدمة تخزن جميع الارقام الموجودة عندكم بالتلفون وترجعها لكم معدلة حسب خطة الترقيم اليديدة
يعني بس تشترك بالخدمة راح تزيد الرقم 6 على جميع خطوط الوطنية المخزنة عندك و9 على جميع خطوط زين و2 على جميع التلفونات الأرضية
بدون اي مجهود منك.
طريقة الإشتراك فيها: ارسل
للرقم 1618
الخدمة مجانية لي تاريخ 13-10
لازم يكون جهازك يدعم خدمة الواب (وتكون خدمة الواب شغالة)
ولازم يكون الجهاز Smart phone

الطريقة الثانية:

المهم الطريقة ال2 انك تروح اي فرع من فروع الوطنية أو موزع معتمد وتعطيهم تلفونك وانت واقف
يوصلونه بالكيبل ويغيرون الأرقام الموجودة عندك بالجهاز

الطريقة ال3:

تمسك تلفونك كل يوم قبل الفطور تلهي نفسك بتعديل الأرقام وتضيع وقت لين يؤذن المغرب
طبعا اللي يبي يغير الأرقام من نفسه راح يحتار لأن في بعض الأرقام ماندري اهي وطنية والا زين
فأنا قلت اصير خوش ريال وبيني وبينكم كاتب البوست كاتبه
فأكتبه كامل وشامل احسن
فحطيت لكم بداية ارقام الشركتين (زين والوطنية) وانتوا عاد غيروهم من عندكم
بالنسبة لخطوط الوطنية: تضيفون قبلها رقم 6
أما بخصوص ارقام زين راح تكون بدايتها: تضيفون قبلها رقم 9

My Mood

18 September 2008


Tommorrow is the first day that we add an extra number in front of our numbers :/ Goodluck guys :P remember all Wataniya numbers begin with 6 :P I think for Zain it's a 9...I'm not sure when they will begin but every person with Wataniya begins tommorrow :P

update: yallah guys you ALL have to change ur numbers check now it is such a weird change :P

Can Men and Women Ever be "just" Friends?

This is a topic that many people try to tackle each day...and I was wondering what do you guys think? Honestly, for me it's possible if you place certain boundaries and the fact that I've been around guys all my life makes it easier too :P...How about the rest of you? Do you feel that nowadays it's difficult to be "just" friends? or do you always think that there is a chance you'll have feelings for the opposite sex!? Be honest and explain your reasons :D...


AHHH We are going to start uni so soooooooon! I'm really nervous. I've registered for 15 credits hoping to graduate in the summer :P...I hate being under pressure...

Since there is no time to go out..I've been going to the ma3rath in Rawtha...There are displaying many things like clothes and accessories...All I have to say is...the prices are unbelievable!! Come on the things they are selling are no worth that much! It's so obvious they just came back from Asia and are selling cheap things more than double the price. I just want to know why? Why do you rip people off?! Okay I can understand that this is a business and they are free to price things the way they want but still it's not right...

16 September 2008

Viva Q8- Ishraykum!?

I knew the new ad's were for the new phone company in Kuwait ViVa...
I can't wait I'm dying to see their new offers :D
What do you guys think of the name? 7ada 3ajeeeeeb!

Update: check out the following blog for more details

For those who didn't know...they had this event in SAS tonight :P I wish I cud have gone :/

My moods been down lately since the summer break started...I'm really disappointed with whats happened. I didn't get to do anything of what I planned for. I'm getting more depressed as each day passes. I know this is a test of my patience but I really don't like waiting.

For the past 2 months I've had this pain in my body..I didn't think it was serious but it hasn't stopped..I don't know if it's cause I don't eat properly or that it is just a phase. Now I'm starting to feel like it's serious. The pain is unbelievable and comes randomly everyday. I hate the hospital and hate medication and hate feeling like there is something wrong with me. This is turning into a post of complaint...sorry if I disappointed you.

I smile and laugh the WHOLEEEEEEE day...but when it's time to sleep and I'm sitting there alone I just feel like crying..God how I wish I was an airhead and that I didn't have to think or worry. I wish I could just live day by day without worrying about what will happen later..I get occasional suicidal thoughts :P I wouldn't do it cause its wrong and I know I would end up hurting my family! I hate my personality because I care so much.

Why can't I just change?
Maybe the world would be a better place without me...

15 September 2008

What I love...

My Tony.
When I'm with you I feel happy.
When I'm with you I can be myself.
When I'm with you I can go anywhere I desire.
I love my car...I can be happy, sad, excited and every way I want to be...
I love cruising..I can never get enough of it...serioulsy I think that is the one thing I will miss when I leave!

11 September 2008

Confessions of a Broken Heart...

Why can't I just change how I feel inside?

Life & Wonders

Earlier this morning (at around 2-3am) me and my family gathered to watch some old family videos...I became sad...I hate the fact that time is passing and there is no way we can stop it :/

I'm a Sagittarius and I LOVE IT! I just found one of the best horiscope sites available :P Want to find out what your all about? Click below...

10 September 2008


Todays date ROCKS!!! :P I'm obsessed with dates :P

Ilmuhim it's been a while since I blabbed about myself...I just woke up from a weird dream...yesterday I had this strange dream...what I'm trying to say is...I hope they come true to some extent...miss you always ;)...

:D have nice ftoor ya jama3a! ooo Tell me what you had!!

P.S. The technics from my previous post really works..it's soo much fun...yesterday 3alagt 3ala "blooood..not funny" at 4am with my best friend...LOOOOOOL...

08 September 2008


101 Ways To Annoy People
63 Ways to Piss of a Cop

How to Maintain a Healthy Level of Insanity at Work.

Serioulsy bored? Go check out Funny Lists!

I don't CARE...I'm ME!

I don't care if you think that I'm too friendly.
I don't care that you think I need to change.
I don't care that you use lame excuses to cover YOUR mistakes.
I don't care if you think I'm a bad person.
I don't care that you will not choose to accept me the way I am.
I don't care that you don't wish to step over your pride to admit your wrong.
I don't care that you believe that my honesty is fake.
I don't care that you think I lie.
I don't care that you think your better than everyone else.
I don't care if you judge me for the way I think.
I don't care that I sometimes make mistakes.
I don't care if you want to do the right thing while hurting others.
I don't care that I'm ONLY a human.
Don't be judgmental, don't care what others tell you what to do..be yourself.
I hate it when someone can't stand up for something they believe in.
I hate it when someone choses to bother you instead of trying to solve the problem.
I hate it when people make others feel like they are worthless.
I will NOT put up with peoples excuses.
I will NOT sit there and give people a chance to crush me.
I am better than this,
I am ME and there is nothing better than that!
Accept me for who I am, otherwise get out of my life ;)
*There is only one wish I have right now...and I pray to God that it will come true*

06 September 2008

I wish upon a st*r...

Graduate and continue my studies.
Own my own studio to record my compositions.
Marry someone who will support and love me.
Always be healthy and in good shape.
Make a name for myself in this world.

03 September 2008


I always wondered why they never called the ambulance...in Happy Tree Friends...you'll know why from the following video! ENJOY!

I just found this second clip! It's the longest episode so far :P poor Cubs :(

02 September 2008

Gotta share!

ouCan't get enough of (drum roll) Taaa daaaa (WARNING DO NOT WATCH IF U ARE SQUIMISH!!!)

My fave characters are CUB and PETUNIA (L) 7adhummm cuteeeeeeeeeee

01 September 2008


Damn KU registration system :/ emkharif since 12am :/ damn it!! aby mawaddddddd :(

31 August 2008

Found IT:D

The worst thing in the world...is the feeling of losing something...I literally mean SOMETHING not metaphorically like a person :P although I don't believe you can ever lose someone you never had ;)...as I was saying...I discovered that I lost my FAVE RING...9ij gilabt il dinya to find it :/ damnnn I was just about to cry when I remembered the last time I wore it and found it in one of my bags...damn damn damn I HATE THAT FEELINGGGGGG...anyways barkooly :P I LUV this RING (L)

P.S: Yes somevone got it to me :P zis is vhy it is imboortant...i'm trying out an accent here :P

Ramadan Kareem..

Hope you have a wonderful month & eat well ;)

30 August 2008

Loving this :D

I never thought she was ever so stylish but her hair cut is adorable! I think i'm going for this one soon..
If only I could have her more recent cut thats in the picture below I would but unfortunately my forehead is too small...although I think its the same just the fringe is different!

I'm Sorry...

I'm not perfect

28 August 2008


Wish it was a dream...When will I ever wake up?...EMPTINESS

26 August 2008


Please Don't Push ME!

I can't enough of this!! I typed in "what to do when bored" and I got this link...try it out!

19 August 2008

18 August 2008

I do...

Always there.


17 August 2008




LOOOOOOOOOOOL I can't get enough of this video!!

If you down check this out, you'll be surprised at how fast you'll forget how your feeling :D

P.S: It is not just funny...it is HILARIOUS!

16 August 2008


Just saw this disturbing email with pictures of a kuwaity guy turned into a girl...:/ (istaghfirallah) Now su2al em7ayirny...Guys that have changed their sex go into a female gym or male gym? or a mixed gym? :/ confusing!

What do you guys think?

Movie Lovers out ThEre!

I found this really greaaaaaaaaaaaat site out where you can watch movies for free :P
It takes a while to download them but when your bored why not check them out?

14 August 2008


This kind of looks like one of Evanescence's music clips...can anyone guess?? Luv the electric guitar :P


"What are you thinking of?!"

Got Nancy's new album today :D I luv her voice...The music sounds very westernized, but still sounds great :D...for those who are not aware I am a HUGE fan of NANCY!!

13 August 2008

zZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ouch!

I'm going to kill you for not giving me anesthesia the second time! Siblings can be mean when they have you under their power...I never show the dentists they have power over me...I NEVER cry :D I have been like this since I was a child..:D too much pride...

P.S: "That banana flavour thing you use is YUMMY...can I take some home?"

12 August 2008

Blog hopping!

I just have to say MASHALLAH! The blog sphere has grown exceedingly in the past year. I just can't keep track of everyone. I've been looking at all the new blogs today...I'm so TIRED! How does everyone keep up?

I remember when I first started blogging I didn't think anyone would read, so I was doing it for fun. The good old days there were the bloggers like Snookie, Blasha, Angel and many more I can't recall at the moment. A lot of the old bloggers have left and it was a shame. I just have to say that they were AMAZING at expressing themselves and were sooooo FUNNY!

I want to see now what other bloggers leave a mark in my life.

I wanna just say thank you to Snookie who was always helping me with my template, Spikey for being a great blogger friend and N. who keeps me going :D.

11 August 2008

Ahhh hurting heart :P yum?!

I read about this site in the latest Bazaar Magazine and thought I would share it with my fellow blogger friends. These are the Q's I found interesting.
Can animals commit suicide? hmmmm weird?!

If parents say, "Never take candy from strangers" then why do we celebrate Halloween? LOOOOL seriously!
Can cannibals be arrested for being under the influence of alcohol (e.g. drunk-driving) if they have eaten someone who was drunk? WTH?!
Why do people never say "it's only a game" when they're winning? This rings a bell :P
Why are all of the Harry Potter spells in Latin if they're English? All shows with magic use Latin I guess its classic!?
Are children who act in rated 'R' movies allowed to see them? I have always wondered this!
How come you never see a billboard being put up by the highway? I haven't ever seen this..they do it at night?
Why does Jello have a smell when you add the powder in the water, but when it "gels" the smell is gone? I made jello the other night :D
Why do British people never sound British when they sing? TOTALLY agree I wondered about this..unless its a musical for Mary Popins :P or something like that!
Why are the numbers on a calculator and a phone reversed? I didn't get this :/
If you soak a raisin in water, does it turn back into a grape? I NEVER that a raisin is a grape :P

I you read the site and found any Q's that interested you please share :D I hope you liked it ;)
3awar il galb?

Anyone know the real story about this juice?
I tried it for the first time today and was trying to figure out the contents..I came up with MANGO (you know why this is a special fruit ;) ), and the secret ingredient is Vanilla ice cream. I could be wrong :P But this is what I thought :D....

08 August 2008

Should I?!?

I HATE taking pills or any kind of medication and always delay to the last minute...I'm always afraid my body will get used to them or they will have no affect later in my life say for example like Panadol :/...

I HATE it when companies change their perfect product because they need to develop them for marketing reasons of course...

I HATE feeling sick :S

I wish there were HAPPY pills like the ones upbove..(hence not saying I want any kind of drugs like ecstasy :P)

Enough complaning :D hope you enjoy your weekend :D

Date to RemEmBeR

Today is : 08-08-08...:P pretty interesting :P who knows anyone getting married on this day? It's such a cool date...would be easy to remember :D....


I would want to get married either on 10-10-10 or 11-11-11 or 12-12-12 :D winter weddings ROCK :D


Anyone got any interesting websites to go to?

Seriously bored.

05 August 2008


Yesterdays episode of Noor kanat 3ajeeeba :D...Anyone want the link to watch the latest episode before they put it on tv tonight?! Honestly I can't wait :P shakly ba6al3a il7een :D


http://www.maktoob.com is the site :D its amazing :D u can catch up on the newer episode and the one u missed the same day ;) don't u just LUV technology :D

Click on NOOR (to go directly to the list of the episodes) ENJOY :D:D:D

03 August 2008


I have to cut my hair..I know I cut my hair recently...but it's grown :/...I'm thinking of trying out STRANDS hair saloon...anyone been there before?..I've already been to Cutting Edge a number of times last year and LOVE IT...however...serioulsy I need to change..I'm thinking SHORT SHORT SHORT :D:D:D...something much shorter than last time maybe above the shoulders...Give us ur best suggestions I'm waiting!!!

02 August 2008


Name: Caramel honey, but refered to as SweetD
My friends called me: my original name :P and Butta (masaba ana invented)
My Nickname(s): Dandy
Birthday: 23rd Nov 1986

Major: English Literature and LOVING IT :D
Job Title: Student :/
Boys name: Ya3goub and Jarra7
Girls name: Jumana
Perfume: J-Lo Live :D:D:D
Fruit: MANGOOOOOOO and strawberries :D
Veggie: hmmm BU6AAAAAAAAAA6 yumyum…:D
Fast food place: McDonalds…but I stopped fast food ;)
Favorite cartoon character: hmmm Tom and Jerry
Animal: Dolphins
Ice Cream: Caramel Golden Ribbon from Baskin :D
Have u ever ?!
Bungee jumped: If u call shi3bs bunjee then yeah :P but seriously on my honeymoon I wanna go do it somewhere in asia :D
Used someone: For their own benefit ;)

Had bloody nose: not bloody bloody thank God
Played truth or dare: OF COURSE :D
Put your tongue on a frozen pole: No :P
Been in a physical fight: When I as younger
Knocked on wood: All the time :P superstious
Broken a bone: No thank God :D
Broken the law: a7m a7mm…yeah ;P

Last Time

Laughed and why? 5mins ago :D my bestfriend sent me pictures of his drawings of when he was like 5 :P seiroulsy they looked really weird…
Cried and why? Yesterday night…personal ;P
Hugged someone and whom ? hmmmm…I don’t remember
Recieved a Call and from whom ? My bestfriend :D
Used a Pen and what did you write ? I think 3 days ago…I don’t remember..dont really need a pen now no uni :P

Lied and whats the truth ? I’m not telling :D

Recieved a message and from whom ? my bestfriend :D
Took a Shower: 2 hours ago
Put Make-up On: maybe 5 days ago
Ride a bike: ohhh back in UK that’s like 8 years

What does it mean to you ?

Your family: No comment
Your home: My comfort
Your friends: people who make me happy and crazy :D
Yourself: I don’t like me
Your birthday: Full of wonderful memories
Your bedroom: My CAVE :D
Your car: MY TONY MY LOVE :*
Your mobile: I can’t live without (even though always silent)

Your PC/laptop: Crap :P I want a new mac :P
Blogging: My way of expressing myself
Money: hmmm I want :P
Right Now
Eating: Choco cake yummy
Thinking: about going out….
Smelling: nothing :/..weird
Watching: Fatafeat :P
Listening to: TV and myself type
Feeling: down
Wearing: my Pj’s (um “khanas”) :P:P
Waiting for: uni to start in october
Hating: myself
Missing: my friends :P
Loving: my friends
Worried about: graduating
Planning: to graduate and get my masters :D
Annoyed with: myself :/ (tell me about low self esteem)
Mention two things that...
Make you happy: Crusing and being with my friends
That you're obsessed with: High grades and winning (very competitive)
Make you sad: having nothing to do and not having Tony
You hate: People who lie and talk about everyone..(you know who u are :P)
You're doing: this Tag and Thinking
You like to eat: Bu6aaaaaaaaaaa6 and shrimps
Smell Bad: peoples BO ewww adry and baqsam :P seriously
That we probably don’t know about you: Openminded and caring
That you did today: woke up and showered :P
That are dangerous: speeding and jumping off a bridge?

That you'e good at: hmm Piano and singing :P
That hurt: Losing someone you love and having someone you love talk about you


Tell us something your "3ax el nas": I don’t like go with the flow…at ALL..
Can you play any instruments? Piano, guitar and semi-violin
List four things that you are less than 3 meters away from: tv, laptop, and the table
If they were to make a movie about your life, what would that movie be called? Suicidal Angel
Have you ever been told you look like someone, if yes, who? Yeah..I don’t feel like typing :/
Are you enjoying this tag ? ya3ny
What bad habits do you have? Thinking too much and worring about the future
If you could have one day being the opposite gender, What would you do? :D call myself Bo 3ali and go crusing 3al ba7ar ooo araqim wayed banat :P
Worst Thing that has happened to you this year: Friend turning against me :P used to it though :D
What's your current Habba Song? I guess Take one step at a time for Jordin Sparks..:D

Any last words ? :D I Love You All for making Blogging worth it :D thank you Palomino for tagging me

I would like to tag anyone who reads this :D

New Beginning :D

Yesterday I made my final decision I had to change my template..I luv Amy Lee and was very attached to my old look... I hope this new change will make me more interesting :D

01 August 2008


One more month left till we enter Ramadan :D...looking forward to it this year cuz no UNI :D...yeayyyyyy

awww :(

Get well soon my friend...i hate it when someone you care about is sick :( and you feel like you cannot help them :/

30 July 2008


I have to get this off my chest...


I complain but not to this extent offff I wish I can tell some people what I feel about them... :/...It's too MUCH..I'm surprised people can stand them anymore...

Social networking not so Taboo?

It still shocking to me the way things are changing in this country...It seems to be okay if you put ur pictures online and get to know strangers over the net...social networking 5 years ago, as I can remember, was seen as a bad thing..no one is suppose to get to meet people they chat with in cyber space..now with social networking sites to name a few like FACEBOOK, HI5, TAGGED and many more I am shocked to realise that this seems to be normal nowadays..and if you didn't use these programs there must be something wrong with you...from experiance in the past I believe there is a danger in diplaying too much information out there..alright I can understand that with Facebook you can control who you add...but there are places like Tagged where the unacceptable is showen...all I have to say about all this is...becareful what information you give out to the world you never know when it will haunt you in the future :)...
Another dedication from the one and only JORDIN SPARKS...I Luv HER!!

26 July 2008

To commit or not to commit?

I spend alot of time alone

I don't feel like seeing anyone

I am numb inside

I am locked...

My family are worried i'll commit suicide...this is a warning :P

Where the hell is Matt?

19 July 2008

My Love...

I can never get enough of cruising on this road...the atmosphere is different and you feel like your somewhere else...when I'm feeling down and bored I take a small trip here and feel completely refreshed...many of you prob don't understand how cruising can be beneficial (since the gas is damaging the environment) but this is the only fun thing to do in Kuwait...It's crazy sometimes...but worth the "action"...

14 July 2008

French Disaster

I've been wanting to do a French manicure for agesss...for those who know me I'm usually too busy to care so much about these things...but since I have nothing better to do :P I'm turning into one of those girls who really think of nothing more than their appearance..so anyways...Today was the day..I planned it out..I would go do my nails in the saloon...I thought I'd head off to the place in 9aba7 ilsalim...I got there and the place was closed..so I thought they might be repairing something and went to the other branch near the city..what do you know it's also closed..it was already 8pm..I was sooo angry...then I saw this sign saying from the beginning of May the saloon will be closed on Sundays..please don't think I'm stupid but I don't read Arabic very well and missed the note in the other place..

I was determined to get a French manicure TODAY and I wanted it NOW..so I drove to busy Salmiya Centre point and brought the Bourjois French set

...It has this brush that is suppose to make this process easy...

WRONG I was trying and trying and after nearly 2 hours I had done three nails on one hand..:/ then I gave up and called my bro's wife who came home and did it in less than 5 mins :S...GOD...I respect all those women who are able to do these "simple" tasks just to make themselves look perfect...:/...I might be smart but I need time to learn to do these things...I feel stupid :/
P.S: for those who don't know I luv Eva which is why I used her pic :P she is so beautiful :D..

09 July 2008


I thought I deleted my template...I want a new one...HELP!!

Tick Tock..

Time is flying by so fast and I feel like I'm doing nothing with my Holiday...I hate the fact that I feel like I'm gaining weight :(...I tried to go on a "no fries diet" that failed :P...

I'm addicted to Noor...yesterday I missed the episode at 10pm so I stayed up to watch it at 2am...I don't even remember the last time I got so addicted to a show...for a while I felt so pathatic :P but then again it has gotten so interesting...When they started showing the show I was confused I couldn't understand why they were making a big deal about it...but now I know...I know that I sound like a loser :P but TV is all I have now :P

29 June 2008


Got my car back :D

Been out almost all the day :P I've become addicted to cocktail juice (starwberry, mango, and banana milk) from "Min3ish" in Salmiya I've drank more than 10 times from that place in the past month...

I'm sick :/ it started off as a soar throat so I ignored it (cuz I hate to take pills)..it developed into a bad cold :P 7ada ewww...and now my voice is GONE and I got one of those husky voices...its horrible :/...I think its turning into a bad cough :S...

Ugly Bettey Season Two is AMAZING...I love the show sooo much..seriously those who haven't seen one episode are missing alot...I'm thinking of catching up with Desperate Housewives now...so I don't have a real life so I'm living others by watching these shows :P..


Summers getting better...even though I'm not so well

23 June 2008

Get well Tony...

Hopefully tommorrow you'll leave the 'hospital' (garage)...:P I miss you

16 June 2008

Welcome Summer..

Wondering where I have been?
I'll update you now ;)
Finished exams on th 8th June
9th June cut my hair and went to the student honor party in sherton :P
12th was my sisters wedding (malcha)...shino kan ilwa'93 moo shay :P it was HECTIC...but it turned out great :D...wanasaa kan...
Till then i've done nothing :S...I feel so EMPTY!

03 June 2008


Sunday I have my LAST exam...I'm dreading it...not looking forward to a summer without uni....:S EMPTY!

27 May 2008


For those who know me :P china tishbahny:P hehe...:D

22 May 2008

Stole the Show!

Ohhh Just came home after performing "So You Think You Can Mime" wooow...it went great :D:D:D...Thanks for those who attended...and again I'm sorry for not being able to post lately we had problems with our connection :D...Ahhhh :D wannasaa...

02 May 2008

I smelt success...

I found success :D My show WAS A BLAST..the audience LOVED IT sooo much...I'm still in shock...it's nothing how I imagined it...wooow..thanks everyone for coming :D:D:D
Ahhh so excited :D

I would really like to take this chance to THANK MY CAST...you guys ROCKED...serioulsy..I'm so PROUD of u...Wallah...:) 9ij inkum u annoyed me sometimes...but I guess it was worth it all in the end ;)...I can't believe we did it :D

For those who missed it..it's a shame..:D

24 April 2008

I Present to YOU...

Something you won't regret to see and don't want to miss!

12 months of working on the script

6 months looking for people to participate

4 months of training, rehearsals and headaches!

1 month trying to make it perfect...

Be prepared to see it in Shuwakh, Kuwait University 1st of May (when I remember the theatre I will write it down, it's the one infront of the clock)

21 April 2008

I want to..ZzzZZzzz

I haven't been sleeping properly for the past few weeks..and it's gotten worse specially since the day of the performance is gone down to 10 days only!...Ahhh
How can I sleep through a whole night without waking up at least 10 times?! It's so irritating:(...I need help...

20 April 2008

What a DAY!

1) After months and months of hard work...it really paid off...:D Accepted finally and the audience gave an amazing reaction :D:D:D...So more good news to share...;) so u have two times not to miss it ;)

2) Attened the film week in Uni...theme is Palestine...

Amazing...just an amazing movie!

13 April 2008

Being a Workaholic...

I really hate my personality..last week I just couldn't handle the pressure and burst into tears...All I seem to have going on in my life is my production and studies...I wish I could lay my head down on the pillow without worrying that tommorrow I have more work to do...

I stress...ohhh too much..last night I stayed up till 6 am doing my homework...I just can't help trying to become successful...

I'm considering whether to take a summer course or not...as usual no subjects are avaliable..I do need to take the Arabic subjects..:/..but too scared to do so...


Working with people made me realise how much of a nice person I am.
God...the excuses people make "I'm busy".."I don't have time"..."I don't feel like it"...and what do I do to them? NOTHING! :P people break my heart and I don't like making someone feel bad so I try to suck it in...


I've been working non-stop on my production for almost a year now...and no one will know how much work goes into something like this until they try themselves...Mind you I love it and each week I see the improvements I'm proud of my cast...18 days left till day of performance...cross your fingers for me...cuz I'm nervous :S...


I wanted to bring something new to the stage...I wanted to bring new people...and I did just that...It was frustrating with people deciding at the last minute to quit on me...but from experince I had lots of back up plans...

Being a Blogger:

I have been thinking lately to remove myself from the blogging world...I feel I bring no interest to the internet...But should I reveal to those my real identity before I go?