25 April 2010

You're Invited to see....

~6th of May~
~Kuwait University-Shuwaikh-College of Law~
~Othman Theatre~


23 April 2010

21 April 2010

On Mac Donald Had a Site!

Meoooooow= "I'm hungry"

Lazy to get out of the house? Don't worry =====> EEYEOH will save you!

No, I do not own this site nor know the person that does BUT I think the concept is great!


13 April 2010

Staying up!

I'm addicted to staying up all night...I have to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep
Tomorrow....(dun dun duuuuuuuu) maybe my life style will change!
Getting ready for bed :D

Wish me luck!

12 April 2010


Aliens are stealing my ideas and becoming rich! I need to remove the device thats in my head!

I need to...

DIET! :/
...I don't want to go through that life style again...