29 January 2008

2 Days of Disaster

1st Day at work

My trainer left me for a while and a guest came...

G1: Hi...how are you?
SD: I'm fine...how can I help you?
G1: Can you mail this for me?
SD: I'm not sure
G1: What?
SD: I'm a trainee could you please wait for college
G1: Huh? The stamps are in that cabnet
SD: I'm new here...It's my first day please take a seat and my college will be back in 5 mins...If you don't have anything to do..
G1: Sure...5 min...
I'm trying not to make too much convo...cuz we were told not to
G1: so ............ Where are you from?
SD: umm Kuwait
G1: You've lived here all your life?
SD: Kind of...( I try to contune reading pretending to be busy and wishing she will be back)

That was a disaster

2nd Day

It seems like everytime they leave me a lone something happens!!

Phone rings "RING RING"

SD: good afternoon B-centre SweetD speaking how can I help you?
Operater: yes who is this?
SD: I'm sweetD
O: Where is L?
SD: she's not here but would you like me to take a msg
O: there is someone on the line who wants *^*%(&^$ (seriously I had no idea what she said)
SD: What?
O: I have a person who wants to speak to ^(&^$(&^^
SD: sorry is that one of the business rooms?
O: No...Can I transfer him to you and you speak to him?
SD: Can't you call back?
O: no, he's waiting do you want to talk to him?
SD: umm can you tell him to call back?
O: no hes on the line waiting
SD: Ummm wait for L
O: okay fine

ahhhh :S...

Person comes

G2: Hi how you doing? Can I ask if there is ( I blanked out and had no idea what he was saying)
SD: I'm not sure but if you can have a seat my college will come and she will tell you
G2: 5 mins...alright...so SweetD...is that how they say your name?
SD: yeah...
G2: you say it for me?
SD: SweetD?
G2: where you from?
SD: Kuwait
G2: yeah...thats why your so good-looking
SD: (thinking what the heck!! Blush) Thank you
G2: So can I use the internet
SD: sure..but are you staying here?
G2: No
SD: we charge 1KD for 20 mins
G2 1KD? (opens money and throws 1KD on the table)

Trainer L came back....7ada ashwa!!...damnnnn scarey :/

L: is there a problem sir?
G2: yeah we have alot of problems
SD: no no I didn't do anything :/

27 January 2008


I started work today..well not yet...tommorrow I officially start...:/...ahhhh I hate waking up early!!...But I'm sure it will be more fun than sitting at home :P...

Wish me luck

24 January 2008

This is the life!!

Betty betty I love BETTY!!!

Just finished watching 11 episodes of Ugly Betty's 2nd season (thats 12 only :( counting the 1st episode which I watched a while back)..life just cant get sweeter...I haven't been so addicted till now..it seems so real and I love how they bring in real life events...the episodes with Vic Beckham is not to be missed...If you haven't seen season one...or two...You're missing half of your life ;)...

I'm totally addicted to RIHANNA...she's so FAB!..Her latest album is amazing...I specially love "I Hate how much I love you"..."Rehab"..and my top fave song of this month "Don't stop the music"!!...Makes me drive like crazy...
Serioulsy...It sounds like I need to get a new life...what the hell theres only 2 days left to party...;)


P.P.S: Isn't she cute without the hair and braces!??! ..hmm two ppl have said I kinda look like her today...like the pic above :P if you blurr your eyes that is :P

21 January 2008

And we are...

Thank God we are finally DONE DONE DONE!! Two of my exams got postponed and I felt like we will never finish...ahhh...But today I had my last exam...I finished at 2:30pm I logged on my account and the dr already put the grade up! :D:D:D I'm really happy with my grades :D:D:D
Six day...and I start work :P

05 January 2008

What to do?

Many times I tried to change myself just to try to fit into this society...over and over again...I realise there is no way I can please the people around me..when i'm friendly and treat everyone nicely..they say ana ga6a rooo7y 3alaiyhum...when I cast myself out of the crowd they say ana shayfa roo7y :P...hehe...I give up...I just have to do what pleases me...

Lately I've been feeling horrible my moods very bad...I need to move this negative energy away from me...

My first final is on the 10th...my 2nd and 3rd are on the same day the 17th...and my last one on the 19th of jan!

Then I will begin my new part-time job :D

Wish me luck;)

04 January 2008

A new start..

I want a new template :( does anyone know where I can find good ones?!..

01 January 2008

Welcome 2008!!!

May this year bring you lots of happiness and joy

So what are your new year resolutions?

Mines to have as much fun as possible :P