24 September 2010

3. Guess Who

Remember the RULES!

Guess Who: The Prizes and Evanescene 'Forgive Me'

I promise to announce this VERY soon..please forgive me! I'm really busy and things will make more sense soon. I really miss blogging and feel EXHUSTED and STRESSED!

I'll leave you with Evanescene-'Forgive Me'

So ENJOY and don't forget to FORGIVE ME :$

Haya Abdulsalam and her HOT bro! هيا عبدل سلام و اخوها

Apparently she originates from Pakistan..that explains her big eyes Mashallah..9ara7a her bro is HOT!


My mum finally realised that I wasn't lying when I said that I sleepwalk...Still alive though...as if always sleep talking wasn't enough...:/

22 September 2010


I know that I haven't been posting lately as I have been really busy. Also, the fact that my computer got screwed up didn't help either! So anyways I will be coming back soon and catch you up with everything. Honestly, I miss you guys :(


14 September 2010

Quick Update!

I still don't have my laptop, that's why I haven't been posting much. Inshallah today the company would be open and I go collect it.

11 September 2010

I Miss You

Life without YOU is not the same...

Best Ramadan 2010 Series: Sahir al-layl- ساهر الليل

So far the best show this Ramadan. They showed more reality and balance in the events, taking us to the world a lot of us only heard of, but never experienced. Even though we wanted Nasser and Lulwa to get married, we still got to see realistically that it was difficult at that time. It all depended on the father. With Dalal and Nawaf, there was a difference in the way they handled the situation. Let's not forget that they knew each other longer and so were older than the other couple. They seemed smarter and more focused on their goals, but to think about it, it's also the father that made a difference of course. I think he is one of my fave fatherly firgures because no matter what, it still seemed he was standing by woman, for example, like when Lulwa was caught he could think better.

Most people thought that he wouldn't let his own daughter marry Nawaf. But I had a feeling he would, which was great as he didn't force her to go back to her first husband, who seemed in a bit better postion, seeing as he's the son of his friend. I have to say that the actors and actresses did great. If it wasn't for the problem with Nasser and Lulwa getting married, then he wouldn't have been able to write his story and for him to become famous. Also, it shows that sometimes we need to lose something in life to gain something else, for example, Nasser's tragic love story is what helped him improve his writing and lead people through his love story. This probably helped other readers who went through a similar phase, which is a positive thing at the end.

One of the most important parts of the whole series is the last scene when they were looking at each other. It takes us back to their innocent love stares and in our hearts we feel happy for them more than sad. I think that sometimes there has to be balance in life, so this showed how happy they were with just a stare. Without out words, you can feel their hearts and acceptance of life.

I would watch this series again and for those who missed it, watch it online. It's a mixture of culture, history, wonderful directing and music. The characters are so lovable and easy to understand. The simplicity is what made this show so successful. As they always say, sometimes the more simple something is portrayed, the more meaning that it can have.

I was so satisfied with the ending and wouldn't want anything in the plot to change. I really hope that next year we see something similar, as these are the shows that make us wait for next Ramadan to start!

What's your view on this show?

10 September 2010

Sahir al-layl- ساهر الليل

Dalool is so SMART.  She made the guy divorce her...LOL. Her behavior was HILARIOUS!

<3 I hope they get married <3

The Other NBK Eid Ad. 2010 - دعايه البنك الوطني نبي عيديه

Everyone kept telling me to watch this...I didn't actually like it...what about you guys? I like the original advert but my sister made a good observation. This isn't actually good for children because it encourages them to be materialistic and wanting money in a disrespectful way. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the kids' dancing! They look like fun kids and the dresses the girls were wearing were really pretty.

Anyways, what do you guys think of this "other NBK ad"?


UPDATE: Another cute version.

CUTE! I luv it when kid's dance, but what's up the the white thing on their hands?

Enjoy again :D

Zawarat Khamees Episode -30 - زوارة خميس - الحلقة الأخيرة

Ends with a DEATH and a BIRTH, just like the other show "Umayma". Honestly, it is a very disappointing ending. Many things could have been cut out and replaced with a events to make a better plot. I'm not saying it's a bad show, but it needed an extra edge to it. I really enjoyed the series and am glad that the Kuwaiti series's style is improving  and changing. It isn't perfect and there needs a bit more work to have been done, however, it is the one of the things I enjoyed in Ramadan. The fact that the writer involved new ideas and latest issues is great!

What did you guys think?

Eidkum Embarek & Kil 3am wa Intow Bekhair

Waking up with a headache in Eid can be something great and bad...At least I'm not fasting...Al7amdullah!
But when your head is spinning...You kind of wish it would go away...Enjoy this day and share with me all the things that you did...

Asnan Clinic 2010 - Part 1 & 2 دعاية اسنان كلينك - جزء

The BEST advert Ramadan 2010!

Totally didn't expect it to have a second part!


P.S: Is the guy really Pakistani or is that just a rumor? 
I know the girl is Kuwaiti or I might be wrong? 
Nevertheless GREAT AD!

09 September 2010

Warranty Ruined the Laptop's System.

Why is it when you take your laptop to the dealers to fix it they bring it back with even more problems?

Two days ago I decided it was time to check  why my fan was making so much noise. It usually bothers me when the room is really quiet. So I stayed up and went to the company. The first impression I got from the place is that there wasn't anyone at the front desk, even though they said that working hours start at 9:30am and I was there at around 9:45am.

I was sent in to the customer service and the man looked like he didn't know where God has thrown him! I told him that the fan makes noises every once in a while. So he was like leave it and we will check it. I told him I will wait. So I sat waiting for almost 45 minutes then I took the laptop home and was so happy I wanted to go shopping! When I quickly switched the laptop on I realised that the wireless wasn't working. I got SOOO MAD! I had to go back quickly and asked him what he had done and why this has happened!? He said it's because I put it on stand by for a long time. EXCUSE ME! I told him I put my laptop most of the time on hiberanate...again he looked at me funny not understanding a word I was saying. He said all he had done is clean the fans and didn't touch the system. He fixed it again and I went home.

The same night I was trying to take pictures out of my flash and the USB ports weren't working, except one. I was SO MAD. What did he do? Why was my system failing all of a sudden? There was nothing wrong with it before! I couldn't sleep all night and was waiting for get to the company. I went and told him you ruined my laptop...and again he repeats telling me he didn't touch the system! Ya3ny who could have done it then? I told him to fix it and he took the laptop saying he had to format. I refused! There wasn't anything wrong with it!

I don't know whats happened and they didn't inform me, but I will have to call today and check again. I hope they don't have a hoilday :/

Sorry for my rant...but NEVER EVER take your computer to the company, unless you trust them. Now I have a VERY VERY VERY bad image of the company and if I get the chance I would complain to the manager.

Now I have to wait to get someone elses laptop :/

08 September 2010

Negative Energy Syndrome

Things are crazy...everything is going wrong! I will have to post more about my day...Pray that this energy stops!!!

Zawarat Khamees Episode - زوارة خميس - الحلقة- 28

So Marzoug was diagnosed with MS? The nose bleeds must have been one of the symptoms.

Eid Mubarak- عيد مبارك

Eid Mubarak to all readers and bloggers. 
I hope that you enjoyed this blessed holy month and ready for the celebration!

Strands Salon in Fanar Kuwait

I want to cut my hair. Most likely after Eid and I usually go to Strands. Does anyone know a similar place I could go to instead? Do you have suggestions of how I should cut my hair? I like short hair but don't know what I should do. I want something trendy and easy to style. I will search for pictures and ask you what you think. We can do a vote too! How does that sound? Too many questions? I will catch you all later. Don't forget to let me know your ideas. Email me any pictures. We will make a post with the pictures and have a VOTE!

07 September 2010

Samsung Wave is iphones Cousin- ولد عم الايفون

This REALLY looks like an iphone!

I like the way it looks! Anyone have it?


My baby laptop (msi U210 series) is going to the hospital tomorrow for a check up. Inshallah there is nothing wrong with him. I will miss him dearly! Please pray for him! This might affect my blogging but don't be worried I will try to find time to steal someones laptop. I have new coming up posts. STAY TUNED!

Also, thank you everyone for your support :* I really appreciate it.

P.S: This is not the surprise news.

2. Guess Who?


06 September 2010

Winner: Guess Who?


 Unfortunitly, I don't have a link or an email, but if you see this post email me! But he was the first who knew the name! Stand by for the second Guess Who post and GOODLUCK!

Guess Who: Game Rules!

So I've decided that every once in a while I will add a post with the title "Guess Who". This is a game where YOU have to guess who the person is. It can come in many different ways and forms too. I will eventually find other games too so you will never get bored. Of course there will be a PRIZE but due to the circumtansces we are in, it can only be something VIRTUAL, but that doesn't mean it's something bad ;). You are welcome to share your own ideas too, therefore don't forget to do so! There will be a whole page dedicated to these posts on the right (I wrote left then I realised it's right) and your name as a winner will be mentioned. More than this what do you want??!!

GOODLUCK...ENJOY...and let the games BEGIN!!!

I will announce the winner for the first game.

oh I forgot to add the rules:

1) The first person who answers is the winner ( the right one, don't think that just because you were the first to comment you win :P) and the person has to be a registered blogger or at least provide me their email (send me an email with name and answer. You can find my email in the CONTACT ME page) Remeber you have to mention their FULL NAME not their CHARACTERS NAME!

2) I will need time to figure out "vitual gifts" but for now you can only win once, so don't let the others win. If you have the right answer DON'T SAY. Maybe I will cancel the post (What?? I'm only being fair :$).

3) For those who already won, what you can do though is help with CLUES! I don't want to push you out of the game of course :D. You can also trick the people ;).

4) No cheating is allowed or any kind of rudeness, even though I know that all of you are "mu7tarameeeen" (respectful) :P

5) You can help me choose the post and your name WILL be ACKNOWLEDGED.

6) Anything and anyone can be used for the game. What I mean is, it can involve anyone in the world, so be prepared. But that doesn't mean I will put someones family member or some weird chick you found online. There are limits!

7) If it gets too difficult or not one answers, I will find something else instead.

8) If the game doesn't succeed at all, I will change the type of game.

9) I've done this for your pleasure and I hope your enjoy it :D

10) Goodluck!

Yallah GO!

P.S: Wait for the person who will be mentioned as the FIRST winner.

Blogger Problems

What's wrong with blogger?

It keeps saying "service failed" or whatever! It's getting really annoying.

Zawarat Khamees Episode - زوارة خميس - الحلقة- 26



I liked this episode. I think this is a lesson for the men in the house. They didn't feel anything when they were doing the same to their wives. But (9ub7an Allah) when it happened to their mum, they didn't like the feeling and got so angry. I feel so bad for the people that are married to the person they love for so long then something like that happens to them. Imagine the pain..the confusion..the regret..the feeling of emptiness. In some way or another, we are all put in situations where we feel like we don't understand what's happening to ourselves or the world. I think that Thnayan is going through a mid-life crises. I wonder what will happen next!??

Hey..is it true that the events leaked out and spread around Kuwait? Is it false info? or Did what they say actually happen??

P.S: If you missed the episode! Watch it!



The fact that we can't control how and when they are triggered..don't get me wrong...I mean the bad one's that you spend the rest of your life trying to "get over"...even sometimes when your remencing and remember good times you still get this ache in your heart...

Why can't we control our minds?
What triggers a thought?

If we don't think of them when we are awake...we are haunted in our dreams. It's like they are implanted in our subconcious. It's not the good memories that we hate though it's those bad ones, the ones that make us wish that we weren't ever born.

I wish we could delete the memories we don't want.


Canon or Sony Camcorder?

Which one should I go for??

I can't make a decision. I've been almost everywhere and can't make a reasonable decision. I love Sony...but it's way upbove my budget. I hate this part of my personality. My indecisiveness is killing me.

Important Announcement

I'm sorry for those who get to comment and it takes me time to reply to their comment. I don't know why but it takes a long time for the page to load as i'm commenting. When I'm done writing my replies it lags and I have to re-open the page again :/ It's so annoying. So please please please forgive me if I take a while to reply. The lagging part frustrates me, so I usually come back later to re-comment. I'm not ignoring you and I just wanted to let all of you know.

NBK's Eid Ad. 2010 - Ana B3d Aby 3eedyaaaa!

But I'm not gonna dance. I LOVE it! It's so cute. I'm sure you've all already seen it, but just in case you didn't, I had to share. The other adverts that they had this Ramadan weren't that amazing.

Thanks Frankom for sharing!

04 September 2010

Zawarat Khamees Episode - زوارة خميس - الحلقة 25


Todays episode really bothered me because most the woman were treated terribly, when they weren't the one's who made a mistake! MOST of the woman here are true victims. :/

"المرأة ضحية بإسم "جرائم الشرف"- Kuwaiti Woman are Victims of "Honor Crimes"

كتبت آمنة بهزاد

بيّن القانون الجزائي الكويتي أن عقوبة جريمة الشرف تعد من العقوبات المخففة للرجل ، ومن المعروف أن صاحب الشرف الذي يراق على جوانبه الدم رجل لا امرأة ، وهذه نتيجة طبيعية للمجتمعات الشرقية الأبوية التي تعتبر المرأة عرض الرجل و شرفه ، ولكن أليس من الظلم أن تخفف العقوبة للرجل دون المرأة ؟ و ماذا إن رأت المرأة خيانة زوجها لم لا يحق لها إهدار دمه كما يفعل هو إن كانت في نفس وضعه .
و قد نصت المادة 153 من قانون الجزاء الكويتي بأن " من فاجأ زوجته حال تلبسها بالزنا ، أو فاجأ ابنته أو أمه أو أخته حال تلبسها بمواقعة رجل لها ، وقتلها في الحال أو قتل من يزني بها أو يواقعها أو قتلهما معا ، يعاقب بالحبس مدة لا تجاوز ثلاث سنوات وبغرامة لا تجاوز ثلاثة آلاف روبية أو بإحدى هاتين العقوبتين" .
و في هذا الإطار ذكرت مؤلفة كتاب "جريمة بإسم الشرف" "رنا الحسيني" أن جريمة الشرف هي قيام الذكور سواء كان شقيقا أو أبا أو زوجا أو عما أو خالا، بتولي عملية القضاء البشعة علي حياة الأنثى بذريعة غسل "عار الأسرة" ، و أضافت يعتقد الكثيرون أن هذه الجرائم ذات صلة بالإسلام و لكن هذه الجرائم ترتكب في كل الأديان.
و من جانب آخر شددت المحامية الكويتية "ذكرى الرشيدي" في بيان سابق لها على ضرورة العدالة بين الرجل و المرأة في العقوبة ، مؤكدة أن الشريعة الإسلامية لا تميز في العبادات والأفعال فلذلك لو أخذ الرجل الرخصة في قتل زوجته التي وجدها في وضع مخل بالآداب ، لابد أن تأخذ المرأة الرخصة نفسها للوضع نفسه

I was shocked when I heard about this. Honestly, I didn't think it was true. Is this really possible? Do people follow these rules? Why are women always victims? What else is there we don't know about? It makes me so sad. I just don't get all this.What has happened to our world!

I had to share this with everyone and let you tell me what you think.
Because...REALLY...REALLY...REALLY all I can say is:


Answer: Guess Who?

Mara Wilson

 I was wondering what happend to this cute kid...something did happen and you're seeing it with your own eyes. Mara is well known for her two movie Mrs. Doubtfire and Matilda.  At a such a young age, she was extremly talented.

More pics:

Mara Wilson Pics

Bio Info:
Date of Birth
24 July 1987, Los Angeles, California, USA

Birth Name
Mara Elizabeth Wilson

5' 4" (1.63 m)

Mini Biography
Mara Elizabeth Wilson was born on July 24th, 1987 in Los Angeles, USA. She is a middle child with three elder brothers - Danny (b. 1979), Jon (b. 1981) and Joel (b. 1983) - and a younger sister Anna (b. 1993).

When Mara was five years old, her eldest brother Danny started acting in television adverts and she wanted to follow in his footsteps. She went on to appear in a number of commercials including those advertising Texaco and the Bank of America. She also appeared in a movie with Robin Williams in the film Mrs. Doubtfire (1993), which is based on Anne Fine's novel 'Madame Doubtfire'. In the role, Mara proved herself to be a talented young actress, who was mature for her tender years, and her acting career went from strength-to-strength as she quickly become a favorite among cinema-goers.

The following year, Mara played a small girl whose mother had suffered a major stroke in A Time to Heal (1994) (TV). But her big break came with the remake of Miracle on 34th Street (1994) where she had a starring role as the little cynical girl who learned the magic of Santa Claus. Ironically, Mara is Jewish so was not raised to believe in Santa Claus but this was a bonus in some ways since she was able to empathize with her character's stance that there was no Santa.

At the age of nine, Mara was cast in the lead role in the film adaptation of Roald Dahl's book Matilda (1996). Sadly, during filming, Mara lost her beloved mother to breast cancer but she bravely pushed ahead with the film much to the amazement and admiration of her adult co-stars.

Mara starred in three films over the following three years, the last of which was as the granddaughter of Peter Fonda in the film version of the British children's favorite Thomas and the Magic Railroad (2000). Unfortunately, the film did not do well in the box office and also signaled an end to Mara's childhood career as she focused on her school career and just enjoying her teenage years.

In June 2005, Mara graduated from Idyllwild School of Music & Arts and has since gone on to attend New York University where she is studying drama so perhaps the big screen has not seen the last of her!
IMDb Mini Biography By: Melissa J et al.

Young Mara Wilson was first seen in Mrs. Doubtfire (1993), where she was spotted by family movie writer/producer John Hughes, who chose her for an important part in his latest production, a remake of the christmas classic Miracle on 34th Street (1994)
She graduated from Burroughs High School in June 2005, and plans to attend Idyllwild Arts Academy in Idyllwild, California this Fall. She will major in Theater.
Mara's sister, Anna, is 5 years younger than she is.
Her brothers are Danny (8 years older than Mara), Jon (7 years older than Mara) and Joel (5 years older than Mara).
She currently resides in Burbank, California.
Attending New York University (2005)

Where Are They Now
(September 2005) Currently attending New York University and studying acting.


I will inform you about you prize soon. The problem is how can I jugde?? ;) hehe 
Oh and be sure to wait for the next Guess Who! and new games, so don't worry there is a chance for everyone to win :D Thanks for respoding..besides :P I shouldn't have used to link to post the pic, but I didn't think you would cheat :P hehe!

Guess Who?

Who is this?

There will be a prize!