18 December 2007

HeckTic Week

This week began with a tragic event...my bestfriend had a terrible car accident..Thank God she is safe now (Al7amdullah), my heart stopped when I heard the news and I immeditatly rushed to the hospital...This is something I hope no one else faces..Get better Zooozoow:P we need to go GiZzIng :P just kidding...but serioulsy 9ij Allah sitar...

I'm working on my new project..I found some amazing people who are supporting me all the way...

I had no idea we had a hoilday coming up, since most of the time Ive always got reading and exams going on!

Yesterday was VERY VERY busy!! I had a job interview and my class ends at 4:45pm I made it on time...I think I got accepted...but let's wait..we'll tell u more about that later...(it's a part time job)

So what is there to do this hoilday? I need to relax but honestly there is no time at ALL!!..Ahhhhh less than a month and we finish this semester...;)

Goodluck everyone with ur exams to those who study and those who don't study :P

New years is nearly coming up...will I make new year resolutions?...hmmm I guess I'll think about that...

Ill keep u updated with my life

3eedkum Embarek

Peace :*

11 December 2007

03 December 2007


I had a WONDERFUL dream today...and it's coming true;) yeaaaaaaay :D..All I have to say is...I always find out information that I want to know about :D :D :D I'm so excited!!!!

02 December 2007

I think...

I'm the only one who doesn't like winter...I can't stand the idea of putting on more clothes than we really need...I don't like wearing layers and layers of clothes that make my body look fat and ugly...I don't like getting the chills and goosebumps..ahhh...I miss summer...I just luv being warm and happy...

30 November 2007

At Last...

Always coming True...

My dreams always have meaning...thats why every time I dream of something or someone I usually try to understand why it is it at that moment that I dream a certain dream...sometimes it's because you talked about a person, thought about a person or just saw them...my dreams are always strange in that everytime I dream something happening to someone and I contact that person, it turns out then that there is always some part of it being true...makes me wonder hows that even possible?
Today I dreamed of a relative who is dead (Allah yir7amhum) I told my mum about the dream...this isn't the first time that I dream of a dead relative...it is very significant...:/ I wonder what's to become of all this...

Have any of you ever had the same experiance?

They say I'm gifted...its pretty freaky :S...why me?!...Anyone else share the same gift?

23 November 2007

I'm LegaL

Today I turned 21
My net is back and has been back for a couple of days
I submitted my work (cross your fingers for me)
I'm planning to have a even busier semester next year

Time only showed us how things can turn out. Although things didn't work out, I did try my best. I didn't and will not ever forget you. Thanks for everything :)

I'm trying to think of things I wanted to do before I turned 21, but there's nothing.
Whether your wondering or not, I'm not planning to celebrate.
I'm totally in love with two songs:

When I heard this one I thought it was a cross between J-lo, Celine Dion and a bit of Kelly Clarkson
I had to keep listening to the radio to find out who sings Am I dreaming, I love MARINA FM it's amazing how they have the name of the song while it's on the radio

*Sorry I couldn't get the embedment but these songs are not to be MISSED

17 November 2007

Less than 6 days..

There's only a few days till my bday...thats the 23rd of nov...I don't have anything planned...:P I don't wanna turn 21!!! ahhhhh I feel SUPER OLD!!

10 November 2007


I know you must be wondering where I went...well Quailty Net are maybe the worst internet company EVER...we still dont have internet!...:(...

I'm working on my piano...so for those who were asking to see more of me playing I'll try post some soon...

I'm sorry for the delay...

Life without internet SUCKS!!! BIGTIME!

** I can't seem to comment back on my pervious post..so this is the msg i wanted to say:

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sorry guys!! Stupid quality net ruined out internet we still dont have any:( im working on my piano..inshallah ill get something done soon

29 October 2007

We ARE back!

WANASAAA our WIRELESS is BACK!!!...6ooo6ooo6ooo6

;) now I can sit in my room :P

22 October 2007


NO I don't know you...and NO I didn't spread a rumor about you!!...I will hunt YOU down whoever gave my email to this ridiculous fool!!...

Weekend...books Reading....walked on beach a bit...books books books...:/ what fun it is to go to shalay and sit with books...ohh add food to that list :P

ahhh...ahhhhh and another ahhhh....seriously im losing my eye sight...

Arrogance...yes I am a GOOD student...and NO I don't see myself better than others...and I will prove you wrong...


*Note: I'm using Stone Age internet...otherwise known as DIAL UP

17 October 2007

End of the Routine

Ramadan ended...suddenly I'm more lazy...I'm slowly falling behind in uni work :/ two quizes next week...ahhhh I dont feel like stressing...something to look forward to tommorrow..heading off to the some shalah...spending the weekend far away from home...:( yet again I can't enjoy becuz I have to take my books with me...:(...anyways...I'm glad we can eat out...It kind of feels weird to see people eating in public...this week ended well...although one of the Dr's told us to come on thursday last week and just yesterday he taught a class..I hate missing a class..makes me feel lost...hmmm...Life is full of accidents you have to love and accept them...:/ My memories fading :(...I guess im getting old...

14 October 2007

Cutting Edges

So as you all know I have an obsession with cutting my hair..I decided to go back to the same place "Cutting Edge" in Salmya..Made the appointment and went...oooo it was soooooo busy cuz it was the day before 3eed...anyways...I was late 15 mins...so when I arrived the woman who is suppose to cut my hair was kind of rushing..(she seemed popular)...she cut my hair :P 6ab3an she asked how much I wanted cut..but all I said I don't know just make it look good...I was listening to her talk to the other worker saying how this woman walked in without a appointment and pretended to have one...!!! What the hell!??!...That's totally not fair...it took me a long time to get a appointment then this woman comes in just like this?...ahhhh...that wasn't the problem...before she finished drying my hair I told her that the front is a bit too long...then she was like yeah okay...I'll check it...it was still longer than I wanted...so I told her to cut...then she told me that my time is up and she had to do the other customer...that was totally unfair...she told me to wait if i wanted...so I did...for more than an hour and half...to get less than an inch cut off.......all I have to say is...that woman is so RUDE...the manager was all like..."you can't keep changing your mind"...what the hell!?...I know what I wanted...:/ anyways..:P now I'm trying to figure out how to fix my hair..since it's never been this short :P...hehe...Mind you...I do like the hair cut and this still didn't change my mind about the hairdresser shes still good :P

Doesn't feel like 3eed...yesterday I went and saw the new cinema in Avenues...7ada 3ajeeeeeeeeeb...bs shino kan za7maaa!!...The people were just walking around not ever shopping...only in Kuwait...:P...

11 October 2007

:D (updated :P)

3eeeeeeeeeedkum EMBARaaaaaaaK!!! :D

I wish all of you a Happy Eid..:D
Yallah Jahzow il *3ayadi..:$
*...ummm...chinna no one noticed ;)

10 October 2007

Welcome Home Tony Ford...

Finally, Tony is back to my home sweet home!!!...:D....yeayyy it's not an "OCUS" anymore ;)...9 whole days without a car....9ij 9ij HELL...:)

05 October 2007

Any Suggestions?

I want a song that can be played on the piano...anyone know any?

02 October 2007

Can't we sell our vote :P

This month has past extremly fast...

I have to make a decision soon...should I go for it or not?...I can't decide!...:/

I know my blog has become very boring...but nothing new is worth talking about...I need my book and its totally sold out in the bookstore :/...whats wrong with KU?...we should begin to ask ourselves whats right with it!

Okay, today was elections...I didn't vote...I mean...people are all over the place like pests.."vote for us plz" almost begging you...a friend got upset becuz i didn't vote...I don't believe in these things...although last year nazilt as murashi7a :P...I wanted to see my name on the poster :$...hehe..anyways...I hate elections..it just makes people go against each other...besides that they really offer no change for us...on top of that it's a complete waste of time and we know who will win at the end...When I stick to a decision I STICK to it!! YEaaaay I didn't vote :P...anyways...its hard to make a real difference becuz people plant ideas in the newbies...

Too much blabbing...

My Tony is sick...:(....hes in the hospital...I can't live without my CAR!!!! ahhhhhhhh...I hate depending on people...:(....anyone care to drive me around??

27 September 2007


One week has past!...another 15 or more to go :P

Is it me or garga3an is becoming more and more like a important hoilday?!...I mean...people actually make parties and celebrate it!!

Give me more sweets please :P

22 September 2007

One more day...

Sunday we begin again...:) I'm ExCiTeD and at the same time nervous...I really had a great summer...now I'm ready to work hard again ;)

16 September 2007


One of my worst habits is leaving my phone on silence...It has been "silent" for MONTHS now!...I can't stand having my phone ring...I hate how people stare when it does...and hearing peoples own ring tones make me BALLISTIC..it's not COOL anymore...:/....I was reading this article online talking about the "reason" hearing someone talk on the mobile is so annoying I quote :

"Turns out, ring tones are less annoying that one might think, increased volume of those talking on a cell phone has some bearing, but the main hypothosis (and it's juts a hypothsis, as the research does not seem to be there yet to support it) is that only being able to hear one side of a cell phone conversation may be the most annoying of all."

I just think that people should talk privately on the mobile and stop bothering US :P...unless its an emergency...Take a look around while your in the car...if u don't find at least 3 people talking on the phone while driving...your LUCKY!...What could be more dangerous!!!??

13 September 2007

Musalsalat Ramadan!

So.. Does anyone know which shows they will be following this Ramadan?...I can't wait till later today...

11 September 2007

Embarek 3alaykum ilshahar

Are you ready for the long suffering days of starvation...sitting watching depressing tv shows which brain wash you?...Ready to spend long nights with loved ones and eating non-stop?...Are you really ready?...

Have a wonderful Holy month...and remember family is everything ;) so don't forget to spend time with them...:)

08 September 2007

Hatha Zain? or Mo Zain?


What do you guys think of the name?
*Did you click to see the site?

07 September 2007


Why is it when you "pop" you cant "stop"? Now thats a million dollar question...

I was so curious about M and M's that I searched online about what the "m's" stood for... I found other interesting information you have to read about them!... We can learn more about these snacks which we care not how they were made and the reason of their exsistance... CLICK ME...READ ME!

06 September 2007


Today...and yest i held the baby ...and made her sleep (L)...awwwwww...I didn't know I could do that....a week ago I was afraid to hold her...I'm learning....

04 September 2007

Whats wrong with the service..


Chem 9ar?

I am known to many people as the "Queen of Bedliyat"...Honestly I find it normal as I have reasons of why my Arabic is poor...now I know that English is my first language..so why did I say "How much happened?"...to my friend today after we ordered the cheque?...:$ that's so embarrassing...not only is my Arabic bad...but my English is corrupting...if you translate that into Arabic...you'll be laughing at ME!..:S....I Need Sleep....

02 September 2007

The last song Im Wasting on you...

Sparkling grey

In my own veins

Any more than a whisper

Any sudden movement of my heart

And I know

I know

I'll have to watch them pass away

Just get through this day

Give up your way

You could be anything

Give up my way

And lose myself

Not today

That's too much guilt to pay

Sickened in the sun

You dare tell me you love me

But you held me down and screamed you wanted me to die

Honey you know

You know I'd never hurt you that way

You're just so pretty in your pain

Give up my way

And I could be anything

I'll make my own way

Without your senseless





So run



And hate me

If it feels good

I can't hear your screams anymore

You lied to me

But I'm older now

And I'm not buying baby

Demanding my response

Don't bother breaking the door downI found my way out

And you'll never hurt me again


I just LoVe AmY'z VoiCe...Enjoy everyone ;)...I wish she would sing like this more often...

01 September 2007


:D I'm impressed...did you guys realise I have actually blogged for a WHOLE year without stopping?...:D...this calls for a celebration...I promised myself I would keep up and not stop...This is an achievement...:D...

I would like to say...THANK YOU to all the readers out there who made blogging worthwhile :*...

Reasons why I love blogging:

1) I like the idea I can be myself and no one here is to jugde me..

2) I love hearing other peoples point of view

3) I realised I could learn alot about myself!

4) I like having a reason to log online

5) It help me meet alot of amazing people
The best best best thing is there are no RULES for blogging...you can write however you want...FREE EXPRESSION...! Makes a person feel FREEDOM...well for me..that is :P

A new month...

So...we begin the month on a hoilday...weird to think that the weekend now has changed...personally...I don't like the idea...although to think about it...:P my bday is on a friday this year...so i'm actually LUCKY...last year it was a thursday...

A few more days and we begin Ramadan...I'm excited...:D...the best month for TV...food and gatherings!...

University begins soon...I'm not sure when the actual date is...but they told me the 17th of Sept...is anyone aware of the date?...

I slept for like 3 hours..now I'm up again..ohhh what I'd give to have a night where I don't wake up...!!!.. :/

Last but not least...I'm sorry my blog seems to be boring...Hopefully when I begin uni I'll be back...( I prob will cuz anything is more exciting than studying :P)

I hope everyone had a GREAT SUMMER and GOOD LUCK with this year ;)

28 August 2007

What to do?

My sleeps totally messed up...Every time I come to write a post...nothing comes in my mind..I feel like not only did I become lazy...but the days have no real meaning...

Yesterday, I took a shopping trip...I got really cool make up...the exact colours I was looking for!...It's amazing how buying something makes a person feel so HAPPY! I spoiled myself :P...I can't wait till we start university again! I need to do something with my time..:/...instead of sitting at home sleeping..or eating...

I still didn't decide about my room...thanks everyone for voting!...Looks like I'm sticking to using paint...

Well I'm off now...Hope to be in a better mood soon!

20 August 2007

18 August 2007

I want more of YoU Betty...

Less than 4 days I have managed to finish the first series of Ugly Betty...Now I'm anxious to see series two!...It's amazing...I totally LOVE love LOVE Betty and all her family...The "swishy" Justin ROCKS!...I have to say her clothes are so FUNKY...I advice anyone who loves to laugh and make their living worthwhile to watch it...That's a bit extreme but it's amazing...don't miss out...I don't know what to do now...:/I won't ruin anything about Ugly Betty...So go GET WATCH IT!

16 August 2007

11 August 2007

Giving it 3 Stars

I personally don't like action movies..but what to do else is there to watch since the movies realised here sometimes suck???...Anyways I don't see the point of the whole movie..I noticed there was alot of silence...and people dying :P...Come on this should be a bollywood movie I was laughing half the time...I won't spoil anything but for those who haven't seen it...check it out...It's good that I went to the cinema cuz the last time I went was in april...Yeah I'm So NOT a movie person..:P (actually I like romantic comedies..and those lame teenage movies)..

09 August 2007

What to say?

Just came home...where is everyone? have the traveled...:P Why are WE still here??

08 August 2007

Where the hell am I??

I haven't been in the mood to blog lately. I feel like my life isn't that interesting ( as if it was before). Well to keep you updated I finished my summer job...I got my money yesterday Woohooo...feels weird my first "ma3ash"...It felt good..I like the new experience and learned a lot from working. One thing is it doesn't matter how much effort you put into your work you'll not be liked more or get more praise...At first I was spending around 8 hours at work...then I cut it short and started to stay about 5 hours sometimes even 4!...:P I realised the more that I stayed there the more I got told off...Working taught me that life will always be unfair :P and that studying is much more fun!...although we don't get paid for it...

Things I'm doing this holiday:

Redecorating my room...
Eating...:/ Gaining weight...

What do you think of the colour beige with pink??...

Good news I didn't tell you guys..I finally got my new digital piano..not the one I was hoping but it will do...it's so much fun!..All I need now is the USB to connect and download my stuff to share it with the WORLD!!

Today I'm going out to do some earns...care to join?

26 July 2007

"Opening the Doors"

As all of you know already...I have a passion for Evanescences music...however I was disapointed with their last album "The Open Door"...I realised that the album is growing on me everyday...my two favourite tracks are "Lithium" and "All That I'm Living For"...Right now I'm listening to the album....but hearing their music EXTRA LOUD is more enjoyable than ever...gives me a rush...I just want to say I love hearing Amy's voice and their music....It's amazing how many sounds there are if u concentrate closely each time you'll notice new things in each track!!!...I LOVE EVANESCENCE!!!!...Singing along is the makes me feeel so goood...although most of it is screaming..:P...So for those that don't like the album try listening to it with headfones....

24 July 2007

Buzy being BORED

I'm so busy with my job...I'm always tired..and there is always something I have to do..there is no time for relaxing and enjoying life as it is...apart from that...I'm doing alright...I just can't wait till I change...I really miss being interesting..

15 July 2007

part 3: At work

BORING WORK!! AHHHH...How do you guys keep up with such a routine life??....

14 July 2007

Part Two: At Work

This is the 2nd time I used my break to post:P...hehe...weee3 their comps r sooo OLD..:P shakhbarey:P...ilmuhim...today ri7t il jam3a to do some paper work...I saw my friends and it was so weird cuz they haven't seen me for more than 6 weeks:P to them i looked different!..I didn't tell u guys;) I cut my hair and now i look super cute:P loool JK...well It's a new look:)....anwyays isn't it weird to see people you haven't seen in a long time...and the funny thing is you never miss someone untill u see them ...then u realise u miss them:P...I arrived at work late..but I did take permission:P..then they gave me the "investigation"****(nesate what it is..when they question you:P like the FBI...when i remember i will post the word:P)...sorry ana emgafla! Anyways i was like yeah jam3a work and stuff...:P...hehe

So mabagi shay...life has it's ups and downs...wonder what life will give me:P...Guess we'll have to sit and waitttt!! ahhhhh i wanna be patient

****Im so smart...ri7t 3ala google and i typed "def:Criminal questioning" 6ali3-->interogation ;)
3ijabt nafsey:P...LOOOOL read the definiton for it: systematic effort to procure information by direct questioning of a person under the control of the questioner.

13 July 2007

The weekend!

I tried the drinks in water lemon...wooooow soooooo amazing! :P should I add a pic of what it looked like??...

I'm feeling a bit disappointed...you know that feeling where you have some sort of hope that something will turn out to be the way you want?...ahhh....I should always learn to keep my expectations low...:)

11 July 2007

My Laptop's BACK!

I'm back guys....thanx Nomad for poking me...inshallah ill be back with u soon ;)....so far :P it's a wednesday :D so I need to go out and have fun....

01 July 2007

Taking a break...

This is the first time I post from work:P I'm taking a break....I'm surprised u guys still remember me;) hehe
I really miss my laptop:(...I need to check if they are done with it...I'm betting they haven't yet...:( ahhhhhhhhh....I miss u guys...

29 June 2007

Miss me?

:(..still no laptop!..I hope it finishes by next week...I've already started work..its tiring but GREAT! couldn't ask for any better ;););)...Miss blogging and I'm SO SORRY I'm replying late!:)

I'll update u soon though....

22 June 2007

How to go "gizzing"?

The other night I was surfing online about "how to put makeup on" and I stumbled across this fascinating web site. It was about 3am and I literally couldn't stop READING!...You can find all the solutions to many things. I've written my own articles, so not keeping you waiting any longer click below ;) and have fun reading...:)

If you want to check out my articles here they are:

18 June 2007

First meeting

Tommorrow is the first meeting for my summer job...



The meeting was GREAT! The people introduced us to the place..and how things work...we got a TOUR!..woooweeey..I'm so excited about starting this job..in which i will reveal later
:{) Looks like he has a mustache!...anyways..!!...yeah It's no big deal:P..hehe!:) yeayyyyyyy :> lets hope i dont get told off :P

* I used these colours to make it seem more formal:P...and important:P aham shay adry!:)

16 June 2007


A Available or single – TOTALLY SINGLE and Proud
B Best friend – hmmm…I don't believe in such stuff!...I have good friends though…
C Cake or pie – Neither..ana a7ib bu6aaaa6!
D Dance or exercise – dancing ALL THE WAY..WOHOO
E Essential item – My PIANO!
F Favourite color – akeed PINK.
G Gummy bears or worms – Gummy bears…they r fun to eat..and talk to:P
H Home town – I have no idea where I belong :/
I Indulgence – playing piano, composing music, singing!
J January or February – January…
K kids – They drive me CRAZY!
L Life – is like a rotten box of chocolate…:P
M Marriage – A self-chosen jail
N Number of siblings - 3
O Oranges or Apples – mangoes…
P Phobias – Cold water…
Q Favourite quote - " Dogs never bite me, Just Humans" Marlyn Monroe
R Reason to smile – For the sake of being alive and being healthy
S Season – Winter…and early summer..
T Tag 3 people – N. , Nomad, Vinnie
U Unknown fact about me – I'm too caring…
V/W Worst habit – a lil bad tempered…
X/Y Your favourite food – hmmm…PASTA PASTA PASTA!
Z Zodiac – Sagittarius..of course…

Tommorrow Is dawam day...

Goodluck people who have uni ;) enjoy the heat...heehehe ana MAKO!!!..:)..
I'm probably going to go visit my friends:)..

13 June 2007


I took my computer to get it fixed...the CD ROM hasn't worked for 11months...:P I hope it doesn't take long..I miss the internet...:( I hate borrowing other peoples computers!

12 June 2007

Ticking Torture All the Way

Today I got my first metronome..It's so cuteeeeee..I'm so going to use it to annoy my family!!..It's very NOISEY!!! My new torture MACHINE MUHAHAHAHAAA!!

11 June 2007

It's a ConSpiracy!!

I'm VERY against joining FACEBOOK...It's a "haba" in Kuwait...I was asked to join it from the first time it came out..and I didn't...My reasons were I didn't want people to track me down...Paranoia I guess..What do you guys think?..Then everyone would know me in Kuwait :P and find out that I blog..specially people I do not want :P...or that hate me...why am I so WEIRD!!...Another reason I don't like it is the fact that I feel it's for people to show off with...nothing more...I can understand keeping track of people..but in Kuwait people might mis-use it..like take your pics..Why would you want people to know who your friends are???...Someone tried to convince me to join..I wouldn't...even if I could just to join with a nick name have no pic...:P I'm sooooo different ..and hateeeee following people!! PLUS bad experiance with interenet...people can STALK YOU!..AHHH...It's a *CONSPIRACY..watch out;)
I'm thinking of making my own cult against this site and call it"NOTO FACEBOOK- We need not to know out past, present, and FUTURE!"..

*Agreement between two or more persons to commit an unlawful act or to accomplish a lawful end by unlawful means.

Completely BORED

To be honest...I haven't felt happy after the hoilday started...yes no exams...but still I feel EXTREMELY bored...HeLp :'(

:P he's SO FUNNY!! You guys have to watch this...I LOVE YOUTUBE!!:D:D:D:D

10 June 2007


...They took two tubes of blood from me...
Anemia: A pathological deficiency in the oxygen-carrying component of the blood, measured in unit volume concentrations of hemoglobin, red blood cell volume, or red blood cell number.

09 June 2007

Contraindications of Over Studying

I noticed studying had some bad effects on me.

1) I got no sleep.
2) I stopped eating properly.
3) I started talking out loud to myself in different accents *(mostly in Indian).
4) I bumped into things, which kind of hurts.
5) I stuttered a lot, the words come out totally wrong.
6) I couldn't concentrate.
7) I kept looking at the clock every 5 minutes, as if there was a bomb to go off any second :P .

Amazingly..I managed to survive...:P


* My sister asked me...who I was talking to...she was freaked out...I said "myself of course"...ib kil thiqa ba3ad :P....

I love these colours...like my "Rainbow of Thoughts"

07 June 2007

Woooo6 Wooooo6


03 June 2007

Books Can Kill

Serioulsy...studying can kill...*Tommorrow I have two exams...im studying for one of them now...and then going to finish the second one....its nearly 1am...I work better at night..nothings interesting in my life... just books...so...im going to go back to reading now...sorry for boring u!!...

* As in Tuesday...not Monday...


One exam down
.... 3 more to GO!....
The countdown has BEGUN



Tommorrows my final...its 1:51 am...I can't sleep....

02 June 2007

Go NuTs!!!

This spanish man produced a movie with using peanuts and recycled things. I saw this and thought it was REALLY CUTE!!! I wonder how many peanuts they used and if they ate them after they finished from them...:P


I just came back from Uni handed in some work :/ Tommorrows my first exam... maly khulg i revise...but i have to force myself... Got a headache...the suns super HOT!

31 May 2007

NO Net

I've become stricked for a few days...actaully since tuesday...Turns out I waste so much time online...

I've finished preparing for my first exam now I have 2 more down...I'm half way there to my last exam...:P...

See you soon:)

29 May 2007


I lost this paper and I can't find it...I'm trying to study...bs not im the complete mood to....I punished myself so that I would only log online once at night before I sleep...I still manage to find other ways to waste my time :P mako fayda... This is an update on my life... I'm beginnning to feel a lil stressed :S:S:S:S i'm scared..

28 May 2007

End of Classes

Finally we finished our classes...First exam on sunday..wish me luck !!...

24 May 2007

Hairstyle Aftermath

For the first time ever, I decided to get a my hair done for a wedding last night...For once..i looked so Kuwaiti...If I could show u the biggest puff I've ever had..The woman who did my hair put SOO MUCH HAIR SPRAY...this morning I woke up to the *ENORMOUS KISHA...I went and had a shower...it nearly took a whole bottle of conditioner to make it come off and approxamitly 15 mins to take it off and I still feel its didn't go:(...People Why do this for a wedding?...It takes so much effort and lets not forget STRESS...ahhh....but then again it was a good experience...makes me think twice about doing something like this again...Woman who try stay beautiful are amazing..i give them all my respect...:)

It's the weekend...people go out:P don't stay home reading my BLOG..do something with Ur time;) be with FAMILY!...( am i sounding like some idiot here:P)
*The old word BIGGEST was changed...it didn't fully explain how pooofy it was...:P

21 May 2007

Why do I see this as ugly?

Am I the only one that finds the stomach of a pregnant woman ugly? Escpecially when they show it off!

20 May 2007

Never ending WoRK!

AHHH another long night to go... I can't wait till my paper is done...

My experiment was better than I expected...:)

I don't have anything else to say... no time...need to work

19 May 2007

I'm doing an experiment...SKYPE ME!

Any of you who are bored...and would like to talk to someone call me up on my SkyPe..If you don't know anything about this here is some info...it's just like MSN...or YAHOO...

What is Skype?

Skype is a little piece of software that lets you make free calls to anyone
else on Skype, anywhere in the world. And even though the calls are free, they
are really excellent quality. If you and your friends, family or business
contacts are using webcams, you can also make free video calls. You can even
call landlines and mobile phones at really cheap rates.

It's a great way of meeting people, but instead of just chatting you can call up one another and talk! I didn't really know how it worked till someone called me out of nowhere and we talked! You really get to learn alot about other cultures and people...Go ahead and try it out...if you didn't already so go ahead and....

To find me search for my nick name Ch0ney...the o is a ZERO not an actual letter O...!
UPDATE: People who contacted me already
1) Mish...there isn't really a prize... you're just getting your name on my blog;)


It's 5:25am....I just woke up....I slept at 3:00am....:/

18 May 2007

I need Help! (no not that kind)

Anyone know how I can upload files to the net and add them here to my blog?? any sites?...I can't find any:< class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_1">.s I'm NOT obsessed with cutting my hair!! its just a trim!!)...Going to the Saloon is always fun! I should add that to my list from the previous post..

Got Any Advice?

I'm wondering...where do you all hang out for "fun" in Kuwait...the only things I feel you can do are:

1) Go to shopping malls (Marina, Avenues,Souq Sharq, and Fanar)
2) Go watch a movie in the cinema (that's annoying, they cut everything out!)
3) Go to a restaurant and stuff your face in!
4) Have a nice cruise around Kuwait...and it gets busy sometimes...
5) stay at home...or visit family members...

Where is there to go??...


1st suggestion by fayoora: Staying in BED! (good one cutie..really this made me laugh!!)
In bed you can image you are somewhere without moving! ohhh the power of imagination lifts you to whereever you please;)

2nd Suggestion by Purgatory are:
1) Edo, especially with stallion.
2) Nibaq diwaniya or hangout. <---- we don't have that!!:(
3) my lazyboy, lots of mileage on it. <--- shino?
4) toastmasters. GREAT IDEA!
5) Sears, during sales, with Stallion. ...LOOOOOOOOOL!!! so now I have where find u
6) Tariq Rajab museum, its free entry...I know you're probably wondering where that is...It's in JABRIYA....So if you need a good nights sleep:P JK!

So in short become friends with Stallion:P

3rd suggestion By N.:

Discover the wonders of kuwait; what more wonders do we have??
1. Kuwait towers<--- :P I think I've been there enough times:P but i see what u mean?
2. mat7af el 3lmy<--- still didn't go:$...anyone wana join!?
3. beach<--- I haven't been in a while...

Snookies complained about women not have diwaniyat....I shud make one!

17 May 2007

I have an "OCUS"

Is it just me or hatred has come upon my car once again... hmmm... I guess now whatever happens to it...It really doesn't affect me!!

Now doesn't that look delicious...I was given these AMA AAAAAZING CARAMEL BROWNIES Yesterday... they were so YUMMY!... Maybe that is what was missing from my life....If you haven't figured out already...I lurveeeeeee anything with CarAmEL!...

The weather...seriously makes me speechless..one day its super hot...another day it's rainy....and today DusTy!...It kind of depresses me...this reminds me..today while I was driving I was thinking...why do people talk about the weather so much...I mean when you first meet someone they usually bring up the weather...I guess in many ways its important because it affects how we live....well anyways..

Its a THURSDAY!!...Mo bas za7maa..I can never decide what to do...I certainly don't want to stay at home that's for sure...I hate seeing young kids out in the streets what happened parents don't exist for them anymore? Were they born in a factory?... Now I'm heading out..I wonder what will happen today....

15 May 2007

Update On Moi

These past few days I haven't been feeling like myself...I'm so tired...EXHUSTED...I feel like the end of the semester is slowey rippin me apart! I noticed another thing about me...I don't seem to eat...I'm scared this will develop into a bad habbit..not only that...but I feel guilty when I eat:S...

Discovering the Blogging world...

You know I might know YOU...Yes you the one reading...In the past few weeks I've actually discovered who the bloggers are...day by day...I realise I know them!..Kuwait is TINY!...
There are also bloggers that I know of...like I know ALOT about them...:P..but they have no idea;)..whom could it be...hmmmm? let us think:P

I bet there are people who know about me :P... I don't care..I welcome you all in my life...just please...leave ur shoes outside..;)..:> no hittinggg

Tommorrow my last QuIz...wish me luck...Let the terror EnD

12 May 2007


7araaaaaaam fe this qa6wa its TINY bara baitna.... i had to give it water ....now im going to give it milk.. it lost its mother...lil kitty:<>:>

10 May 2007

Just Woke Up..Felt Down!:P

I was shot...I apparently died...the next dream I went back to the 60-70's.. when Kuwait was nothing!...Just desert...:(...I slept too much!

09 May 2007


No more pandora :'(


The picture above was designed for me by a
GooD FrIenD! I just had to share this to my fellow bloggers:)...a fan ay:P embayen hehe

News about me:

Yesterday I went shopping in Avenues for the 2nd time. They opened New Look so...No need to go to UK anymore!! They brought it all to us!...I got new shoes...a head band...and stress pills:P maybe that's my solution to my panic attacks!...

04 May 2007

Another Accompilishment To Share

Apparently I found out a couple of weeks back that I'm an Honour Student...:)... Today at 5 pm is the party thingy...it's 1:30pm tawni ga3da maly khulg!!!!...But I wanna go see new experience..

03 May 2007

Counting Down!

I'm exited about this summer... finally taking a break from studying...still going to work though:P..but I hope that would be a change!!!

No time for bloggin..nothing interesting in my life...

28 April 2007

Should I Switch!?

I don't like the fact that my side bar is down:S and I can't seem to fix it!.. I told one of my dear friends and they advised me to switch to WordPresS . What do you guys think?!... I'm attached to blogger though :'(

26 April 2007

The WinD My EneMY

Last week I felt like being feminine so I decided to wear a skirt...I looked good:P like a girl for once that's not the point right now. Anyways, as I was saying, I was standing outside talking to a bunch of people (mostly men were around) then this strong wind came and things that aren't meant to be seen were revealed, actually...they didn't notice till my face went RED I hope nothing was seen....:S..ahhhh it was EMBARRASSING... I held my skirt..then whoosh again...:$ feeling really embarrassed I then stood inside the building so it wouldn't happen again....Teaches me...never to wear a skirt...only when u want something shown or unless your going to stay indoors..

22 April 2007

Sharing Success

Couldn't help but share my accomplishment.

Am I the only Non-Believer

I used to think that there was someone for everyone. Latley ever since i turned 20 I just seemed to think it's not true.. not even close to the truth. Is this a phase or has "reality" struck!??... There's no such thing as having a "soul mate"..well that's what I believe. I guess when your younger you are brought up with this prespective of having the "right" person for you, who will always make you happy. Who the hell is happy:P... well I am...

I'm done with two of my exams today... one more on wednesday... I need a BrEaK...Mabagi shay 3ala il summer...

This post has no meaning ..... Just felt like seeing peoples point of view out here...PLUS mako shughul ...

19 April 2007


So missed me?!...I'm so sorry...I'm so busy....yest was my first performance..it went okay but i was disappointed...Tomorrow is my 2nd performance.. wish me luck......

I'll come back don't worry :*

29 March 2007

Dedication for the lovely ZiZO

ZiZo I came across this video...It's late but i had to post it for u! ENJOY! Umbay no matter what this will always remain to make us lauge...

25 March 2007

I Wish I Was A Guy...

I know this topic must sound weird, but some days i wake up wishing i was born a man...This ones for u Aurora
10 Reason why I wish I was a guy:

1) Men can make mistakes and it's okay because they are "men"

They do something wrong... they can say "I'm sorry I'm a man I cant help it"

2) Men don't have to go through labour pain woman go through (and other things that are painful)

Adding on to this point, the baby gets to be named after the fathers family!

3) Men who are ugly will end up married anyways because they r "men"

4) Men don't have to worry as much on their looks

5) Men get to wear cool Dishdashas and don't need to follow fashion ever. ( Which i find hot by the way;))

6) Men go where they want, anywhere they want, and at anytime and no one can ask them anything.

7) Men get higher salaries because they wouldn't need to take "maternity leave"..that's not fair we didn't choose to be "baby machines"!

8) Men can marry four woman, and woman get stuck with one boring one for the rest of their lives with no escape. ( we get BORED too:( )

9) Men are not stared at, instead they can stare!

10) Men get to have all these beautiful ladies out there;).. which includes me:P...okay that's awkward...

I couldn't think of a another point! Anyone wanna add something?:P

But one thing that I'm thankful that I'm a woman, is I can have my own man....and as everyone knows I LOVE MEN and everything about them.. so magdar I become a man myself.:P...

24 March 2007


The Old English word for butterfly was buttorfleoge apparently because butterflies were thought to steal milk.

The name 'Butterfly' was first coined to describe the Yellow Brimstone Butterfly, a variety commonly seen across Europe. It was actually known as 'Butter-colored Fly' and that later became 'Butterfly'.

There are about 28,000 known Butterfly species throughout the world.

The wings of Butterflies are actually transparent. The vivid colors are due to overlapping bright scales. Butterfly wings are very delicate and can get damaged if handled. The scales too can get rubbed off if touched.

According to the “Butterflies” chapter in Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange Things, by Lafcadio Hearn, a butterfly is seen as the personification of a person's soul, whether they be living, dying, or already dead.

Butterflies cannot fly if their body temperature is less than 86 degrees

As a caterpillar, they will increase up to several thousand times in size before pupating (process in which caterpillars transform into adult butterflies in a structure called a chrysalis )

What is the difference between MOTHS and BUTTERFLIES?????

MOTHS-- fly at night, have feathered antennae, and rest with their wings open

BUTTERFLIES-- Fly during the day, have knob-ended antennae, and rest with their wings closed

Butterflies can see red, green, and yellow.

Many butterflies can taste with their feet to find out whether the leaf they sit on is good to lay eggs on to be their caterpillars' food or not. Butterflies taste food by standing on it. This is because their taste sensors are found in their feet

Butterflies have six legs and feet

Butterflies weigh as little as two rose petals.

Adult Butterflies do not grow in size as they get older.

Butterflies have very brief life spans. Some - usually the ones found in the Tropics - can live up to a year, but others live anywhere from a few months to a few weeks to even a few hours.

Caterpillars are boneless, but have over 1000 muscles. These muscles help the caterpillar move very quickly from place to place, and so both aid in finding new food and in escaping from predators

Some Butterflies are becoming quite rare as their natural habitats shrink. Xerces Blue, an American Butterfly that was found in the San Francisco Peninsula, became extinct in 1943.
Since I love butterflies I couldn't help but share some interesting facts about these beautiful creaures

23 March 2007

May God Help Us All

I was told some bad news today about someone. Although I'm not close with them, my heart and prayers goes deeply with them and their family. Let us all pray that things become better for them, and please everyone treat people with kindness no matter what. My tears won't make what happened for these people change, but InshAllah my prayers would.

Thank you for taking time to read this post.

20 March 2007


This week passed really fast, it's already going to be the weekend...

I have exactly 10 books I want to read and no time. Tomorrow I have another quiz, wish me luck, i guess it's not so difficult. I have some reading to do and I'm doing my homework before it's late, so I don't fall behind.

I know this post is very boring, but I'm bored.

I've gained this habit of coming home and sleeping, because I can't seem to concentrate when I study. This has made me lazier, and I still feel like I want more SLEEP. What's ironic is the more you sleep, the more you want to sleep! It's strange, is it possible to have COMPLETE sleep? Has anyone ever woke up and felt, "Yes, today I have slept the perfect amount of time and I don't feel like i need more"?

P.s: Isn't that picture CUTE!... I don't really like animals but I find this picture adorable.


UPDATED: I just wanted to add one of the books im DYING to start reading!...Finally, I found a cover I liked:P.. The first time I found it in Starbooks, I didn't like the cover, so i decided to wait and so then i saw this in another book store and RUSHED to get it.

LOOK!-----> thats the cover that I didn't like! What do you think?
Yallah zainnnnnnnnn that's not possible anymore:P

19 March 2007

My Holy Tony

He has one BIG hole :(

I hope it doesn't rain!

There should be ambulances for sick cars...

18 March 2007

What is a Friend...

Each day passes and you meet someone
Can you really call them a friend*?

You step out in this world,
Hoping to find a sweet soul,
And Yet all you find is bitter people,
Who are out here to displease us,
Instead they push us down,
You struggle just trying to fit in,
You cry out for real help,
But deep inside you know
You've got no one by your side.

*A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.

Do real friends exisit anymore?

This is a message to everyone who doesn't know me. Your words mean nothing to me, you are NOTHING to me, the only thing you do to me is make me stronger as each day passes. One day you'll realise you are a nobody, so get a life for a change and move on. I know myself more than you'll ever know me, thank GOD I made the choice to let go I never needed you, I need no one.

17 March 2007



15 March 2007


Aby afoooz il jawhara*
*A "draw" where NBK makes you think that there's a chance you will win and become a millionaire, when in fact they use YOUR money to gain more for themselves.

12 March 2007

Double up with 44!!

MTC are selling new POST-PAID lines that begin with 44...This will be interesting.. i wish cud get one i wud!..Check it out: http://mtc-vodafone.com

New range of numbers

Double up your number with 44:

MTC is offering a special and new range of postpaid numbers that begin with 44, these numbers will be among our class of lines (Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver).
Hurry and be among the few to own our unique range of lines.
Where can I get it?
These new range of numbers can be purchased through any of our MTC-Vodafone branches.
For more information call 107 or visit any of our MTC-Vodafone branches.

PS: no i dont WORK in MTC...i just thought it was interesting

11 March 2007


I feel like it's been forever since i posted a REAL post... im so so sorry i haven't been posting lately i'm very busy with uni work...it's pilling i need to REALLY catch up.... mako fayda lazem i procasternate....

01 March 2007

28 February 2007



Today I went to Chocolate Bar
It was VERY nice
6ab3an to get a parking was DIFFICULT
Bs al7amdullah we found one
Saw lots of werid looking people
I ate the PINK PASTA which tasted TOP
I'm a pasta FREAK!
Had a GREAT day Yeayy

27 February 2007

Doing work!

I've got an essay due for tommorrows class...It took me forever to write the introduction... I'm nearly done with my first body paragraph...then I've got a second body paragragh then the conclusion...that should make up 2 pages....HOPefully. After writing a 14 page research paper essays don't scare me that much...

I predicted this weeks nominees for star academy...as
1) 3ali (saudi)
2) Sally (ejyption)
3) Ammah (ejyption)
I got 2 of them right!... I like watching this show.. madry laish ma3inna it doesn't teach anything :P...

26 February 2007


First of all, me friend asked me to write a post about how im HIGH... madry laish but im very:P.... i speak weird...and laughing wayed... ga3da akharbi6 tooo...

Second of all, I hear this everywhere..."shotgun" and i dont know what it means ...can someone help me out and explain!?!... Thank YouZ

Third of all, this looks like a formal essay....so i wanted to add a 3rd point:P... Love ya Alll....Tommorrow dawam!...Yallah get ready for tommorrow!