27 September 2007


One week has past!...another 15 or more to go :P

Is it me or garga3an is becoming more and more like a important hoilday?!...I mean...people actually make parties and celebrate it!!

Give me more sweets please :P

22 September 2007

One more day...

Sunday we begin again...:) I'm ExCiTeD and at the same time nervous...I really had a great summer...now I'm ready to work hard again ;)

16 September 2007


One of my worst habits is leaving my phone on silence...It has been "silent" for MONTHS now!...I can't stand having my phone ring...I hate how people stare when it does...and hearing peoples own ring tones make me BALLISTIC..it's not COOL anymore...:/....I was reading this article online talking about the "reason" hearing someone talk on the mobile is so annoying I quote :

"Turns out, ring tones are less annoying that one might think, increased volume of those talking on a cell phone has some bearing, but the main hypothosis (and it's juts a hypothsis, as the research does not seem to be there yet to support it) is that only being able to hear one side of a cell phone conversation may be the most annoying of all."

I just think that people should talk privately on the mobile and stop bothering US :P...unless its an emergency...Take a look around while your in the car...if u don't find at least 3 people talking on the phone while driving...your LUCKY!...What could be more dangerous!!!??

13 September 2007

Musalsalat Ramadan!

So.. Does anyone know which shows they will be following this Ramadan?...I can't wait till later today...

11 September 2007

Embarek 3alaykum ilshahar

Are you ready for the long suffering days of starvation...sitting watching depressing tv shows which brain wash you?...Ready to spend long nights with loved ones and eating non-stop?...Are you really ready?...

Have a wonderful Holy month...and remember family is everything ;) so don't forget to spend time with them...:)

08 September 2007

Hatha Zain? or Mo Zain?


What do you guys think of the name?
*Did you click to see the site?

07 September 2007


Why is it when you "pop" you cant "stop"? Now thats a million dollar question...

I was so curious about M and M's that I searched online about what the "m's" stood for... I found other interesting information you have to read about them!... We can learn more about these snacks which we care not how they were made and the reason of their exsistance... CLICK ME...READ ME!

06 September 2007


Today...and yest i held the baby ...and made her sleep (L)...awwwwww...I didn't know I could do that....a week ago I was afraid to hold her...I'm learning....

04 September 2007

Whats wrong with the service..


Chem 9ar?

I am known to many people as the "Queen of Bedliyat"...Honestly I find it normal as I have reasons of why my Arabic is poor...now I know that English is my first language..so why did I say "How much happened?"...to my friend today after we ordered the cheque?...:$ that's so embarrassing...not only is my Arabic bad...but my English is corrupting...if you translate that into Arabic...you'll be laughing at ME!..:S....I Need Sleep....

02 September 2007

The last song Im Wasting on you...

Sparkling grey

In my own veins

Any more than a whisper

Any sudden movement of my heart

And I know

I know

I'll have to watch them pass away

Just get through this day

Give up your way

You could be anything

Give up my way

And lose myself

Not today

That's too much guilt to pay

Sickened in the sun

You dare tell me you love me

But you held me down and screamed you wanted me to die

Honey you know

You know I'd never hurt you that way

You're just so pretty in your pain

Give up my way

And I could be anything

I'll make my own way

Without your senseless





So run



And hate me

If it feels good

I can't hear your screams anymore

You lied to me

But I'm older now

And I'm not buying baby

Demanding my response

Don't bother breaking the door downI found my way out

And you'll never hurt me again


I just LoVe AmY'z VoiCe...Enjoy everyone ;)...I wish she would sing like this more often...

01 September 2007


:D I'm impressed...did you guys realise I have actually blogged for a WHOLE year without stopping?...:D...this calls for a celebration...I promised myself I would keep up and not stop...This is an achievement...:D...

I would like to say...THANK YOU to all the readers out there who made blogging worthwhile :*...

Reasons why I love blogging:

1) I like the idea I can be myself and no one here is to jugde me..

2) I love hearing other peoples point of view

3) I realised I could learn alot about myself!

4) I like having a reason to log online

5) It help me meet alot of amazing people
The best best best thing is there are no RULES for blogging...you can write however you want...FREE EXPRESSION...! Makes a person feel FREEDOM...well for me..that is :P

A new month...

So...we begin the month on a hoilday...weird to think that the weekend now has changed...personally...I don't like the idea...although to think about it...:P my bday is on a friday this year...so i'm actually LUCKY...last year it was a thursday...

A few more days and we begin Ramadan...I'm excited...:D...the best month for TV...food and gatherings!...

University begins soon...I'm not sure when the actual date is...but they told me the 17th of Sept...is anyone aware of the date?...

I slept for like 3 hours..now I'm up again..ohhh what I'd give to have a night where I don't wake up...!!!.. :/

Last but not least...I'm sorry my blog seems to be boring...Hopefully when I begin uni I'll be back...( I prob will cuz anything is more exciting than studying :P)

I hope everyone had a GREAT SUMMER and GOOD LUCK with this year ;)