31 January 2007


Today I went and picked up my lovely Tony:*... hes much better:< bs maskeen he needs to be fixed and sent to service so yemkin anawma bil weekala:(... bs al7amdullah he looks gr8! Now lets just hope we can fix the inside!

Esalem 3aliaykum wayed:P adry maleeqa!

Baltiomore...ur the best better than all the rest better than anyone...blah blah blahhhh

Special Dedication for YoU:


Have a nice weekend!:( i miss umy:'( just 6 more days

30 January 2007

Went out!

I went out today:) my very nice friend came and picked me up! It was cool:P...

Yesterday I was checking out these really cool videos on YOUTUBE..( let me get the links!)

Does anyone remember watching this show as a kid?

Ive been addicted since then! I keep watching the episodes:P... let me get u a clip of part of a show!

Now thats pure luck;) i just found the a first episode of the series!

The girl might look famllier to u;)...those who r Nickalodean fans!:)
I love herrrrrr! I just dont get the clothes they r so FUNKY!...Maybe this is where the kuwaities get thier fashion styles from! I like lookin but i wudnt wear it!..:) EnJoY

You guys probably know this show....;)

29 January 2007

Crying out for HELP!


I'm BORED of sitting at HOME!... Can't wait till I get my car...

28 January 2007

I've Been Tagged

Come VisiT SpiKeY Today

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The First 4 Things you can see right now (in your eye level):

1- My laptop:P 6ab3an:P stupid Q but okay!
2- The T.V
3- A table with stuff on it
4- The dafaya:P

If You think of the Word "LOVE" whats the first 3 Memories or ppl or anything that comes to your mind?

1- Pain
2- Illusion
3- Hallmarks number one marketing area

If You Think Of The Word "HATE" whats the first 3 Memories or ppl or anything that comes to your mind?

1- Liers
2- Being bored
3- Stress..makes a mess:P

PERFECT ROMANCE SPOT? (exp: beach, Restaurant...)

*On an island very far away from Kuwait:P with clear blue sea and palm trees

If you can say one thing to some one you hate, that would be:

* Get a life and stop talking about me!

The Finger points at YoU so U've been TagGeD

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27 January 2007

I miss You ToNy!

I Look at you & I can't begin to describe how i'm feeling within....
You keep me SaFe You KeeP Me Warm I serioulsy LOVE YOU!

To my lovely Car:*... hope u get better soon :)...


Min il legafa..i applied on the Colour Stay Revlon lipstick which supposidly lasts for 12 hours... BIG MISTAKE.. 6a3 ilsa3a chem its like 1:43 am ooo i can't take it off!!... I was testing it...well shakly chinney 7a6ita 7ag faris a7lamy:P
The colour is Ultimate Wine..well looks like it works;)

ADVICE: Never apply long lasting lip-stick before going to bed, and if u do, apply other lipgloss on top and wipe off.(6ab3an it took me awhile to remember that method:P...)

24 January 2007

It's just ME!

Things about me! I'm not so much bored as i feel like doing.
1) when i start laughing I dont stop!
2) my mood shows in my face( when im sad, happy)
3) extremely moody! dont take it personal!
4)Love sleeping, but also love waking up and having a long day of fun
5) passionate about music..cant explain my love for it
6) Wish to make a differance in the world one day
7) can be mean..unintentionally
8) too nice:S bad thing i hate about me
9) perfer being a loner
10) dont believe in ever lasting relationships (any type)
11)love MANGO juice
12) If i say i love u... i mean it
13) Care alot, but also careless in some aspects
14) When i want something..i have to get it
15) I always have to win and be the best(COMPETITIVE!)
16) a BIG nerd..grades matter to me
17) VERY VERY hard worker
18) i set goals in my life...which i hope to reach
19) Hate the kuwaity society
20) Believe everyone is selfish..i wish i cud be!
21) Want to be a great writer one day
22) Wish to be recognized as a good person
23) Care what people say about me
24) Worry alot...<--- very bad part of me
25) a TRUE sagittarious
26) if i cant say something nice... i usually wont say much or anything
27) love MARINA MALL!..dont know why
28) Cruzing is fun..specially with music i sing along to
29) singing while drving calms me down
30) get mad alot..tend to over exagerate things
31) Sometimes i want to change myself..completely
32) hate insects!ewww
33) Love to sing..wanted to be a singer:P
34) wish i had more confidenece in myself
35) hope to succeed in my studies!...
36) use alot of exclamation marks!!<--- if uve noticed
37) very paranoid...
38) im very honest.. i usually tel people what they shud hear
39) no body understands me
40) dont really have a best friend
41) know alot of people!
42) I love God...and believe its important to be a good Muslim
43) The reason i wudnt have kids is becuz i wudnt want them to suffer
44) I talk to myself alot
45) Crying makes me feel better, i do it often
46) Get upset and emotional for no reason sometimes
47) dont like being compared to anyone else!
48) I dont trust anyone..cuz i dont trust myself
49) believe everything has a reason
50) feel like im a 40 year old stuck in a 20 year old girls body!
51) Dont want to grow older
52) I love mini coopers ..wish i cud hug them:P
53) Dont like sweets much, love chips though!
54) Dont like revenge, everything that goes around comes around..!!
55) Alot of times i wished id die...
56) I strongly hate LIERS! i cant stand them!
57) If i cud start a new life, i wud
58) One power i wud love to have is be invisible!
59) I can go on for hours without eating..i forget to eat:S
60) the highest speed ive reached while drving is 160KPh( i think)
61) have troubles sleeping since was a child
62) When im busy...dont talk to me! ill bite ur head off
63) im not pushy..and dont get influenced easily
64) i do what i want ..when i want it..if i want!
65) wish i cud live life to the fullest:P but tend to be PESSIMISTIC
66) Tried to change.. but never works
67) Sometimes i wake up full of energy and start dancing:P
68) Wish i cud find somoene with blue eyes, dark hair very sexy body,
very intellegent and loving:P ( but i shud continue dreaming!)
69) This number follows me EVERYWHERE I GO! its a nightmare!
70) I am lucky
71) i have dreams which come true the following day..!:S
72) One thing i love about myself is my face.. im blessed to have a nice one
73) wish i cud be abit taller!
74) dont like being told what to do:P (rasy yabis:$)
75) Take risks in life..but im not a daredevil
76) Hate it when someone says something about me thats not true
77) people jugde me be4 they get to know me..i ask them what they think about me
Usually they say they think im "stuck up"..or shayfa roo7y:P
78) I love "love" but perfer to live without it though:P not worth the pain
79) Cant explain how i feel when i hear the PIANO...
80) have back problems:S
81) Hate being sick!
82) i love making poeple laugh and puting a smile on someones face
83) i love "City of Angels" makes me cry! and "moulin Rough" amazing movie!
84) Huge fan of evanescene:P as if udidnt know that
85) Not into TV
86) i love my car:<...
87) showering is fun!:P
88) Dont put makeup on very often
89) I have a bad habbit of either always calling somoen, or not calling anyone at all!:P
90) Think Diets r a waste of time:P
91) Talk too fast:P..chinna someone is running after me with a knife:P
92) English is my first language
93) agi6 wayed bedliyat makes people laugh, everytime i meet somoene new they dont
believe how bad my arabic is that bad:P..
94) Im a good composer
95) Dont like getting attention
96) Like having guys as friends more than girls:P
97) procastinator:P leave things to the last minute:P
98) killish mo shayfa roo7y:P
99) my mum is my idol!
100) hmmm lets see!... what else!...cant live without my MOBILE FONE!
102) HATE HATE markat( designer stuff)...they r a waste of money!
103) dress what i feel comfortable in
104) if im hungry, i usually sit and starve rather than get up and make something to eat:P
105) STRESS is my middle name!
106) Have small hands
107) dont go to restraunts, if i do i order anything pasta:P
108) Dont like asking for help
109) dont like to cook:P
110) Dont like having pets simply becuz once i told my friend "i dont like taking care of things"
111) I've been called a DRAMA QUEEN alot by many people
112) i love the colour pink:P
113) im not a movie peron, i just like teenage movies( they ROCK) & romantic comedies
114) one of my fave shows is GREYS ANATOMY, i also love HEROES

A very long list...Thats just ME!

20 January 2007


Now i can come back to blogging!:)...anyone missed me:P
Nothing new really.. going to start my hoilday tommorrow! 20 days of relaxation rally NEED that!:)

16 January 2007

Just Can't Sleep...

I've been here on my bed for almost 1 hour and a half... I can't seem to fall asleep... i'm tired.. but I can't stop thinking!..Wish this bad habbit of "thinking" would disappear...Sometimes I long to be stupid... I bet air heads are happier than anyone!...lucky *%$@%'s :P...better try to fall asleeep again...otherwise i'm back to my battleships!wooohoooo

14 January 2007

:(... i want this to end...

I want to go back to my normal life... normal life=NO EXAMS!
Stress is killing me slowlyyyyyyyyyyyy ahhhhhhhhhhh!

10 January 2007

I've Been Tagged...

Okay ive been tagged by Angel..

Things that make me Happy :)
Laughing alot
Playing music!
Getting a fone call from a friend
The WEEKEND after a long week
Eating my fave chrisps FACES(the clown face guy on it)
Also the colour PINK:P(something we both have in common)
Watching a romantic comedy
Spending time with people i love!

The list can go on! ill continue this later!

Got not much to say

Don't u hate that feeling where u want to click ur fingers and let the days pass by!...Busy with studying...:) miss blogging:(

03 January 2007

Save the cheerleader...Save the World...

Has anyone seen it? It's amazing...I'm not the type that gets hooked on a T.V show but this one really grabbed my attention. The characters are great, which made me fall in love with the series faster! I love Hiro..he's soooo cuteeee.. and claire for her "spontanious regeneration"...I don't want to spoil it for anyone who has't seen it...Check it out!
This is a VERY OLD post! i wanted to post but i never got the chance to:P it was a draft:)...

01 January 2007

New Year with a New Post!

I woke up this morning...the sun was shinning... felt like its going to be a nice year... inshallah good things come in everyones way!..Remember to always SMILE!:)... and keep blogging;)

Ps.. i made a vow that i wud add new months to my Archive... looks like this is the 1st jan i blog!! woohoo!!..:>..