31 May 2007

NO Net

I've become stricked for a few days...actaully since tuesday...Turns out I waste so much time online...

I've finished preparing for my first exam now I have 2 more down...I'm half way there to my last exam...:P...

See you soon:)

29 May 2007


I lost this paper and I can't find it...I'm trying to study...bs not im the complete mood to....I punished myself so that I would only log online once at night before I sleep...I still manage to find other ways to waste my time :P mako fayda... This is an update on my life... I'm beginnning to feel a lil stressed :S:S:S:S i'm scared..

28 May 2007

End of Classes

Finally we finished our classes...First exam on sunday..wish me luck !!...

24 May 2007

Hairstyle Aftermath

For the first time ever, I decided to get a my hair done for a wedding last night...For once..i looked so Kuwaiti...If I could show u the biggest puff I've ever had..The woman who did my hair put SOO MUCH HAIR SPRAY...this morning I woke up to the *ENORMOUS KISHA...I went and had a shower...it nearly took a whole bottle of conditioner to make it come off and approxamitly 15 mins to take it off and I still feel its didn't go:(...People Why do this for a wedding?...It takes so much effort and lets not forget STRESS...ahhh....but then again it was a good experience...makes me think twice about doing something like this again...Woman who try stay beautiful are amazing..i give them all my respect...:)

It's the weekend...people go out:P don't stay home reading my BLOG..do something with Ur time;) be with FAMILY!...( am i sounding like some idiot here:P)
*The old word BIGGEST was changed...it didn't fully explain how pooofy it was...:P

21 May 2007

Why do I see this as ugly?

Am I the only one that finds the stomach of a pregnant woman ugly? Escpecially when they show it off!

20 May 2007

Never ending WoRK!

AHHH another long night to go... I can't wait till my paper is done...

My experiment was better than I expected...:)

I don't have anything else to say... no time...need to work

19 May 2007

I'm doing an experiment...SKYPE ME!

Any of you who are bored...and would like to talk to someone call me up on my SkyPe..If you don't know anything about this here is some info...it's just like MSN...or YAHOO...

What is Skype?

Skype is a little piece of software that lets you make free calls to anyone
else on Skype, anywhere in the world. And even though the calls are free, they
are really excellent quality. If you and your friends, family or business
contacts are using webcams, you can also make free video calls. You can even
call landlines and mobile phones at really cheap rates.

It's a great way of meeting people, but instead of just chatting you can call up one another and talk! I didn't really know how it worked till someone called me out of nowhere and we talked! You really get to learn alot about other cultures and people...Go ahead and try it out...if you didn't already so go ahead and....

To find me search for my nick name Ch0ney...the o is a ZERO not an actual letter O...!
UPDATE: People who contacted me already
1) Mish...there isn't really a prize... you're just getting your name on my blog;)


It's 5:25am....I just woke up....I slept at 3:00am....:/

18 May 2007

I need Help! (no not that kind)

Anyone know how I can upload files to the net and add them here to my blog?? any sites?...I can't find any:< class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_1">.s I'm NOT obsessed with cutting my hair!! its just a trim!!)...Going to the Saloon is always fun! I should add that to my list from the previous post..

Got Any Advice?

I'm wondering...where do you all hang out for "fun" in Kuwait...the only things I feel you can do are:

1) Go to shopping malls (Marina, Avenues,Souq Sharq, and Fanar)
2) Go watch a movie in the cinema (that's annoying, they cut everything out!)
3) Go to a restaurant and stuff your face in!
4) Have a nice cruise around Kuwait...and it gets busy sometimes...
5) stay at home...or visit family members...

Where is there to go??...


1st suggestion by fayoora: Staying in BED! (good one cutie..really this made me laugh!!)
In bed you can image you are somewhere without moving! ohhh the power of imagination lifts you to whereever you please;)

2nd Suggestion by Purgatory are:
1) Edo, especially with stallion.
2) Nibaq diwaniya or hangout. <---- we don't have that!!:(
3) my lazyboy, lots of mileage on it. <--- shino?
4) toastmasters. GREAT IDEA!
5) Sears, during sales, with Stallion. ...LOOOOOOOOOL!!! so now I have where find u
6) Tariq Rajab museum, its free entry...I know you're probably wondering where that is...It's in JABRIYA....So if you need a good nights sleep:P JK!

So in short become friends with Stallion:P

3rd suggestion By N.:

Discover the wonders of kuwait; what more wonders do we have??
1. Kuwait towers<--- :P I think I've been there enough times:P but i see what u mean?
2. mat7af el 3lmy<--- still didn't go:$...anyone wana join!?
3. beach<--- I haven't been in a while...

Snookies complained about women not have diwaniyat....I shud make one!

17 May 2007

I have an "OCUS"

Is it just me or hatred has come upon my car once again... hmmm... I guess now whatever happens to it...It really doesn't affect me!!

Now doesn't that look delicious...I was given these AMA AAAAAZING CARAMEL BROWNIES Yesterday... they were so YUMMY!... Maybe that is what was missing from my life....If you haven't figured out already...I lurveeeeeee anything with CarAmEL!...

The weather...seriously makes me speechless..one day its super hot...another day it's rainy....and today DusTy!...It kind of depresses me...this reminds me..today while I was driving I was thinking...why do people talk about the weather so much...I mean when you first meet someone they usually bring up the weather...I guess in many ways its important because it affects how we live....well anyways..

Its a THURSDAY!!...Mo bas za7maa..I can never decide what to do...I certainly don't want to stay at home that's for sure...I hate seeing young kids out in the streets what happened parents don't exist for them anymore? Were they born in a factory?... Now I'm heading out..I wonder what will happen today....

15 May 2007

Update On Moi

These past few days I haven't been feeling like myself...I'm so tired...EXHUSTED...I feel like the end of the semester is slowey rippin me apart! I noticed another thing about me...I don't seem to eat...I'm scared this will develop into a bad habbit..not only that...but I feel guilty when I eat:S...

Discovering the Blogging world...

You know I might know YOU...Yes you the one reading...In the past few weeks I've actually discovered who the bloggers are...day by day...I realise I know them!..Kuwait is TINY!...
There are also bloggers that I know of...like I know ALOT about them...:P..but they have no idea;)..whom could it be...hmmmm? let us think:P

I bet there are people who know about me :P... I don't care..I welcome you all in my life...just please...leave ur shoes outside..;)..:> no hittinggg

Tommorrow my last QuIz...wish me luck...Let the terror EnD

12 May 2007


7araaaaaaam fe this qa6wa its TINY bara baitna.... i had to give it water ....now im going to give it milk.. it lost its mother...lil kitty:<>:>

10 May 2007

Just Woke Up..Felt Down!:P

I was shot...I apparently died...the next dream I went back to the 60-70's.. when Kuwait was nothing!...Just desert...:(...I slept too much!

09 May 2007


No more pandora :'(


The picture above was designed for me by a
GooD FrIenD! I just had to share this to my fellow bloggers:)...a fan ay:P embayen hehe

News about me:

Yesterday I went shopping in Avenues for the 2nd time. They opened New Look so...No need to go to UK anymore!! They brought it all to us!...I got new shoes...a head band...and stress pills:P maybe that's my solution to my panic attacks!...

04 May 2007

Another Accompilishment To Share

Apparently I found out a couple of weeks back that I'm an Honour Student...:)... Today at 5 pm is the party thingy...it's 1:30pm tawni ga3da maly khulg!!!!...But I wanna go see new experience..

03 May 2007

Counting Down!

I'm exited about this summer... finally taking a break from studying...still going to work though:P..but I hope that would be a change!!!

No time for bloggin..nothing interesting in my life...