31 August 2010

Blogger Stats! FINALLY!!

FINALLY!! Blogspot has added and shows the stats for the blogs yeayyyyyyyyyyy :D
It must be new..or is it only new to me :D

Update: Oh just checked! This is new and was added on 30th of AUGUST!! I've been waiting for this day forever! Now I don't have to change my blog to wordpress or anything else just yet :D yeayyyyyyyyyyy :D



I can't believe today's the last day for this month! Wooow time is flying...

10 more days of Ramadan!

Small Print

I have been requested to post about Small Print!

I think this is a great way to cherish finger prints of your children and is a great gift for your loved ones :D 

Ala'a Siksek & Mofeida Murad
Tel: +965 65581566
Email: alaa@smallp.com
Website: www.smallp.com

***If anyone else wants me to post anything feel free to email me too. I would be more than happy to include anything and everything***

30 August 2010

Ramadan Rants!

I don't know why people keep complaining about the Ramadan TV Shows and making fun..Chill..If you don't like it DON'T WATCH IT! It's meant to be entertaining and not causing this much trouble...Being a director and working in the theatre and writing my own scripts and watching my actors go through one rehearsal after the other I have come to appreaciate these things...especially because of the stress and pressure and thats  a performance for one day..Do you know how many people are behind these shows? Do you realise that it takes TIME and EFFORT? Give them a break and stop nagging and making fun...I know sometimes the plot seems to not make sense but it's TV...since when does anything have to make sense with the world we live in? If you think you can do a better job...go ahead...prove what you try to prove with your words...otherwise be greatful that these people spend hours of their time preparing these shows for us to watch it back and relax on our lazy asses..Am I wrong to say all this??? Sometimes I feel people are so arrogant and just love to complain about others thinking they are much better..

I have to mention that this years shows are great! I really feel that next year Kuwait's series will be even better..well I hope!

The acting is improving...the plots are getting more interesting...the make up is becoming more realistic...the sets are different...the music is amazing...the characters are so LOVEABLE! Need more to say?

PART 3 - The Top Worst Feelings in the World


Since I have very good caramentators who have kindly helped me with the list I will add their lists :D Thanks Tiesto and Faroo7a ;)


103) someone takes a good parking space when your waiting 45mins for one.

104) Going to work in a panic and realising its a friday.

105) waking up late for work and early in weekends.

106) someone eats your cheese cake, that you wanted to save for another time.

107) Lending people money and expecting them to pay you back.

108) catching a fish and when realing it you notice it was a large stone cought in a back.

109) finding your car skratched from the side after leaving the shopping mall.

110) going home after leaving the dewania!

111) high latency when playing online due to family members doing important work (like youtubing, facebooking and this!)


112) buying something and find out the next day it was on sale.

113) Copy cats

114) working hard at work and getting no recognition or appreciation

115) people constantly telling you that ur kid doesn't look like you! Ok I get it, no need to keep saying it.

116) working so hard in making a special dish for your husband and he comes home tired and stressed and tells u he' s lost his appetite

117) Making someone feel so special by remembering their birthday and thinking of the perfect gift for them, but they totally forget yours and don't even send u a birthday MSG!

118) buying expensive makeup from vavavoom and finding out u missed out on the free gift from the ditzy sales woman!

119) introducing friends to each other and then they meet up with each other without me and leave me out

120) friends who use u coz ur good to them but when u need them they ignore u

121) crying baby that won't shut up

122) applying for jobs everywhere and not getting a good offer

I have one more I just thought of:

123) Getting tongue getting burned from drinking a hot drink :P



:D See two days already passed ;)

28 August 2010

PART TWO: Top Worst Feelings in the World

21. Having no towel after showering in the bathroom.
22. Arriving at home with no key.
23. Late for something important and no petrol in car and petrol station is super busy.
24. Getting a flat tire.
25. Losing your wallet or phone.
26. No cash and the place does not have k-net.
27. Being in a good mood then someone comes and screws it for you.
28. Getting disappointed from yourself or someone else.
29. When your heart gets broken! (Miss Farah)
30. The guilt you get after breaking someone's heart. (Sumaiah)
31. When you over eat and feel like you are gonna burst, and the guilt that comes with it. (Sumaiah)
32. Waking up in the middle of the night with no apparent reason, and not being able to go back to sleep. (Sumaiah)
32. Finding no support from friends and they try to push you down.
33. Starving in the middle of the night and you can't find food you like to eat
34. Running out of deodrant and forgetting to buy a spare.
35. Ordering food from a restraunt when you are starving and the food is really bad.
36. Getting a splinter in your hand (I had that last week!!)
37. Being over loaded with work and things to do. (Oh the good old days)
38. Having not enough time when you have a project due or a performance.
39. Preparing for a production and people are no ready.
40. Arguing with a friend and the awkwardness that comes after that.
41. Being a girl and having to always be removing unwanted hair.
42. Seeing your mother sick, tired or ill and you can't take the pain away. :'(
43. Having an itich and you can't reach it.
44. Being so overly gasious that your stomach hurts.
45. Having any kind of headache, bodyache or heartache.
46. Being in a car accident, especially when the accident wasn't your fault..then getting blammed for it :/
47. Lending something to someone and they lose it or never return it.
48. Making an appointment  with someone or somewhere and they make you wait for a long time. (no respect for your own time)
50. Putting something somewhere and someone moves it somewhere else.
51. When your under stress people nag constantly without caring about your feelings...then you burst up and they get upset.
52. Seeing someone who doesn't work being given high grades..while you are working so hard.
53. When you do something and people gang up against you and tell you are wrong.
54. Your fave product get discontinued or is out of stock!
55. Running out of battery for your phone.
56. Someone walks into your room or bathroom while your getting ready or naked :P
57. Your phone line gets cut and your broke.
58. Calling a person you need and finding thier phone switched off.
59. Forgetting a pen when you have an exam.
60. Being followed or stalked or harassed by a guy.
61. Someone forcses you to dance in a wedding or party.
62. Being teased and made fun of.
63. Shopping at a store where service is crap.
64. Getting a really bad hair cut.
65. Oversleeping.
66. Having a bad hair day.
67. Finding a spot on your face.
68. Getting the flu.
69. Forgetting the password and nick name for a certain account.
70. Stumbling on a unwanted site by accident.
71. Downloading a bad video by mistake and it opening it while you are in a public place or when you're with your family.
72. Doubting ones self or losing confidence or having low selfesteem.
73. Peer pressure.
74. Having to lie to someone.
75. When the food made for lunch is the food you dislike and you are starving.
76. Being on any form of diet.
77. Needing to take medicience or any kind everyday and forgetting. (esp. Antibiotics)
78. Missing your fave show on TV and knowing you can't watch it again.
79. Watching TV and having nothing interesting on.
80. Missing an appointment for sigining up for classes in university...then not getting a seat for a class you need!
81. A.C is not working on a hot summers day.
82. Car is in service so you have to wait for someone to drop you or pick you up.
83. The internet connection doesn't work.
84. Typing an essay and your computer crashes.
85. Forgetting homework or an important document at home.
86. Being nervous in an exam and suddenly forgetting everything and you panic.
87. Having feelings you want to confess or express to those who hurt you.
88. Feeling isolated.
89. When a friend gains weird feelings for you and the friendship is lost.
90. You are used, taking advantage of and mislead.
91. People make rumors and gossip about you.
92. Thinking about death.
93. Hearing about someone's loved one dying.
94. Missing a prayer.
95. Breaking something by accident.
96. Losing your voice when you have a performance or a presentation.
97. Choking!
98. When you bake or cook and the out come is terrible.
99. Driving in Kuwait and being in a traffic jam (people staring at a lame car accident) :P
100. Being stuck with an annoying person when you travel.
101. Having no soap to wash your hands with!
102. Trying to finish this list :P

FINALLY!!! Ahhhhhh I will have to review this list but here :D have fun! If any of the above ever happened to you feel free to express yourselves. :)

P.S Please let me know if you have any other ideas ;)

The End of FB?!

This is going to be something that I'm sure many have thought about..or maybe not...but be honest and let me know, as I'm not a user:

What would happen you if FB was blocked or even deleted from the face of the earth forever?

Let the...

...real count down begin!


26 August 2010


Hello Fellow Botamba and bloggers!

I am VERY VERY VERY VERY sorry that the whole site is flooded with my posts..I seriously didn't know what the hell that site I signed up for...

and 3alipedia ...wallah mo qasdi I was having fun on the site and didn't know it was getting published :( wee3 I feel so bad...I don't know what else to say cuz I feel bad :(

Thanks and I hope you all accept my applogy!



Why do you call it "Beento"?

25 August 2010


I luv SAlooom :( Chan zain itmooot that woman ily 7aqda 3al kil!!!)

Shghul 3ADiL!!!!

Jenny's Garga3an!!! Meowwwwwwww  
You have to sing too to get this one..sing for JENNY!! :D hehe 3ad il 7alow ily fee shghuil 3ADEL!!!!

Top Worst Feelings in the World

1. Having an arm of leg get numb or getting pins and needles.

2. Being constipated or have extreme diarrhea.

3. Losing something.

4. Finding out that the people you trusted stabbed you behind your back.

5. Needing the toilet and being stuck in a dirty one with no toilet paper.

6. Finding out bad news before you go to sleep.

7. Studying during any type of exam period :S wee3 9ij!

8. Calling everyone and no one replies.

9. Missing people you lost.

10. Getting ignored and not knowing the reason why.

11. Coming up with an original idea and someone steals it.

12. Someone makes fun of you and humiliates you in front of a crowd.


14. Showering then realising you haven't got any soap or shampoo!

15. Waking up from a terrible nightmare.

16. No money...No Funny

17. Tripping or falling in front of people, especially in front of the opposite sex.

18. Gaining weight and being told so by rude people.

19.  Noticing people staring and laughing at you.

20.  Craving something you've hidden and someone else eats it. (especially if you bought it yourself).

These are not in any specific order...and I have moreeeeeeeee things to write.

Anyone else want to add to the list??

**********************TO BE CONTINUED***************************

24 August 2010

ily yabee lazem eeghany....

Gargai3an Joosif...quack quack
The candy of the day!

So while helping out with making the stuff...I started stealing my fave sweet this gargai3an...yummy juicyyyyyyyyyy gum (L) it's soft soooooo sweet ! Yummy 4 me Tummy!

Haaa ily yabeee ghanow 7ag Joooosif (L)

23 August 2010

Garga3an ooo garga3an!

3ad as a Kid that's all I know of the song...so when we went to "ingargi3" this evil woman refused to give us candy if we didn't continue the song :P damnn ya3ny why the torture!

Why did the kids in our neighbourhood start to "egargi3own" yesterday?

22 August 2010

Don't get me wrong...

But why is "making fun of people" done so often in our Arab culture?
I can't stand it when people "yi6anazoon"..I think it's the lowest form of making people laugh...I don't want to say that it happens only in Kuwait because I don't want to point fingers...I've noticed living here for a couple of years that it's an actual activity for people to "yithqa6ooon"...This irritates me so much! Again I know this happens all over the world...but I find it here abit more often...ya3ny laish!

Oooo Laish il racisim il zayed? I hate it when someone refers to someone as "ilhindy" or "ilma9ry"...
Aby a3rf mita hal ashya2 titghayar 3andina :(

21 August 2010

Wain arooo7?

1) I am looking for a high definition camcorder...and since I have no experience with any of them I can't jugde..I love Sony digital cameras...The sales men suggest Canon is the best..:S I do have a budget though which kind of sucks..does anyone already have a camera and suggest it is good? 

2) Oh and second Q is where is the best place to purchase it? I need somewhere which has international insurance and I know alghanim have that option.

3) My eye still burns :S I need someone elses eyes for a day anyone wanna lend me theirs? I promise I won't break it or play with it! :P

4) Thanks for reading this boring blog :D

My sore eye

My left eye is becoming red more often...even if I use the drops and artificial tears it still gets red and irritated :S it burns too...I hope this isn't serious...I am guessing that I am allergic to something...hmmmm...this sux cuz I have nothing else to do but watch and use the computer :P or read...these all require the use of my eyes...7ada ahhhhhhhhh

20 August 2010

Thumbs Up!

I luv this idea..hehe and it's funny how his posts are flooding Botamba :D

MAGiBON: Can someone else explain?

My friends are going to kill me about this topic with my weird fascination with MAGIBON...Watch this video! When I first randomly found her video..I couldn't stop watching them...weird....seriously!  and very WTF as the guy mentions...

Ramadan Potato...Ramadan RambleS

My day starts at 3pm...I sit infront of the couch and watch 6 different shows...ya3ny musalsalat ramathaneeyaaaaaaaa....Sad as this may sound :P sometimes I watch the reruns...Mashallah 10 days have passed like this..I haven't let the house since ramadan started...seriously I don't like busy streets...ooo I guess I'm lazy :D... so

3:00pm I wake up
3:35pm I watch "Umayma fe dar il aytam" (alrai)
4:35 pm missing the first half of zuwart khamees (which I watch later at 11pm) on Watan TV
5:00pm RANDOM but "3irsan bil firin" 3ala Fatafeat (il7ayaaaaaa 7ilwa)
6:00pm Fatafeat and usually Martha Stuart if on...

Crazy as this seems but I don;t cook but I luv watching Fatafeat when I'm fasting..and my bro finds it irritating cuz it makes him hungry...ya3ny shagoool! Anyways it's fun :D

Then it's iftar...I eat soup...samboosa...and sometimes real food...

Then after that I tune to Watan Tv and watch "Sahir ilail" and "2neen"

If I had to rate this years shows I would say:
1) Sahir il layl- I like the setting and music
2) Zuwarat Khamees (madry laish I call it "Yam3at khamees" :P) Editing and idea is kind of new
3) Umayma- The characterization is great
4) 2neen- I hate that father :/ I like the acting

Oh and I like watching Shoojy too...:P 6ab3an 3ala Fnoon :D It's amazing how successful her show is...and woow the number of fans...

What's everyone else upto?

I'm guessing no one will even bother replying :P

09 August 2010


Think about what you HAVE not about what you DON'T have.

02 August 2010