26 July 2010

I wanna be a billionaire so fricking baddddddddddddd...buy all of the things I never haddddddd...

20 July 2010

Life is Change..

In a few months life is going to change for me drastically..hopefully it will be greater than I expect..am I nervous? of course...but I think to take such a step is a must..we all need to do things in life that are challenging otherwise there isn't a point in living...I have the kind of personality where I am always on the move..I cannot..I REPEAT..I CANNOT stand sitting at home and having nothing else to do..I wonder each day how people do this...Gone shopping CHECK...Ate my heart out CHECK...Spent hours talking on the phone CHECK....what else is there to do?

I know I've said this before but Kuwait can be boring sometimes and I guess the weather doesn't help..

There are NO JOBS here...especially with my major...it's getting tougher and tougher in Kuwait...makes me dream of wanting to escape...then again I know it won't be that easy living outside either...honestly...I respect the fact that in, say for example, the UK people work in a certain system...here...we have people who are too lazy to do their mundane job properly...thus we all suffer doing useless paper work that we didn't need to do in the first place if the people did their job...let not forget the unfairness of vitamin "W"...it seems that the only way to get a job is by "pulling some strings" or all of them!!...I know some people who have graduated after me who are now working...anyways I'm not complaining...I like to think of these months as a way to prepare me for the difficult life I'm about to begin...a7asiskum inny badish 7arb :P:P

I've realised that with time I started getting used to my life the way it is..everytime I complain I remember all my blessings then I shut up...it's normal to think like this (I think)...ironically I've become more patient and calm...

Let's see...running through my memory I have to say the past 10 years I've met sooooooo many people...but not many stuck...which is why I believe LIFE=CHANGE I accept this because I believe everything happens for the best..I morn for a while and eventually I move on...the memories are there...and each person left a part of themselves with me...which is why we are made of peices of a puzzle..each person we meet leaves a piece with us...

I don't think I hate anyone...we've all gotten hurt but I don't hold grudes...life is way too short...

So...this is me rambling about my thoughts which I haven't done for a long time!!

I don't even think anyone wud read this!! :P

I'll continue this later...you will understand everything soon ;)


Incident..and Q!

Is it illegal in Kuwait for stores to put on with offensive lyrics and swear words?
Today two stores that I was in were playing songs from Akons dirty versions...

15 July 2010

14 July 2010

I h8 Blud

They took three tubes of blood from me today...Waiting for the results!

UPDATE: There isn't anything wrong...It's "hypochromia" Hypo=low Chromia=colour...so ANEMIA..need more IRON

12 July 2010

Go Gaga..Speechless!


Why...oh WHY!

They are laughing at him!! and he HAS the American passport..he doesn't know how to speak ENGLISH :S weee ish9ayir:P

It's sad..i hate how he is being laughed at !!

11 July 2010

06 July 2010

You are STRONG!!

I am a bit slow and forgot to lend my support to a fellow blogger who is suffering from cancer...to anyone (if any even reads this blog) share your hope, love, support and positive energy to this brave woman!
My message to FOURME is that you are such a powerful human...and wish there was some way in the world where we could all take the pain from you...I know you will fight this and get through this...you are STRONG!!! I hope you get to see this post because when I think about how stupid I am for worrying over nothing (even though I always tell myself to be greatful..which I am) but I am reminded when I see how much you are teaching us...it becomes a different case!! I hope I am not late in letting you know that I am here to support you...and wish this post will help you in some way!!

Wish you the best of luck and can't wait to see you happy and healthy soon...Inshallah ya rab!!!!

03 July 2010


No I will not be leaving the blogsphere just yet! I just finished watching the last episode of Ugly Betty...I am sad...I hated the ending...They wrapped everything up in one episode...I think the show still had potential but I guess people got bored..My fave characters were...well all of them! Oh I'm sad :P Now one less thing to watch...I have to say that Season 3 had it's ups and downs...I'm just glad by the 4th Season they changed her look! Come on working in Mode fashion magazine.. :P I will always luv this show...I h8 knowing that thats it...