29 March 2007

Dedication for the lovely ZiZO

ZiZo I came across this video...It's late but i had to post it for u! ENJOY! Umbay no matter what this will always remain to make us lauge...

25 March 2007

I Wish I Was A Guy...

I know this topic must sound weird, but some days i wake up wishing i was born a man...This ones for u Aurora
10 Reason why I wish I was a guy:

1) Men can make mistakes and it's okay because they are "men"

They do something wrong... they can say "I'm sorry I'm a man I cant help it"

2) Men don't have to go through labour pain woman go through (and other things that are painful)

Adding on to this point, the baby gets to be named after the fathers family!

3) Men who are ugly will end up married anyways because they r "men"

4) Men don't have to worry as much on their looks

5) Men get to wear cool Dishdashas and don't need to follow fashion ever. ( Which i find hot by the way;))

6) Men go where they want, anywhere they want, and at anytime and no one can ask them anything.

7) Men get higher salaries because they wouldn't need to take "maternity leave"..that's not fair we didn't choose to be "baby machines"!

8) Men can marry four woman, and woman get stuck with one boring one for the rest of their lives with no escape. ( we get BORED too:( )

9) Men are not stared at, instead they can stare!

10) Men get to have all these beautiful ladies out there;).. which includes me:P...okay that's awkward...

I couldn't think of a another point! Anyone wanna add something?:P

But one thing that I'm thankful that I'm a woman, is I can have my own man....and as everyone knows I LOVE MEN and everything about them.. so magdar I become a man myself.:P...

24 March 2007


The Old English word for butterfly was buttorfleoge apparently because butterflies were thought to steal milk.

The name 'Butterfly' was first coined to describe the Yellow Brimstone Butterfly, a variety commonly seen across Europe. It was actually known as 'Butter-colored Fly' and that later became 'Butterfly'.

There are about 28,000 known Butterfly species throughout the world.

The wings of Butterflies are actually transparent. The vivid colors are due to overlapping bright scales. Butterfly wings are very delicate and can get damaged if handled. The scales too can get rubbed off if touched.

According to the “Butterflies” chapter in Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange Things, by Lafcadio Hearn, a butterfly is seen as the personification of a person's soul, whether they be living, dying, or already dead.

Butterflies cannot fly if their body temperature is less than 86 degrees

As a caterpillar, they will increase up to several thousand times in size before pupating (process in which caterpillars transform into adult butterflies in a structure called a chrysalis )

What is the difference between MOTHS and BUTTERFLIES?????

MOTHS-- fly at night, have feathered antennae, and rest with their wings open

BUTTERFLIES-- Fly during the day, have knob-ended antennae, and rest with their wings closed

Butterflies can see red, green, and yellow.

Many butterflies can taste with their feet to find out whether the leaf they sit on is good to lay eggs on to be their caterpillars' food or not. Butterflies taste food by standing on it. This is because their taste sensors are found in their feet

Butterflies have six legs and feet

Butterflies weigh as little as two rose petals.

Adult Butterflies do not grow in size as they get older.

Butterflies have very brief life spans. Some - usually the ones found in the Tropics - can live up to a year, but others live anywhere from a few months to a few weeks to even a few hours.

Caterpillars are boneless, but have over 1000 muscles. These muscles help the caterpillar move very quickly from place to place, and so both aid in finding new food and in escaping from predators

Some Butterflies are becoming quite rare as their natural habitats shrink. Xerces Blue, an American Butterfly that was found in the San Francisco Peninsula, became extinct in 1943.
Since I love butterflies I couldn't help but share some interesting facts about these beautiful creaures

23 March 2007

May God Help Us All

I was told some bad news today about someone. Although I'm not close with them, my heart and prayers goes deeply with them and their family. Let us all pray that things become better for them, and please everyone treat people with kindness no matter what. My tears won't make what happened for these people change, but InshAllah my prayers would.

Thank you for taking time to read this post.

20 March 2007


This week passed really fast, it's already going to be the weekend...

I have exactly 10 books I want to read and no time. Tomorrow I have another quiz, wish me luck, i guess it's not so difficult. I have some reading to do and I'm doing my homework before it's late, so I don't fall behind.

I know this post is very boring, but I'm bored.

I've gained this habit of coming home and sleeping, because I can't seem to concentrate when I study. This has made me lazier, and I still feel like I want more SLEEP. What's ironic is the more you sleep, the more you want to sleep! It's strange, is it possible to have COMPLETE sleep? Has anyone ever woke up and felt, "Yes, today I have slept the perfect amount of time and I don't feel like i need more"?

P.s: Isn't that picture CUTE!... I don't really like animals but I find this picture adorable.


UPDATED: I just wanted to add one of the books im DYING to start reading!...Finally, I found a cover I liked:P.. The first time I found it in Starbooks, I didn't like the cover, so i decided to wait and so then i saw this in another book store and RUSHED to get it.

LOOK!-----> thats the cover that I didn't like! What do you think?
Yallah zainnnnnnnnn that's not possible anymore:P

19 March 2007

My Holy Tony

He has one BIG hole :(

I hope it doesn't rain!

There should be ambulances for sick cars...

18 March 2007

What is a Friend...

Each day passes and you meet someone
Can you really call them a friend*?

You step out in this world,
Hoping to find a sweet soul,
And Yet all you find is bitter people,
Who are out here to displease us,
Instead they push us down,
You struggle just trying to fit in,
You cry out for real help,
But deep inside you know
You've got no one by your side.

*A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.

Do real friends exisit anymore?

This is a message to everyone who doesn't know me. Your words mean nothing to me, you are NOTHING to me, the only thing you do to me is make me stronger as each day passes. One day you'll realise you are a nobody, so get a life for a change and move on. I know myself more than you'll ever know me, thank GOD I made the choice to let go I never needed you, I need no one.

17 March 2007



15 March 2007


Aby afoooz il jawhara*
*A "draw" where NBK makes you think that there's a chance you will win and become a millionaire, when in fact they use YOUR money to gain more for themselves.

12 March 2007

Double up with 44!!

MTC are selling new POST-PAID lines that begin with 44...This will be interesting.. i wish cud get one i wud!..Check it out: http://mtc-vodafone.com

New range of numbers

Double up your number with 44:

MTC is offering a special and new range of postpaid numbers that begin with 44, these numbers will be among our class of lines (Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver).
Hurry and be among the few to own our unique range of lines.
Where can I get it?
These new range of numbers can be purchased through any of our MTC-Vodafone branches.
For more information call 107 or visit any of our MTC-Vodafone branches.

PS: no i dont WORK in MTC...i just thought it was interesting

11 March 2007


I feel like it's been forever since i posted a REAL post... im so so sorry i haven't been posting lately i'm very busy with uni work...it's pilling i need to REALLY catch up.... mako fayda lazem i procasternate....

01 March 2007