28 April 2011

White iPhone 4

They have officially released the iPhone here.

Updated: I had to add this video. Justine has so much guts! and I think toby is pretty weird too. They would be fun to hangout with.

24 April 2011

The Royal Family Invites YOU!

It's amazing how much of a big deal this is to everyone. Everywhere you go you will be reminded of it. Even in the comfort of your own home! For those who are interested, HERE is a place you can watch it next week on Friday the 29th of April, 10am London time (12 pm Kuwait), which means you don't have to go to work or what the heck watch it there! You can even upload your own video to congratulate them! Wow be part of history...As if we have nothing better to do..We hardly congratulate our own family members :P. Enough with my blabbing.


17 April 2011

Rebbecca Black App

Yes I am sad because I actually downloaded it...it's "fun fun fun"! :p

ENJOY again ;)

15 April 2011

Glee: "It's Friday...Friday" ?

There are rumors that Glee will be covering the famous Rebbecca Black song "Friday". If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing it then here you go:

ENJOY your "Friday"!

Warning: I will not be resonsible for this ear worm!

08 April 2011

I thought only in q8

Since when is it fashionable to walk barefoot?

Someone explain please?

Please note that I am not on the beach

Easter Eggs Anyone?

Yummy. I already ate mine. I like choco eggs.There is something about eating choco eggs that makes me so happy. Also, they look nice it makes me upset to eat them. Chocolate here is so yummy.

My Easter holiday began today. Of course, not so much holiday as much as sleeping, eating, breathing assignments. But anyhoo it's still better than nothing. 

07 April 2011

Quick update

I've been lacking for my blog sometime..I think it's because i've moved from Kuwait and starting the course here in the UK. I feel no attachment to this place. But I've nearly finished classes, so maybe I will discuss some of my adventures here and there. It's been weird but an amazing experiance!

I promise to try keep my blog alive again.

Dani Shay...Uncanny