28 June 2010


I saw this mentioned on one of Ugly Betty's episdoes :P I didn't think it was true!

14 June 2010

I want to go to a gym
It seems like it's the only thing you can do in Kuwait...

09 June 2010


I have realised that I have a hard time making decisions whether it's what to order or what to do. This bad habbit becomes a problem mostly when it comes down to life changing situations...sometimes once I decide on something...I re-evaluate and re-evaluate.. and I questions over and over and over...I get confused...it drives me CRAZY!!

You will know what I'm talking about sooon

Apart from that...I miss it over there... :(

I'm addicted to YouTube again...


06 June 2010

Loving IT!

Now everyone knows I have this obsession with watching Makeup Gurus putting on makeup..Today I stumbbeled upon another talented makeup artist! I just love the way she uses colours and the video says more!!!


05 June 2010


I have FINALLY organized my email...after 5 and a 1/5 years of being busy with university...I have seen emails that are 6 years old :P damnnnn :P It feels great!