30 December 2009

Habby New Yeer! Apple Juice any1??

I hope you all have your new year resolutions ready! becuz i dont :D and I don't think i will be making any :D and yes we are going to miss 2009 behind with great memories :D including achieving my dreams..like singing on stage :D...:D

I went to the Job exibition in Raya...I would say that I felt like I cudnt get anywhere :P ya3ny...mako mukan for me!

We go Barbeque for new yeer..:P nice nice..!! WOOHOOO

28 December 2009


I need SLEEP :P I'm starting to blend weird words together :P...
How come people still go to "Al Bustan"?? It still surprises me!

24 December 2009

23 December 2009


Our Uni Teacher gave us an assignment to talk about a kuwaiti blogger...amazing you might think...but what is the most annoying thing (and unfair) he wishes us to discuss those written in Arabic! There are so many English Kuwaiti blogs I'd rather reseacrh on...*SIGH* ahhhh

Anyone got any suggestions? and if it possible consider those that I am able to contact please :D


I just started bloghopping after posting this post...I AM SO BEHIND! There are so many new bloggers out there...Don't blame me...I recently got my laptop:P...I hope I keep reading peoples blogs. I know soon I'll have free time to do so...forgive me :P :D

UPDATE 2: There is Talent out there!

I saw a post by the blogger Yousif

Must see : LINK

22 December 2009

you Like a Baby!

....YOU Must Watch IT....
I think the 3D version is going to be even more AMAZING!


Only one Q...why are these aliens African? I find this very racist and offensive!

09 December 2009

Twilight Girl...Am I?


*I don't mind watching that on a huge screen*

I'm serious :P


(They just switched the first number so no one would get suspicious!)