25 August 2006

I'm Back..

Finally!! got our line back....

I keep reading about the Jonbenet murder case...makes me so sad..that someone so inoscent could have been killed in this way...:(... and whats more annoying is the way shes all over the news i feel thats so terrible..leave her in PEACE

24 August 2006

No Fone No Internet...

Pretty much su*ks .... can't wait till we have it back at home...

Mixed feelings but mainly feeling down...life must go on....


17 August 2006

Lifes getting on well...

Went out today! wasnt bad VERY busy!!! Took me one hour to find a parking space...damn ppl they r like holigans! makoo RESPECT!

15 August 2006

I'm Knackered!


Just came home from the hospital...my bros there...been there since 3:30pm im so tireddddd...i need some rest..dont worry people hes fine:) inshalah he'll be out tommorrow in no time!


14 August 2006


Buying books gives me a rush of exitement...i love going into a huge book store I could stay there for hours..but as usual the person with me becomes bored..so eventually I have to leave..

Finally, i found the books ive been longing to read:

The Scarlett Letter By Nathaniel Hawthrone

I can't wait till I start it..It's similer to the topic of "The Crucible"

I love reading about the "witch-hunts" of Salem massachusetss:P if thats how u spell it!

I got another book too called "Moll Flanders" By Danieal Defoe..the same author for Robinson Crusoe...so im ready for next semester!

Wish me luck everyone! once im done inshallah ill tell ya all about them;)

Wondering where i had been!?

The lines in my area had been cut for some aparent reason so i wasnt able to log online! weird,,,im so used to the internet that not being able to log on is like so difficult!...apart from that lifes not bad..im abit confused of the things that are happening in my life ...does anyone ever feel chnage towards someone but they find it hard to admit becuase they know things will be difficult to handle? ohhh what did i get myself into...anyways im feeling abit down so i wanna spend quailty time with myself...:(...

I need to start reading books so i wont feel stupid or behind for next course:P... gonna try read Dr Faustus by Christopher Marlowe...and A Death Of A Salesman by Arthur Miller...who wrote the crucible which is one of my fave dramatic literature peices...u shud try reading it!

11 August 2006

why does summer do this..

Went bowling yesterday was fun...:)...i luv playing games it helps take ur mind of LIFE & other worries...

slept pretty earily in the morning..woke up 3pm...i hate it when sleep gets messed up!..oh well...:)

10 August 2006


I've been waiting for more than 3 years for this new album...people kept saying they split...but i knew they wudnt! they just started to be popular...

I luv amy lee...but vid is not bad... check it out...


08 August 2006

Good Day!

Been out the whole day! i guess it was quite fun eing around my friends and all...whats weird is i was praying so hard and wishing something would happen and it did!...man God has magical power anyone could dream of having!

I miss everyone...i miss university but im trying to enjoy the moment!!

07 August 2006

My love!


9ij inha li3ba but i cant get enough! so if uve got time drop by and we will play!



I have not wrote in my blog for a REALLY REALLY long time!
Sorry guys...as if u haven't forgot me!:P

Lifes not bad...summer is here!..not bad..but pretty boring!:)