30 August 2005

Things i do when i find myself bored....

Have you ever found your self bored to HELL and got nothing to do???...
As u may know kuwait is small and there isnt many things u can do if u dont have car!...
These are just a couple of things i do:

1) log online chat, search, read or play games when im extremtly bored!
2) watch TV. if i cant access the net
3) sit in my room and listen to music really loud and sing!(hehe i do this all the time)
4) go complain to someone that im bored
5) call someone and bother them:P
6) go shower:P hehe i luv havin a shower!!! hehe
7)find something to read
8) write stuff...writing is one of my hobbies
9) sit around and think
10) SLEEEP!! hehe the best way to forget things ....if sleeping was a job id be a millionaire by now!!!....:) hehe

anyone else have a list??

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