14 August 2006


Buying books gives me a rush of exitement...i love going into a huge book store I could stay there for hours..but as usual the person with me becomes bored..so eventually I have to leave..

Finally, i found the books ive been longing to read:

The Scarlett Letter By Nathaniel Hawthrone

I can't wait till I start it..It's similer to the topic of "The Crucible"

I love reading about the "witch-hunts" of Salem massachusetss:P if thats how u spell it!

I got another book too called "Moll Flanders" By Danieal Defoe..the same author for Robinson Crusoe...so im ready for next semester!

Wish me luck everyone! once im done inshallah ill tell ya all about them;)


Anonymous said...

go0od luck :)

sweetd said...

thanx! i knew u were going to say that!! ur so predictable!:P

Transparently said...

Thats a lot of reading, wish I could do the same! Best of luck, and keep us posted.

Tooomz said...

I get the same feeling in bookstores :) Yesterday I got The Zahir by Paulo Coelho. Enjoy your books!

sweetd said...

ohh my sister read that!! thanx:) i started reading the books today!

Renato said...

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