14 July 2007

Part Two: At Work

This is the 2nd time I used my break to post:P...hehe...weee3 their comps r sooo OLD..:P shakhbarey:P...ilmuhim...today ri7t il jam3a to do some paper work...I saw my friends and it was so weird cuz they haven't seen me for more than 6 weeks:P to them i looked different!..I didn't tell u guys;) I cut my hair and now i look super cute:P loool JK...well It's a new look:)....anwyays isn't it weird to see people you haven't seen in a long time...and the funny thing is you never miss someone untill u see them ...then u realise u miss them:P...I arrived at work late..but I did take permission:P..then they gave me the "investigation"****(nesate what it is..when they question you:P like the FBI...when i remember i will post the word:P)...sorry ana emgafla! Anyways i was like yeah jam3a work and stuff...:P...hehe

So mabagi shay...life has it's ups and downs...wonder what life will give me:P...Guess we'll have to sit and waitttt!! ahhhhh i wanna be patient

****Im so smart...ri7t 3ala google and i typed "def:Criminal questioning" 6ali3-->interogation ;)
3ijabt nafsey:P...LOOOOL read the definiton for it: systematic effort to procure information by direct questioning of a person under the control of the questioner.


Nomad said...

hehe yeah it's weird when u see ppl u haven't seen for a while and it's true you don't really miss them till u see/hear from them unless their really close then u miss them if u don't see/hear from them for more than a day :p

N. said...

lol interrogation! Allah e3enech!

sweetd said...

nomad: yeah missing someone is the worst feeling in the world

N.: yeah hehe i know:P

Anonymous said...

yeah it's so weird when you miss ppl after missing them when u start to miss them after not seeing them after a while of non-missing periods. that's pure intellect.