11 August 2007

Giving it 3 Stars

I personally don't like action movies..but what to do else is there to watch since the movies realised here sometimes suck???...Anyways I don't see the point of the whole movie..I noticed there was alot of silence...and people dying :P...Come on this should be a bollywood movie I was laughing half the time...I won't spoil anything but for those who haven't seen it...check it out...It's good that I went to the cinema cuz the last time I went was in april...Yeah I'm So NOT a movie person..:P (actually I like romantic comedies..and those lame teenage movies)..


MellowClouds said...

I actually enjoyed this movie ! The performance by Matt Damon was amazing as usual..this guy is just gr8... It's an action movie its not supposed to have lots and lots of dialogue altho they could've given Julia Stiles a few more lines!!!

I highly recommend everyone to watch it tho, but if u havent seen the first 2 movies read up about it online :)

N. said...

Yeah if you haven't seen the first two movies, then this won't be as entertaining as it is.

I personally loved it! 4 stars :p

Vinnie said...

Maybe u watched the movie censored in a q80 theatre which they cesnor the story line now making it un-understandable if there was such a word.
I didn't feel like blogging for a while neither but we did miss ur posts keep em comin

sweetd said...

MellowClouds: I shud have done that :/ I had no IDEA! Just shows how much of a movie person that I am :P

N.: :P hehe I believe u :P

Vinnie: Yeah what shall we do then :/....awww inshalah im trying...