18 December 2007

HeckTic Week

This week began with a tragic event...my bestfriend had a terrible car accident..Thank God she is safe now (Al7amdullah), my heart stopped when I heard the news and I immeditatly rushed to the hospital...This is something I hope no one else faces..Get better Zooozoow:P we need to go GiZzIng :P just kidding...but serioulsy 9ij Allah sitar...

I'm working on my new project..I found some amazing people who are supporting me all the way...

I had no idea we had a hoilday coming up, since most of the time Ive always got reading and exams going on!

Yesterday was VERY VERY busy!! I had a job interview and my class ends at 4:45pm I made it on time...I think I got accepted...but let's wait..we'll tell u more about that later...(it's a part time job)

So what is there to do this hoilday? I need to relax but honestly there is no time at ALL!!..Ahhhhh less than a month and we finish this semester...;)

Goodluck everyone with ur exams to those who study and those who don't study :P

New years is nearly coming up...will I make new year resolutions?...hmmm I guess I'll think about that...

Ill keep u updated with my life

3eedkum Embarek

Peace :*


SHISH said...

Happy new year .. :)

sweetd said...

thanx shish:)