22 February 2008

what the HELL!

Don't you people have HOMES!...There are so many Kuwaities here...the place is so NOISY! ahhhh...people are shouting from the top floor to the bottom..there are numerous maids everywhere..9ij 9ij nas fathyeeeeeen!!! Just cuz it's liberation day...GOD when will this society learn?

I've been here since 1pm :/....help :P


BLaSha said...

u go home

Skinny Bumblebee said...

If its a public place then its a public place

Purgatory said...

I say fix my blog link on the right side.

sweetd said...

Blasha: I work there ;)

Skinny Bumblebee: :) they have this mentality that they own the place...if you were there you'd understand ;)

Purg: what do you mean?

BLaSha said...

poor u