14 March 2008

The "weekend" with no air..

The trouble is with my major reading is very essential...I don't know what is up with one of my Dr's he keeps giving us quizes weekly...:P...I'm getting used to it though..

I realised that I hardly enjoy my life..I don't go out...I don't have fun...I'm always working on my production or doing my homework...

Yesterday I was thinking about Kuwait...Honestly I feel so isolated I can't get used to this country...it's already been 8 years and still I feel like I will never belong :(...I just pray that some day that I will belong somewhere...:/

A special dedication :

I LOVE THIS SONG! I fell in love with it as soon as I heard it..


Big Pearls said...

Nice song:) emmm you should go out more. It is always good to have a change.

Rhombus Tigress said...

Bala dala3!
Theres “trouble” with every major.
There is NO easy way out, not even with Mass Comm.
So stop blogging and start reading.
This is where you belong for the time being. University.
Chop chop chop.
Get back to it.

Plus – I never understand people that cant organize their time wisely. Theres a time to have fun, and theres a time to study…… and theres a time to skip the studying and have more fun.