19 November 2008

Long Time No See!

Oh my God It's been foreverrrrrrrrrrr...I don't want to start complaining about the work load :P I'm just so STRESSED it's unbelievable...you finish one thing then 100 more things gets added to your pile of "things to do"...

November...my month...my b-day is in like 4 days...i'm turning *GULP* 22...yes that horrible age getting closer to 30 :P...I have a midterm on the 24th :/ so I don't think I'll be celebrating it..I was going to add the list of things I want here but I feel it's too much. As long as the people I love remember to say "happy b-day" then I'm fine (6ab3an thats a lie :P keep the prezies coming!) :D

Damn Damn Damn so much to say...yet nothing much I can do about it...I hate how you know who I am...limits me to things I really want to say!

I repeat I prefer never knowing just saves me allot of pain...

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