26 September 2009

Random Thoughts

I don't know why when someone says "Amerikia" or "Amereeki" I get a negative image in my mind and when I hear "American" it doesn't mean much...but when I hear "Arab" I feel so uncomfortable, while the word "3araby" seems normal..I don't know if you get what I mean..but I feel like Randoming!


Addictioneer said...

When I read your post, I remembered msr7eyyat Ent'7bo Om 3li. When El-3jaimy say:
حلجج.. ايه حلجج.... ارف يا كوايته
قولي بؤها
شنو حلجج.... سعابيل ايييووو

Anonymous said...

hahahaha !
the way of pronouncing the names matters alot ! XD
me too hun ,, i feel the same :P