23 December 2009


Our Uni Teacher gave us an assignment to talk about a kuwaiti blogger...amazing you might think...but what is the most annoying thing (and unfair) he wishes us to discuss those written in Arabic! There are so many English Kuwaiti blogs I'd rather reseacrh on...*SIGH* ahhhh

Anyone got any suggestions? and if it possible consider those that I am able to contact please :D


I just started bloghopping after posting this post...I AM SO BEHIND! There are so many new bloggers out there...Don't blame me...I recently got my laptop:P...I hope I keep reading peoples blogs. I know soon I'll have free time to do so...forgive me :P :D

UPDATE 2: There is Talent out there!

I saw a post by the blogger Yousif

Must see : LINK


Khalid said...

maybe you can contact www.frankom.com
his my best in arabic :)

4th Ring said...

4th ring road all the way!!! we have some arabic posts too! you can check out AO's section on the category list and we'll be more than happy to help out a fellow blogger!

brownsuger said...

yah Francom is in Arabic, but hey write about us www.360dewan.com <3

sweetd said...

khalid: hehe yeah someone in class mentioned Frankom so im guessing they picked them already and we are suppose to do someone no one else will pick...plus i want to give the chance for those who rnt recognized...im so confused!

4th ring road: i saw u guys on al-watan now i remember u!! im really confused about the project...so ur posts are in both arabic and english? i wonder if its possible to do the project on u guys...we'll see..yes please help me...thanx again :D

brownsuger: hehe...but you guys write in english dont u? :P damn...life wud be much easier if i cud pick u guys!..hehe

thanks for ur contibution to this post...keep them coming...ill contact u guys if i need anything...i have an idea which ill share later with you guys..something to do with making the project more interesting...