07 April 2011

Dani Shay...Uncanny



Anonymous said...

I thought it was Justin Bieber at first :I loool

Summer said...

he looks at lot like Justin beiber!! mashala he's good!

sweetd said...

Hamtia: I know!! I saw her other song with the reply to justin thngy...:P weird

Summer: its a she :P hehe

Honestly she might have done this to get more famous...which is like weird so..yeah:P

Anonymous said...

looooool a7la comment "its a she" :p
people do crazy things to get viewers :p

sweetd said...

Hamtia: I know!! it's crazy!! if i were her i wud change my look so i wudnt look like him...bs it's got her famous..

Well it is a she :P or she is a she