04 September 2005

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by my wonderful frined blasha!.. thanks sweetie so here it goes:

Last book you read: Men are from mars, women are from venus.
Last phone number you called: my friends!
Last show you watched on TV: The simple life...i think thats what its called!
Last thing you had to drink: Necafe
Last thing you ate: lunch..i think
Last time you cried: As i recall prob 2 days ago..usually i cry everyday!:Psad eh!
Last time you smiled: Todays while chatting to an old friend
Last person you hugged: my mum and sis(miss ya sis)
Last person you talked to on the phone: my Coz
Last thing you smelled: My coffee
Last CD that you bought: I think it was linkin park...
Last song you sang: BSB dont ask me whyy!! lol and maybe many moore-only hope
Last thing you laughed at:My comments that i gave to my frined while chatting to her..sometimes i dont relise what im saying
What's in your cd player/changer: doesnt work now i used my ipod itrip;) great thing
What time did you wake up today: Ive been waking up and sleeping and getting up then sleeping ill say the last time was 7pm.
Current favorite article of clothing: i dont really have one but i like topshop..its simple but great place
Favorite place to be: At home in my room alone:)
Least favorite place: anywhere away from kuwait! i luv it here
Do you believe in an afterlife? yeah kinda.
In Heaven or Hell: i cudnt really say but i guess in hell! we all must pass there sometime hopefully heaven too:).
How tall are you: oh me:S..im about 155cm i think!! 5'5 pretty short well not tall that is:P
Current favorite word: hmmm thinking about this one!...
Favorite Book: i guess i cud say~i dont know right now!
Random lyric: "i'll always remember, it was late afternoon, it lasted forever and ended so soon....mandy moore ! hmm maybe the last part if wrong!
Are you a daredevil? me!? no way! im a worrywart
Have you ever told a secret you swore you'd never tell? we r all human;).
Do looks matter? yeah at some point but not everything i look at.
How do you release your anger? shouting and getting things off my chest or talk to someone who knows how to calm me down;) and lets me forget.
My second home is: The place i luv hangin out in....BL
One thing i have that i wish i didn't is: Usually i hate the fact i care so much and sensitive and worry alot!...also im moody:S wish i was a free spirit that lived each day as it came andnot worry about anything too much!...
All you need is: Someone who understands me..well at least copes with me and my mood swings
Something I want but I don't really need is: hmm i cud say car! but yet again i need it...i guess my own comp
Something I need but I don't really want is: A a close friend...i dont trust people cuz i dont trust myself.

*do you...*
drink? of course noo...
have a boyfriend/girlfriend? .....
have a dream that keeps coming back? yeah i always dream things that keep coming up
believe there is life on other planets? ahaa! we r not alone( dum dum dum..sound effects).
read the newspaper? no way! i hate reading news and watching is depresses me!
consider yourself tolerant of others? if i correctly understod this i wud sayyy not really
consider police a friend or foe? i dont know i think they think they have power over us instead of trying to protect us ..so foe(enemy).

I'm tagging: Snookie and A.J.Q( but i think u did this!)


BLaSha said...

Cool :)
i loved ur colorful answers :P n couldnt read some of them :P :P

sweetd said...

hehe just high light them!! hehe thanx:)

A.J.Q said...

believe there is life on other planets? ahaa! we r not alone( dum dum dum..sound effects).


O.K ur not gona believe this...
7a6o that sound effect in less then a minute on the tv after reading it...

creepy huh!!! ;P

thanks for tagging moi :)

A.J.Q said...

they'r watching us right now :P

sweetd said...

hehhe:) thanx cutie:) hehe yeah they r ;) hehehhe:>

trlale said...

emm colorful unseen writting Good one :P dum dum dum cool effects ..

sweetd said...

thanx hehe:)