31 January 2007


Today I went and picked up my lovely Tony:*... hes much better:< bs maskeen he needs to be fixed and sent to service so yemkin anawma bil weekala:(... bs al7amdullah he looks gr8! Now lets just hope we can fix the inside!

Esalem 3aliaykum wayed:P adry maleeqa!

Baltiomore...ur the best better than all the rest better than anyone...blah blah blahhhh

Special Dedication for YoU:


Have a nice weekend!:( i miss umy:'( just 6 more days


Anonymous said...

Who be Tony?

ZiZoTiMe said...

What's the name of the car? ;)

Tony refers to = .... ?! :)

The Criticizer said...


Your car brand sucks but Tony is cool. ;P

sweetd said...

fayroora: my lovely car

ZizoTime: hehe whats do u mean refers to? Tony is my car

The crit: :( dont make fun...:'(