30 January 2007

Went out!

I went out today:) my very nice friend came and picked me up! It was cool:P...

Yesterday I was checking out these really cool videos on YOUTUBE..( let me get the links!)

Does anyone remember watching this show as a kid?

Ive been addicted since then! I keep watching the episodes:P... let me get u a clip of part of a show!

Now thats pure luck;) i just found the a first episode of the series!

The girl might look famllier to u;)...those who r Nickalodean fans!:)
I love herrrrrr! I just dont get the clothes they r so FUNKY!...Maybe this is where the kuwaities get thier fashion styles from! I like lookin but i wudnt wear it!..:) EnJoY

You guys probably know this show....;)


AnGeL said...

i LOVE IT,i don't know why but i remember that i loved her earings ;p

ZiZoTiMe said...

Looool!! What's that?! I guess i didn't watch it at all and believe me... I won't :P