10 May 2007

Just Woke Up..Felt Down!:P

I was shot...I apparently died...the next dream I went back to the 60-70's.. when Kuwait was nothing!...Just desert...:(...I slept too much!


Ms Loala said...

Yea you slept too much =\

Nomad said...

awww nightmares aren't so bad ;p
think of them as horror movies ;p you do like horror movies don't u? ;p
and i think ur referring to 50's-60's kuwait not 60's-70's ;p
P.S. you atom feed link is broken might wana look that over ;p

sweetd said...

Ms. Loala: hehe:):S wayeddd mo bas ishwayaaa

Nomad: yeah thats what i was telling someone..i cud make my dreams into movies and become a director!! yeah ur right i was thinking chinna 70's fee stuff:P:P... hehe..it was weird though going back in time!

sweetd said...

whats the atom thingy?? i dont know how to fix it cuz i dont know what it is:P