03 May 2007

Counting Down!

I'm exited about this summer... finally taking a break from studying...still going to work though:P..but I hope that would be a change!!!

No time for bloggin..nothing interesting in my life...


N. said...

Congratulations on getting a break, enjoy it. Having a job is another different experience if you haven't before. Enshalla it will be super great :D

btw, I love that evanesence song, it would be cool if you could put the name beside it.

sweetd said...

hehe...yeah im so EXITED!!! I'll update u guys on it too!!..

The song is "lithium" 3ad i was thinking of removing it...:) glad u liked it!

Nomad said...

ahh summer time, used to be my favorite time of the year till i started working ;p then again it wasnt as hot 10 years ago >.>
have as much fun as you can while u can thats my advise to you ;p
and gl with ur new job

sweetd said...

hehe..yeah..im not in a rush to graduate:P.. i didnt take much this year..and not pressuring myself...:) i like studying:P..thanx for the advice..