24 April 2008

I Present to YOU...

Something you won't regret to see and don't want to miss!

12 months of working on the script

6 months looking for people to participate

4 months of training, rehearsals and headaches!

1 month trying to make it perfect...

Be prepared to see it in Shuwakh, Kuwait University 1st of May (when I remember the theatre I will write it down, it's the one infront of the clock)


eshda3wa said...

ya36eech el3afya!

wish i could come see it

good luck!

N. said...

On english day right! Is it a part of it too? I'm planning to check out english day so if it is, then that is great!

sweetd said...

Eshda3wa: Allah 3afeech me too wish u were here :) thanks

N.: Come and see ;) I won't reveal anymore...!