31 August 2008

Found IT:D

The worst thing in the world...is the feeling of losing something...I literally mean SOMETHING not metaphorically like a person :P although I don't believe you can ever lose someone you never had ;)...as I was saying...I discovered that I lost my FAVE RING...9ij gilabt il dinya to find it :/ damnnn I was just about to cry when I remembered the last time I wore it and found it in one of my bags...damn damn damn I HATE THAT FEELINGGGGGG...anyways barkooly :P I LUV this RING (L)

P.S: Yes somevone got it to me :P zis is vhy it is imboortant...i'm trying out an accent here :P


Aurous said...

Mabrook for finding your ring :)
I hate the feeling when I lose something! It's one of the most terrible feelings in the world! ;D

├ƓɧαɗσσƦ┤™ said...

zaaain belembarak ;p

i know that feeling .. sho3or 7aqeer ;p

Loolykinns said...

can i have it? (A)

KTDP said...


N. said...

haha, okay mabrook you found it.

Anonymous said...

eww ur too lame & shallow
why dont u die.

sweetd said...

Aurous: :D thanks hehe :D 7ada me too :!

Ghadoor: :D thanks sweetie!

Loolykinns: LOOOOOOOOOOL r u sure u want it?

ktdp: :D thank you :$

n.: thank you thank you :D:D:D

Loolykinns said...

sure... greed is gewd... its always gewd (6)

sweetd said...

LoooooL interesting..Me sorry me can't give I luv ring toooooooo mush!

Mukesh Kumar said...

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