02 August 2008


Name: Caramel honey, but refered to as SweetD
My friends called me: my original name :P and Butta (masaba ana invented)
My Nickname(s): Dandy
Birthday: 23rd Nov 1986

Major: English Literature and LOVING IT :D
Job Title: Student :/
Boys name: Ya3goub and Jarra7
Girls name: Jumana
Perfume: J-Lo Live :D:D:D
Fruit: MANGOOOOOOO and strawberries :D
Veggie: hmmm BU6AAAAAAAAAA6 yumyum…:D
Fast food place: McDonalds…but I stopped fast food ;)
Favorite cartoon character: hmmm Tom and Jerry
Animal: Dolphins
Ice Cream: Caramel Golden Ribbon from Baskin :D
Have u ever ?!
Bungee jumped: If u call shi3bs bunjee then yeah :P but seriously on my honeymoon I wanna go do it somewhere in asia :D
Used someone: For their own benefit ;)

Had bloody nose: not bloody bloody thank God
Played truth or dare: OF COURSE :D
Put your tongue on a frozen pole: No :P
Been in a physical fight: When I as younger
Knocked on wood: All the time :P superstious
Broken a bone: No thank God :D
Broken the law: a7m a7mm…yeah ;P

Last Time

Laughed and why? 5mins ago :D my bestfriend sent me pictures of his drawings of when he was like 5 :P seiroulsy they looked really weird…
Cried and why? Yesterday night…personal ;P
Hugged someone and whom ? hmmmm…I don’t remember
Recieved a Call and from whom ? My bestfriend :D
Used a Pen and what did you write ? I think 3 days ago…I don’t remember..dont really need a pen now no uni :P

Lied and whats the truth ? I’m not telling :D

Recieved a message and from whom ? my bestfriend :D
Took a Shower: 2 hours ago
Put Make-up On: maybe 5 days ago
Ride a bike: ohhh back in UK that’s like 8 years

What does it mean to you ?

Your family: No comment
Your home: My comfort
Your friends: people who make me happy and crazy :D
Yourself: I don’t like me
Your birthday: Full of wonderful memories
Your bedroom: My CAVE :D
Your car: MY TONY MY LOVE :*
Your mobile: I can’t live without (even though always silent)

Your PC/laptop: Crap :P I want a new mac :P
Blogging: My way of expressing myself
Money: hmmm I want :P
Right Now
Eating: Choco cake yummy
Thinking: about going out….
Smelling: nothing :/..weird
Watching: Fatafeat :P
Listening to: TV and myself type
Feeling: down
Wearing: my Pj’s (um “khanas”) :P:P
Waiting for: uni to start in october
Hating: myself
Missing: my friends :P
Loving: my friends
Worried about: graduating
Planning: to graduate and get my masters :D
Annoyed with: myself :/ (tell me about low self esteem)
Mention two things that...
Make you happy: Crusing and being with my friends
That you're obsessed with: High grades and winning (very competitive)
Make you sad: having nothing to do and not having Tony
You hate: People who lie and talk about everyone..(you know who u are :P)
You're doing: this Tag and Thinking
You like to eat: Bu6aaaaaaaaaaa6 and shrimps
Smell Bad: peoples BO ewww adry and baqsam :P seriously
That we probably don’t know about you: Openminded and caring
That you did today: woke up and showered :P
That are dangerous: speeding and jumping off a bridge?

That you'e good at: hmm Piano and singing :P
That hurt: Losing someone you love and having someone you love talk about you


Tell us something your "3ax el nas": I don’t like go with the flow…at ALL..
Can you play any instruments? Piano, guitar and semi-violin
List four things that you are less than 3 meters away from: tv, laptop, and the table
If they were to make a movie about your life, what would that movie be called? Suicidal Angel
Have you ever been told you look like someone, if yes, who? Yeah..I don’t feel like typing :/
Are you enjoying this tag ? ya3ny
What bad habits do you have? Thinking too much and worring about the future
If you could have one day being the opposite gender, What would you do? :D call myself Bo 3ali and go crusing 3al ba7ar ooo araqim wayed banat :P
Worst Thing that has happened to you this year: Friend turning against me :P used to it though :D
What's your current Habba Song? I guess Take one step at a time for Jordin Sparks..:D

Any last words ? :D I Love You All for making Blogging worth it :D thank you Palomino for tagging me

I would like to tag anyone who reads this :D


FourMe said...

haha aham shay you'll call yourself bo 3li.. you're right its so different from one person to the other..

sweetd said...

:D hehehe yeah I always wondered wat it wud be like to be on the otherside :D welcome to my blog

J o u j a™ said...

ya3goob and jarra7

sweetd said...

:D me too :D a7is they are powerful yet warm :{P welcome welcome Jouja :D