11 October 2009

PinkBerry Frozen Yum.

It's October and I still didn't update...we are back to uni...with less classes than usual..:P my eye's are killing me...got them checked and thank God there is nothing wrong with my vision..:D apart from that let me review PINKBERRY since I tried it on Thursday...every time you go there you will see a queue so most likely you will and green tea) have to wait about 15-20 Min's...there are only a three flavours (original, Ruman (easier to write) I liked the Ruman the most so I picked that one..if you are lucky there are people who give you samples while you are waiting..then you choose the toppings you want...fruits and other stuff...

The question is..is it worth it?...I got to say I've been craving for it since Thursday :P so it's a must try for the sake of "I tried Pinkberry" and it tastes like yogurt so yeah it's worth it :D

I guess it's the new thing in right now...but go see the design it's cool and chill there when you buy the HEALTHY FROZEN YOGURT


Anonymous said...

i heard alot about this place will try it soon :)

B & D said...

even we loved it!!i got samples as well as the menu while i was standing in the queue so it helped me decide wht i really want to order..
We are craving it since Friday :) lol!! i too posted abt our time @ pinkberry..i have mentioned your post too :)

Itsallg000d said...

Yeah, it's nice but wont's replace ice cream for some people. We had a post about it http://www.360dewan.com/?p=2049

However, you need to watch calories! Each flavor has different calories per serving and each size has more than 1 serving ... i,e small size has 1.2 serving (total cal = 1.2*Cal)

Bel 3afiya ;)

sweetd said...

amu: You shud :D it's the "haba" place now..

B & amp;D: Yeah thats a great way of letting the customers know what they want :P I liked it...thanx for mentioning my post...

itsallg00d: Allah 3afeekum :D...hmmm I don't think i really looked for the calories...will check it out:D