20 November 2009

1001 Disasters! & Jimmy'z Funky Shoes!

I saw the add for the new Boujoirs mascara so I had to go out and see how good it was myself...I was very disappointed because it is one of those mascaras where they sepearate the lashes in an ackward way...i'm guessing they don't suit my own lashes...I wouldn't buy this mascar, even though the wand is unique...

AHHHHHHHHHHH :P H&M is crazy with the new JIMMY CHOO collection...DAMNNN the people were crazy yestetday...the shelves were going empty...I must admit a apair of shoes I saw left at the counter was sooooo HOT...but I wouldn't go check out the rest of the shoes...it was sooo busy! That was at around late morning early afternoon!...the clothes are alright...I'm guessing the blue colour is in...in kuwity it's called "Chweeety" :P (same as the text)

1 comment:

atoona said...

i know what you mean, some mascaras make my lashes kinda look like eezmaa:

lol ;p