02 November 2009

Happy Newvember!!!

I luv this month...:P the month of my birth month if I could say that :D
I keep hearing all these new malls coming out in Kuwait whats the deal? We need other things other than all these new shopping centres!

The Michael movie " This is it" came out last Thursday..I'm wondering if it's worth seeing or not ..but some how I want to see it...even though it doesn't seem like the kind of movie you would need to go see..and what's more weird is that it's also available in 3D!

Yep yep...Arabic all the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I feel that my Arabic has improved in the last three months..honestly I am growing a kind of love for my so called "mother tongue". I loveeeeeee the grammar I like figuring out where are the verbs and nouns and prepositions...It's a new challenge for me...not to mention a whole new experience from learning lectures all in English then suddenly being left with 3 Arabic subjects...I thought it was going to be the worst semester of my university life! To be honest I am quiet enjoying it and I'm proud to say that I love my mother language and I hope that one day I can speak it more fluently and write it perfectly...Now I don't accept anyone saying anything about how difficult this language is as I would rather hear about how beautiful it is!
Some people are shocked because I left these electives till the end..but I feel it's better because at least I am learning rather than trying to pass the subject!

So...again I have to say don't think of Arabic as just a difficult language...it's such a shame that people are neglecting it...

Oh woooow :P Long post!

Interesting info: Assassin is orignaly an Arabic word! Check out the background...;)

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