06 July 2010

You are STRONG!!

I am a bit slow and forgot to lend my support to a fellow blogger who is suffering from cancer...to anyone (if any even reads this blog) share your hope, love, support and positive energy to this brave woman!
My message to FOURME is that you are such a powerful human...and wish there was some way in the world where we could all take the pain from you...I know you will fight this and get through this...you are STRONG!!! I hope you get to see this post because when I think about how stupid I am for worrying over nothing (even though I always tell myself to be greatful..which I am) but I am reminded when I see how much you are teaching us...it becomes a different case!! I hope I am not late in letting you know that I am here to support you...and wish this post will help you in some way!!

Wish you the best of luck and can't wait to see you happy and healthy soon...Inshallah ya rab!!!!


FourMe said...

Ohh thank u so much darling! so sweet of you :* I'm no where near as strong as you think I am. But this is life u gotta deal with it as it comes..

sweetd said...

I believe u are :D and u need to believe more in urself cuz everyone around u knows this too...u might not be able to see this becuz of the pain u have to deal with!
Inshallah in time u will get better..:*