01 October 2010

Announcement: My New Home

I have moved and currently studying my postgraduate course in the UK. Yes, finally I'm doing something useful with my life and YES this was what my countdown was all about which I wanted to tell you about.It's been hectic and only yesterday I found a suitable apartment to live in.

What can I say? Well staying in the "heart of the city" means staying in the "heart of the noise and drunks". The streets r steeeeeeeeeeep so for the first few days my legs were suffering, I'm really enjoying it though. It's getting tougher to deal with the work load and the amount of rain. I have forgotten that the weather is very unpredictable. As most of my readers know I love the sun. I'm trying to  focus on looking at the "bright side".

I feel at home as I've lived here before anyways, however, the university life here is great and so different to KU. Truly another world. I still don't get the weird dress code and the clashing of colours and styles. I'll keep you more updated when I have more interesting news and time!


Fate said...

Best wishes :)

..::Amu::.. said...

good luck!!

Xyro said...

Oh la la, what a move!
Are you doing Masters or PhD? What is your concentration?
You're awesome and inspiring dearie. Best of luck ;)