06 November 2010

My love for my iPhone

I've been attached to my iPhone for a week now.

I think all phones should go to hell.
Need I more to say?

I changed from Vodafone to Three simply because their service is crap. I had purchased my unlocked iPhone two weeks ago and When I went to get my micro-sim they had ran out. After checking out the other stores all they said was "if you want a micro-sim purchase the phone from us". So I went and got one from Three, as the package is all I really need!

It's Bon fire night but seriously the fire works are horrible!

My first post with my lil baby!


Jacqui said...

Congrats dear and the iPhone sure makes everyone fall in love I've fallen in love in 2008 and I haven't fallen out yet!

sweetd said...

Yeah I agree really a smart phone!!!! Thanx ;*