04 December 2005

Days seem to be so far away!!

Hey!Long time no bloging thats for sure!....uni work is takin up my time what to do whats to do got nohting else but u!!so....so far so good cant wait till i finish this course dieing to get rid of this math subject! ahhh its not bad but i wanna finish it and stuff....:)...apartf ro that things r going ok...i have this weird question why do people act the way they do on the road...i mean when u signal u want to turn or chnage lanes people start speeding..and if u get in front of them they get ad and try get infront of u again! orrr they press the horns when theres really nothing going on!! ahhhh this kills me...driving in kuwait is like asking for a ticket to hell!


Blue Fairy said...

Hello dear sis!

Dont let it worry u...drivers on the road are so selfish these days and nobody respects the law...just be safe and drive slowly and try to anticipate what the others will do....maybe it'll be better not to give them a signal if they dont seem to respect ur courtesy! Ur early driving days will pass and u will be an expert soon.....xxx

sweetd said...

yo sista mabrook for the new blog;)....yes thanx yeah im learning to do that all i do when id rive is think about what the others can do so im prepared but its so hard to keep up...with signals i do it for my safety:> if i dont signal they get even madder i dont wanna die its not worth it...dont worry about me i dont drive more than 60-100 mph im the one people start swearing at when they need to get somewhere driving along and singing to my songs:P:P:P